Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night

This is the "Reader's Digest" version of this encounter, mainly because I'm tired, have a huge load dripping out my ass and I need to beat off and get to bed. So tonight after work I went to the local baths... I debated about going, as I was tired and I usually strike out there anyways. I was at the window paying and this muscled black stud came in behind me. I turned around and smiled at him, he gave me a smile back. He might've worked in one of the local offices, as he was dressed "business casual" and had on an expensive pair of dress shoes. I got my locker key and headed inside. I was already undressed when he came in, and he was checking out my ass. I smiled again and went into the club while he got undressed. I walked around, didn't see him, so I started checking out the other action... not many people there for a Friday night but it was still relatively early.

I walked around and found him in the sling room, getting blown by some guy. Damn. I stood with the crowd and watched, and Mr. Football executive (He had a build like a linebacker or something) kept his eyes locked on me... or at least I *wanted* to think it was me... but there was a crowd and you never know. I stood there watching and finally walked on to see if I could get something for myself. I circled back around to hit the video room and there was Mr. Football Executive getting blown by that dude. I stood and watched, and this time there was no mistaking -- his eyes were locked on me. After a few seconds of unwavering eye contact... he motioned me over. I sat down near him and he just point blank said: "You want to get fucked." "Absolutely." was my reply, and I got on all fours on the carpeted seat thing for the video screen. He mounted me in an instant and I felt the head of his tube pressing at my hole. I realized, as I felt him stretching me open... I had never even seen his dick! He was pretty well lubed up from the other guy's spit, thankfully, so with some force he got all of his dick inside... it felt amazing. After about a minute I was opened wide by this stud's cock and he started trash talking. "Yeah, you bitch! You love this dick don't you?" "Yes!" I babbled... delirious that this stud GOD was fucking me. "You love this 10 inch dick in you! You're my bitch aren't you?" "Yes!" "Say it!" "I'm your BITCH! FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK!" I'd love to say he fucked me for hours... but he had been getting blown by that other guy so he was already close before he ever entered me. "You want this load, don't you bitch?" "You want me to breed you!" "FUCK YES!!! GIMME YOUR BABIES!" "FUCK YES YOU BITCH! TAKE IT!" and I felt a large amount of wetness as he dumped the contents of his balls into my ass. The whole thing was just so fucking hot. Without ever speaking a word to this man, he knew me, knew what I wanted and KNEW that what HE wanted was the same as what I wanted. He read me like a paperback novel and it was amazing.

So here I sit with this unknown black stud's load in my ass and a raging hardon. Dude, if you're reading this you can dump a wad in my ass anytime, anyplace. It was amazing.