Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sore Hole

So today, a guy I used to mess around with hits me up. He had this 18 yr old guy that wanted to fuck me while he watched. I was game for it, so I met him at his place, the kid was already there in his boxers watching a straight porn flick.

He was a cute skater type, shaggy brown hair and a slight five o' clock shadow, with at least 7 inches poking out of those boxers. Our host told me to get busy on the kid's meat, so I undressed and started to suck him till he got totally hard. After about 10 minutes, he was ready to fuck. I got the lube out, when he asked for a condom. At this point I was torn... I SHOULD be wanting to be safe, but that "other" side of me wanted him to just shove it in.

He put it in me, and while it DID feel good after a few minutes it started to get very uncomfortable. The condom started getting all folded up, and the lube was wearing off. Both made it very uncomfortable, since all I could feel was the damn condom scraping against my hole, instead of the kid's dick. He wasn't receptive to going bare, though... so I put up with it, for an hour. So while my hole is sore from fucking, it's not the good kind of sore. Yeech.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mistake Corrected

I hadn't looked at my profile on here in a while, so I didn't notice that my email address had gotten hid somehow. If you've been looking for contact info I apologize for it being hidden -- it wasn't supposed to be!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm back... I've decided not to let the really gross encounters get me down!

Now a quickie from the other day... The whole thing lasted less than 10 minutes, so as you might expect it'll be a short story.

I was chatting with this guy that lived not far from work, so I arranged to stop by for a quick fuck before work. I arrived at his ghetto pad, he led me down the hall to the bedroom where he pulled his shorts off and I got undressed. ( I hate the winter... so many things to take off!) He was laying back on the matterss on the floor, so I started to suck his dick, lick his balls, trying to get him hot and bothered for a nice fuck session.

After about 5 minutes, he said "U ready for it?" to which I of course replied in the affirmative. He rolled me over onto my back, fingering my hole while his jerking his 8" black shaft. "You clean?" he asked. Yeah... I got a condom if you want." "Naw, it's cool" he said as he slid his raw dick in my hole. He fucked me like that on my back for a bit, then rolled me over onto my side. He grabbed my legs and started jackhammering his cock into me, and after about 3 minutes he announced he was going to cum. I asked if he was going to shoot it on my face, to which he replied "Naw... I'm cummin in you." Which he was, as I felt his cock sliding around in some major wetness. He pulled his cum coated shaft out of my ass, I got dressed and was on my way.

About 2 hours later his load started to leak out of me, along with that unmistakable smell of warm cum.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Showing A Visitor Hospitality

I was sitting at work and was super horned so I posted an ad on CL. As usual, I got a few shit replies and a ton of spam. I did, however, strike gold when I got the following: "hey there, business/factory guy, at hotel near the airport, could use your mouth to cum into tonight. 47 6' 195lb super clean. shaved cock and balls" with a picture of the aforementioned cock and balls. Nice. We emailed some pics and he finally replied with "sounds great, room 209, i'll leave it unlocked walk right in. gotta be discrete, coworkers nearby."

I arrived at the hotel and found the door to room 209 open just a crack. I went in and there was an attractive guy in his mid 30's, balding a bit but still super hot, groping a bulge through his pants. We exchanged pleasantries and I unzipped his work pants and out popped his hard cock. It was absolutely perfect to suck on. About 6", uncut, and just fat enough to fill my mouth. I deep-throated him, holding his dick all the way down my throat which he absolutely loved. He was moaning as loudly as he dared, and I just kept sucking that meat all the way down to the balls. Finally his breath quickened and I knew he was going to give up the white gold. He never asked if I'd take the load, which in itself was a turn on.

He remained collapsed in the chair with his head back in post-orgasmic stupor while I gingerly dug my tongue around his slit to see how sensitive he was after cumming. He wasn't very, so I went back into full-on suck mode seeing if he would get hard again. He didn't, so I just cleaned him up real good while he caught his breath. "Wow." was about all he said. We made a bit of smalltalk and he promised to let me know when he would be back in town. Today I got an email from him: "that was great man, thanks. will definitely look you up again when in town. I don't do this often cause its so hard to find a nice guy and great cocksuckin' skills like yours, just get all horny looking at cock porn in this hotel room every night and a mouth like yours sure beats jacking off." I think I did my job as a cocksucker.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saturday Slutdom

Saturday afternoon after getting out of the shower I had a text from random black dude from a few weeks ago. He wanted to get sucked, and I wanted to suck so it was a perfect arrangement.

I arrived at his place, he was already half hard and ready to go. He lead me to the back bedroom, where he was looking at some porn clips on the computer. I started going to town on that cock, not really paying attention to what he was doing. He was giving out some moans and saying stuff like "Suck that shit" and "That shit feel good" over and over. After a few minutes there was some sort of problem with the computer, so he got a porno DVD and moved me into the living room.

I was sucking him, still, when he got the idea to put me on my back and he hunched over me, stuffing his cock in my mouth. I thought he was going to face fuck me, but he had the idea I'd keep sucking him like this... Not the most comfortable position, as I had to do stomach crunches to keep his dick in my mouth. This went on for about 10 minutes, with nothing really said other than the moaning and "Suck that shit, suck that shit. Finally he laid back and let me work on his nuts, until he said "Open that mouth" and shot a load of jizz in my mouth. He held me head on his dick, so I kept sucking. I was rewarded with another load of cum after a few minutes. Nice. And no, I still don't know his name.

After getting back home, I was still horned up so I decided to check out what was online. I came across a posting that just said "Need my 7in sucked". I was, of course, curious, so I checked it out. It said something to the effect of "I have a big load I need to feed someone, I'm 28, 6ft 140 lb, white 7in cut. I drive a truck so you have to come to me. Looking for now not tonight." I was hard already, and the picture of a nice cock in what looked to be a truck stop bathroom helped that.

I looked at the time on the ad, shit it had been posted at 12:30 and it was now 2. I sent an email anyway, figuring he had moved on but offering my services if he came back through town. About 20 minutes later, my phone goes off with a text from an Arkansas phone number. "Hey I just got ur email. Can still u meet?" I replied in the affirmative. "Ok if u want to suck my dick then come on." Hot damn! He told me where he was, and I got over there as fast as I could. I arrived, and damn he was cute! He opened the door of his truck for me, and said "It sure is cold out there." in a stereotyped Hillbilly drawl. I agreed and shut the door, while he had already gotten in the sleeper area and was undoing his pants. Nice.

I got my jacket off and started to go to town on his uncut meat. He was completely shaved, which was something I hadn't really expected, but it was perfectly fine with me. Like my previous encounter, he wasn't very vocal, but he did give a lot of moans of appreciation. I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, and he was loving it. After a bit, I moved down to his shaved nuts and he went crazy. "Oh, yes... that feels niiice". I lazily sucked on his nuts for a bit before moving back to his beautiful prick. He didn't last long, unfortunately, as he was soon putting his hand on my head and announcing "Here it cums" and blasting several ropes of thick jizz into my mouth. I swallowed it all, and since he wasn't overly sensitive like some guys I continued to lick the head of his cock, digging out every last drop of sperm. "Thanks for that." he said in that same cute Southern drawl. I told him to get in touch the next time he came through, and he said he would like to. I hope he does!