Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sorry For Stealing Your Trick, Whoever You Are

Another trip to my favorite bookstore.

I had been there about a half hour, had sucked off a few guys when this kind of nerdy looking trailer park guy started cruising me. He was probably about 30, average looking wearing a T-shirt, jeans and velcro shoes. Probably not my first choice but I was there to get some cock, and he was there to give some cock, so what the hell. We got into a booth together and not much was said, we were unfastening pants and taking our shirts off. He played with the hair on my chest and I sucked his nips, massaging his dick through his underwear. After a few minutes of this, I reached into his briefs and pulled his stiff dick out. Not the biggest, maybe 5 inches, but I'm definitely NOT a size queen so I started sucking on it. He was running his hands all over me, and eventually got down to my ass. I moaned in approval, so he started to pay more attention to that area. I pulled off of his dick and turned around so he could look at my ass some more. He did more than look. He dribbled some spit onto his shaft and slid his bare tool inside me. I will say he knew how to use it, he threw a good fuck for about 10 minutes before finally saying he was ready to cum and asking if I wanted it. "Hell yeah" was my reply, so after about 10 more strokes he was blowing a wad inside my ass. We dressed and said our goodbyes.

I sucked off a few more guys (nothing really exciting there) and it was pretty dead so I went out to do some shopping.

When I came back, the black guy with the shitty attitude who I always run into was at the counter, talking to the clerk. I went back to the booths and there was only one person there, with the door shut, so I started back out to the main area when the black guy was there, motioning me into a booth. At first I wasn't sure what was up because I'd seen him there dozens of times and he wouldn't so much as look at me. I entered, and he just said "Wanna fuck?" I said sure and pulled my pants down, he pulled his sweats down and before I could even get my mouth on his cock he turned me around. He stroked his boner a few times then reached in and pulled out the dreaded condom. Blah. I lubed myself up and he started to fuck. His cock was a nice thickness, but it didn't feel as good as it could have. I did take some consolation when I felt trailer park guy's cum start to coat the underside of my balls. He was good with the dirty talk, telling me how good my ass was and making me tell him how I wanted his dick and what a slut I was, but sadly my hole was getting irritated by the plastic dragging back and forth over it. He fucked for a while, about 10 minutes or so before pulling out and saying he didn't want to cum yet. He slapped some more lube on my hole, and stood there playing with his plastic covered dick. Finally he stuffed it back inside me, really pounding the hell out of my ass. He later yanked his cock out and said he was ready to cum. He took the condom off and told me to turn around. "Lick my balls" he said as he stroked his shaft. I thought he was going to at least shoot in my mouth, but that was not to be. He proceeded to hold my head on his nuts as he unleashed a torrent of cum onto my SHOULDER. Bleh.

I wandered around and there were a few new arrivals after that, the only one of interest was a young guy in his late 20s with a dark brown, curly beard. He was sitting there with the door cracked, so I peeped in. He motioned me in, and I went for his tool. "Are you the guy who Emailed me?" "Uh, no." "Oh, I was supposed to meet someone here, but it's cool." he said, shutting the door. "What was this guy supposed to do?" I asked, stroking his cock. "He was going to bottom for me." "I could do that for you." I said, pulling my pants down and kneeling down to suck his cock. I only sucked him for a few minutes when he said "Let me get some of that ass." I bent over against the wall, and he spit on his meat, slid it down my crack and shoved it in once he found my hole. This guy meant business, he proceeded to ram my hole with everything he had, causing my head to bang against the wall of the booth. He kept up this assault for a while -- I lost track of time -- until he went balls deep and stayed there for a few seconds. He pulled out, and I turned around to face him. He stood there with a hard tool, and turned me back around saying "I'm not done with that ass yet." He proceeded to shove his dick back in me and pound it mightily for at least 5 more minutes. "Can I cum in your mouth?" he finally said, breaking the silence. "Cum where ever you want to." He turned me around and jerked a decent sized load of thick cum into my mouth. I'm pretty sure that was his second load, the first having been deposited up my ass.

The place was dead again so I went down the street for a bite of dinner. When I came back there was about 5 people there, including this studfucker god standing in the hallway. He looked like your stereotypical jock/fratboy type. He was bout 6 foot tall, his torso was a solid sheet of muscles. He had on a backwards Penn State cap, an  A&F T-shirt, some jeans and the most piercing blue eyes. I walked past him and said hi. I didn't really think too much about him,  I figured he was a drunk straight guy that had wandered over from the adjoining strip club. He probably wasn't there to DO anything, and if he was, he would probably be looking for someone more like himself, body wise. I wandered around the corner to the other row of booths, when the clerk came in and was hassling people standing around and not spending any money. I dropped a dollar in, and stood there with the door open. After 2 or 3 minutes, jockboy started into my booth, and started to back out once he saw it was occupied. I said "Hi" again, and he smiled and entered, closing the door behind him. I was unsure where this was going, but he certainly did. He unzipped his jeans and released a 9 inch, hard and fat cock. I absolutely could not believe my luck. I immediately dropped to my knees, and proceeded to worship this guy's dick. "Oh, yeah, that's the shit" he said as I took as much of him in my mouth as I could, alternating between little sucks and big gobbles of his shaft. I played with his shaved balls and he liked that, so I sucked on them as his dick rested on my face. I was in no hurry for this to end, I was thoroughly enjoying  this, even if it was just a blow job. (I tried to get that meat inside me, believe me. The closest I got was it resting on my ass cheek as I bent over to get a dollar for the machine) I blew him for about 15 minutes, and he announced he was ready to cum. I had been sucking his balls, so I started to go and put his dick in my mouth to catch his load. He instructed me to sit there with my mouth open, and he proceeded to jerk a very nice, this load of spunk into my mouth and onto my face. I swallowed what he had blasted into my mouth and licked my lips to catch as much as I could. He like that sight saying his girlfriend never let him do that (She's a fool!). I was on such a high I did something I don't normally do. After dressing, I left about 5 big blobs of his cum on my face as I exited the booth. Yes, I had bagged the guy everyone in the bookstore had been after, and I was going to make sure they knew I had gotten him off!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sucking A Black Thug Type Off

I was at the bookstore the other day, sadly not many guys were interested in my ass -- they all wanted to get sucked off.

I had been there a while sucking dick when this ghetto looking black guy appeared outside my booth. I sat on the chair trying to get him to come in, and finally he did. He whipped his cock out, I'm guessing it was about 9 inches but it was definitely already half hard.

I took it in my mouth, unbuckling my pants so he could see my ass was up for the taking. As I was sucking him, he was calling me filthy names and saying how I was a bitch for his black cock. He would alternate between face fucking me and slapping me in the face with his dick, never letting up on the trash talk. After about 10 minutes of this he stuffed his dick back in his ratty sweatpants and left. Damn, I thought. I really wanted his load. I sat there watching the movie, and the black guy burst back into my booth pulling me off the chair onto my knees with one hand and hauling his cock out of his sweats with the other. I sucked him back hard again, and he was again telling me what a filthy whore I was and a fucking bitch and how he was going to fill my mouth with some nutt. Fine with me! He pulled out and started stroking, watching the movie. I pulled my shirt off and started to lick his balls. "Fuck yeah, whore, that shit feel good." After a few minutes he ordered me to tilt my head back. I complied, and he started sliding his meat in and out of my mouth. He started to beat off again, so I started for his balls again. "Uh uh bitch." he said as he pushed my head back. I knelt there with my mouth open, just inches from the head of his black dick. He looked down at me and let loose a blast of sperm into my open mouth, then proceeded to coat my face with his thick black load. When he had finished, he stuffed his cock back into his pants, called me a bitch and left. He didn't close the door, leaving me kneeling on the floor, shirtless and covered in a thick load of cum.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday Slut Report

I went to a few venues this weekend on my search for dick, I'd like to say I was fucked non-stop but sadly that just wasn't the case. There were a few highlights, though.

Saturday night I was at the local baths. I usually don't get fucked non-stop here like I do at the bookstore, in fact I usually don't attract a whole lot of attention here. Probably because I rarely make the first move, and it seems that this place everyone goes around waiting for someone else to make the first move. I've been trying to overcome my fear of rejection, and this weekend I went a little further.

I sucked off a few guys, the first guy that fucked me was a mid-40s black guy. He was standing against a wall where the seating is for the "video area". I stopped and saw him jerking a decent sized cock, so I stood and watched for a moment. While he didn't cover himself with the towel, he never looked at me, either. I debated for a minute and decided to take a shot and moved closer and touched his nipple. Getting no word to stop, I felt all over his chest and eventually got down to his hard cock. I jerked him off, but since he was still facing against the half-wall thing watching the video that was all I could do. After a few minutes he asked me if I got fucked. I did, so we were off to his room. Once there, I got on the bed and he put a rubber on. He put his cock inside me and fucked me doggy style for a bit, and he kept telling me to squeeze his cock with my ass. I did, and on one out stroke the condom came off his dick and was stuck in my ass.

He flipped me over onto my back, and pulled the rubber out of my ass and put it back on. He then re-entered my ass, slam fucking me as he rested my legs on his shoulders, his face inches from mine. "You're just a fucking slut coming here to get dick in your ass, aren't you?" "You just want to get fucked, don't you?" and he pulled out, made sure I could see him taking the condom off and threw it on the ground. "Are you clean?" he asked as his bare dick was resting against my ass. "Yes, are you?" He didn't answer and just shoved his bare dick back in. "Yeah, that's what you wanted, isn't it you slut?" "I'm going to fuck you good." he said as he continued his assault on my ass. This went on for 10 minutes with him saying all manner of filthy things while I just moaned in agreement. "Do you want me to pull out, or do you want to get pregnant?"
"Do whatever you want." "Hell yeah." he said as he fucked a few more thrusts and dumped his load inside me. "Thanks." I said as I got my towel and left his room.

I sucked off a few more guys after that, and was getting ready to leave when I saw a cute guy in his mid 30's changing from his gym clothes into his towel. I checked him out, but wasn't planning to make any advance as 99% of the guys that come here and go to the gym are only interested in fucking other guys that go there to the gym. I'm not a cow by any means but I do have a little spare tire starting that I'm slowly getting rid of. Anyhow, I saw him looking back so I circled around and yes, he was indeed looking at my bare ass.

I let him finish changing and went to the steam room. Nothing was going on in there, so I walked out. As I was leaving, he was entering. I turned around and followed him in. We got around the corner to a dark spot and he stopped, I reached under his towel and felt a nice 6 incher. I bent over and sucked him, and he started feeling my ass. I started telling him how good that felt, and since my mouth no longer had his cock in it he took that opportunity to spin me around and shove his cock up my ass. Since I was still lubed from the black guy's cum it slid right in. He fucked me for maybe 5 minutes, tops, and pulled out. I felt him pat my ass and when I turned around he was already around the corner. As I started walking out I could feel his cum running out of my ass. Obviously, he was looking for a quick fuck and a hole to dump his unwanted load in. I was happy to fill that position.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

He took it off and bred me

Just got in from a repeat with this young black kid I met on CL. The first time we fucked, neither one of us had a place so he directed me to a toilet in a park by his house. It worked, and I didn't write about that encounter since he made a big show of having a condom and putting it on.

Tonight we met again in the toilet, it was well after midnight so nobody was around. He had asked me to bring a condom this time, and I had one, which is unusual for me. We got in the toilet and he pulled his pants down revealing an already hard cock. I sucked him for a few minutes, and he asked if I was ready. I was, so I handed him the condom, which he put on. I applied a dab of lube to my hole and he slid his cock in. After fucking me for a few minutes, he pulled out and told me to "Stay right there." After a brief pause his tool was re-inserted into my hole. He was fucking me pretty good when his dick fell out. Being the helpful slut, I grabbed his tool and guided it back to my hole. When I felt his prick I knew what the pause was for. The little fucker had taken the condom off and was fucking me bare!

I let him think I hadn't noticed and he kept fucking me. After about 5 minutes he pulled out and announced he had cum. He VERY quickly stuffed his cock back into his pants so I couldn't see he had taken the rubber off and came inside me. (I know he shot in me, I can feel the cum in me as I type this) I'd lgadly have a repeat with him, next time I'll see if we can just drop the pretext of condoms since i know he wants to dump his load in my ass, where it belongs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 Guys, 6 Loads, Part 2

So after that, I was on a "high" form fucking around with such a hot stud. I was walking around a bit and this married guy that usually ignores me pulled me into his booth. He wanted his fat 7 incher sucked. He wasn't into fucking, so I just sucked him till he blew in my mouth and I swallowed his spunk and sent him on his way.

About 10 minutes later, this decent looking blond guy with a little meat on his bones wearing a Hollister shirt started cruising me. I invited him into my booth, and started blowing him. He was wanting to fuck, so I turned around. His tool slid right in, as I was lubed with farmer cum. He fucked me good and hard for about 10 minutes before asking "Where do you want this load?" "Where ever you want." He pumped a few more strokes then went balls deep and unloaded inside, like I knew he would. He cleaned up and left. The crowd had died down considerably, so I hung around for 10 more minutes then went out for some dinner.

When I came back there was a group of guys outside smoking, one was the clerk, one was a black guy that lives in the bookstore but never does anything with anyone and the third was a cute guy in his 30's. I went in and there really wasn't much going on, just a few trolls wandering around and one cute married guy in business casual dress but he wouldn't even look in my direction. After a few minutes the smoke party broke up and the cute guy came towards the arcade, shitty attitude black guy in tow. I put a dollar in a booth and really didn't expect much, but before long cute guy was in my booth. We made out for a bit, before removing our shirts and I started to play with his nipples. He started feeling me up and stuck his hand down my pants and put a finger in my hole. I pulled my pants down and turned around, he aimed his fat slab (I'm guessing it was 7 inches, it was long and THICK) at my hole, and hawked a big glob of spit on it and slid it in. God, that felt so good! He fucked me in a few positions in the booth, pressed against the wall, bent over the chair, until finally, he grunted and unleashed his flood of sperm into my hole. We cleaned up and I went to see if there were any more cocks needing attention.

I sucked off a few guys, nothing really special there, when finally this bald guy in his 40's came in, wearing a grease-stained T-shirt, blue Dickies pants and work boots. A trucker. He wasn't normally someone I'd go after, but since I love to get fucked by truckers I went for it. He went into a booth, leaving the door cracked. I waited a minute while he chose a movie, then peered in. The trucker was stroking an already hard, veiny 8 incher. He motioned me in, so I started to suck that rod. As I was blowing him, I noticed a wedding ring so I figured he would just want to get sucked off. Eh, like I say, I love to fuck around with truckers so I'd just enjoy getting him off and swallow his load. After a bit the time ran out on the booth. This time I genuinely WAS just putting money into the booth, and when I bend down to put my wallet back in my pants, Mr Trucker just slid his 8 inches inside my hole. I think that's why I like fucking with truckers, there's no nonsense. He wanted to fuck, I had bent over so he just shoved it in. No asking, no condom, no nothing but him taking what he wanted. I braced against the wall while he picked up the pace. He fucked me for maybe 5 minutes before he held his rod all the way inside. I thought I felt him cumming, but I wasn't sure. When he pulled out I asked him if he'd cum. "Oh, yeah." Typical trucker, he wanted to cum inside, so he just did it! Nice.

After that I went to the car to chug some water, and saw the trucker get into his rig and drive off. I went back in, I still had about an hour and a half before I had to leave. The cute guy that had fucked me was still there chatting to the clerk, not many people were there apart from shitty attitude black guy and the married guy that was ignoring me. I wandered around a bit and cute guy had gone into and end booth and was stroking again. I asked him if he was up for some more, and he just pulled me into the booth. We made out, sucked each others nips, made out more, then I started to suck his fat tool. He again spun me around and pierced my hole, already lubed by all those other guy's loads. He was fucking me when suddenly he pulled out, and said "Stay right there." The door opened and it was married guy, with his pants open and a boner sticking out of his fly. Cute guy just motioned him over to my hole, and married guy stuck his bare shaft inside. He was long, but not as thick as cute guy. He fucked me for about a minute and asked cute guy "Did you already get off in here?" "Yeah." "I can feel it." and that must've turned married guy on, because about a minute later he was dumping a wad up my fuckhole. He zipped up and cute guy resumed fucking. I felt him churning up married guy;'s load, and I said "Your friend must've came a lot!" "Yeah, he did. I love fucking a sloppy hole." He fucked me for at least 20 minutes, we tried to get a few others to join in but none would take the bait. Now, I'd love to say I was a power bottom and he drilled me all night, but after having that fat log stretching me for 30 minutes, the abuse my hole had taken was catching up with me and I had to take a little break. My balls, ass and legs were covered in the sperm of the 5 guys that had dumped in me, and cute guy was just standing back admiring the view. He stroked his cum covered shaft until he was ready to squirt, at which point he shoved it back in my hole to top off my tank with my 6th load for the night.

I made the drive home with a satisfied, well-used hole.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

5 guys, 6 loads... Part One

I unexpectedly found myself with an evening free, so I headed out to my favorite bookstore. Some would say I'm a fool for driving so far to get there, but rarely do I leave there disappointed. 95% of the guys going there that mess around with me want to fuck, which is why I go to a dirty bookstore in the first place. I don't get that much interest in my ass in other, closer venues. (I think it's because the closer place has no doors on the booths, and this place does) Anyway, down to why you're here...

I arrived at the same time as this absolutely GORGEOUS little Irish stud. He was about 5' 10, a little on the stocky side, shaved head and wearing a plaid shirt and khaki pants. I tried to get his attention, but nothing. Damn. I had another guy wanting to play, so I thought it was better to play with those that wanted to play rather than chase after this gorgeous guy that wasn't interested. This guy just wanted blown, so I blew him, swallowed and left his booth.

I walked around for a minute and saw that stud standing at the end of the aisle, pretending to be looking at the movie cases in the display cases. I caught his eye and flashed the biggest smile I could and said "Hi." He said hi back and I proceeded around the corner and into a booth. Just as soon as I got the dollar in the slot, HE was standing in my doorway. I stepped aside and let him in. He shut the door and we started making out. His mouth tasted a bit like chewing tobacco, but this was one time where I was so turned on I didn't care. We made out for at least 5 minutes, and I unzipped my shorts without ever breaking our lip lock. He took the chance to get his hands under my shirt. I took that as a cue to take the shirt off, so I was standing there basically naked while he was still fully clothed! He ran his hands through my chest hair, and played with my nipples some. It was at this point I noticed the little gold band on his hand.

We resumed our make out session, and I started to feel his nips through his shirt. He unbuttoned, and I started sucking on them. I started to massage his basket, and he was rock hard. Awesome. After a few more minutes of me sucking on his gorgeous round face, he unzipped. I got my mouth on his 7" slab and went to town. I still couldn't believe my luck to bag a guy this damn hot. I was sucking and sucking, hoping he would want to fuck, but I feared he might be one of those married guys just wanting to get sucked off. Whatever he wanted, he would get from me, so I just focused on giving him the best blowjob he had ever gotten. Well, after a few minutes of this, the money ran out in the booth. I fished my wallet out of my shorts, fed the machine and what do you know... as I was putting my wallet away, I felt a dick pressing against my asshole. I simply reached back and spread my cheeks, delirious I was going to get fucked by this stud god. He pressed a little, and seeing the friction he hawked a big gob of spit and applied it to his rod. It slid right in this time, and once inside the stud proceeded to give me a nice long-stroke fuck. I was so turned on I was trying not to shoot my load right then and there. He fucked me for at least 10 minutes before he grabbed onto my hips and his strokes got shorter and shorter. Without a word, I felt his member throbbing, expelling all the sperm his balls had built up in our lengthy (for a bookstore) sex bout. I was so fucking turned on that he came in me, what a damn stud! He stayed inside until he went a little soft, then he wiped his cock off and tucked it back in his pants. Darned if he didn't want to make out for a little bit more! I was surprised, since usually that place is "fuck and go" but I could have made out with him for the rest of the night. I finally said to him "When I saw you... (kiss) I was hoping... (kiss) that we would do... (kiss) this."

He gave me a big ol' smile and we dressed. I went out to my car to get some water and saw him going to his truck. It had 4-H plates on it. Well, that Irish farmer can plow my field any damn time he wants!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finally Got The Load

I had about an hour and a half to kill before work, so I stopped into the baths as I was pretty damn horny. I was undressing when I saw the late 40's black guy who I first met in the bookstore about a year ago. He was cruising me hard so I thought what the hell, he's got a huge horse cock and even though he always uses rubbers I could use that mammoth dick inside me.

I finished undressing and added a dab of lube to my ass. I caught up with him in the steam room, and he was feeling my ass up in a second. I made a move to suck him, but he just pushed me up against the wall and started playing with my ass. I was shocked as hell to feel him start to push his BARE dick inside. All this time  he NEVER even considered doing anything like that. I wasn't complaining --  I was enjoying it! He fucked me for a few minutes, then asked if I had a rubber. I did, back in the locker and I told him so. I turned to go and get it when he grabbed me and started playing with my ass again. I told him he could fuck me some more and he said something about I might be dirty inside. I had cleaned out very well prior to coming, as I was looking to get fucked and I told him so. I turned around and sucked on his dick to prove the point. He roughly spun me around and shoved his dick back inside me, and started fucking me HARD.

At some point a guy started watching, and every time he would pull out, the observer would suck him. He seemed to like the guy lubing him to fuck me more, so he let this go on for a few minutes. He eventually ordered me over to this platform thing where I tried to ride him but got a cramp in my leg. The observer had followed and was trying to fuck me, but after a few minutes the black guy ordered me to his room. I followed, of course. I think he wanted the observer to come with us, but he didn't.

Once in his room, he shoved me onto the mattress and then stopped to put on the dreaded condom. Ugh. He fucked me good and hard for about 10 minutes, then said he wanted to fuck me in the sling room down the hall. He opened the door to the room and said "Get your ass in there."

We fucked in there for another 10 minutes, attracting a nice crowd. He had finally had enough and told me to go back to the room. Once back in there I was trying to think of how to get him to go back to fucking me raw. He asked me want I wanted, so I said I wanted him to fuck me hard and cum deep inside of me. "Why do you want that?" "Because I want to feel it inside me." "What are you gonna do with that cum?" "I'm going to leave it in me all day." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah." He continued fucking, but with the condom. Finally, he pulled out and took flung the condom on the floor. He stood there stroking his mammoth tool. I sucked it a bit and then he turned me around and slid his bare cock back in my ass. He made me beg for his cum again, then he went balls deep and paused for a minute. He pulled out and told me we had to take a shower. Did I get his load? I felt a little drizzle of something, I knew it wasn't lube as that was long gone. About 6 hours later I released an insane amount of cum out of my ass. He finally came inside me after all this time.

Friday, September 28, 2012

4 Load Day

Went to my favorite bookstore again, got fucked 5 times (all bare), 4 guys came inside me and only one asked if he could cum inside.

The first guy was a chubby guy that had fucked me there before, (He looks kind of like a stocky Mark McGuire) he tried to fuck me again and got his meat inside me but for some reason he kept going soft. I ended up making out with him and jerking him off. He blew his load in my hand, which I then fingered into my hole.

The next guy was a businessman type, mid 40's dressed in a shirt and tie. He followed me around for a bit so I went into a booth. He was in in a moment, and I started rubbing his basket so he wasted no time in getting his dick out and letting me blow him. He had an average sized dick, about 6 inches, I'd guess. I let my shorts hit the ground and took my shirt off, so I was basically naked in the booth while this guy was just standing there with his fly open. I blew him for maybe 5 minutes when he started feeling my ass. I turned around to give him better access. After a few fingers up there he spread my cheeks apart and rammed his tool inside. I still had lube up there from the other guy so he went in with no problem. He jackhammered me for a few minutes before he went balls deep and just held it there. I could feel his dick throbbing and the sperm travelling up his rod, so I knew he was cumming in me. He stayed in for a second as his orgasm subsided, and said "Thanks" as he pulled out. That was the first word he had spoken to me.

The second guy to fuck me was a chubby trucker with a fat 6 incher. Not much to tell here, the whole encounter lasted about 5 minutes total. I sucked him for maybe a minute when he was flipping me around and shoving his bare cock in me. He never asked if I wanted it, never said anything about a condom and didn't ask if he could cum in me. He just quickened his strokes and unloaded inside me.

About 3 minutes later I was in another trucker's booth. He had a big horse cock but sadly he was a strange one. He didn't want me to blow him, or fuck me, he only wanted to squeeze me in a bear hug and rub his cock up against me stomach. After about 5 minutes of that he was jacking off with his dick pointed at my hard cock. Without any warning he was shooting his load on my dick. I jacked off with the cum for a bit, but jacking off with sperm for lube makes me shoot almost right away so I had to stop. I still wanted to get fucked a few more times and if I shot then I would be out of the mood.

After I left his booth I sat down in another booth and fed the machine and waited. There was this cute, chubby faced guy in the hall talking to someone -- he looked European, Lithuanian or something. I sat there as he chatted with his friend, hoping he would come by. Sure enough, he was in the doorway of the booth opposite mine looking in at me massaging myself through my briefs. After a few minutes of look-seeing he was in my booth closing the door. He was a kisser, and he was so damned cute I would have done anything he wanted to. After about 10 minutes of making out and feeling up my chest he asked what I got into. "Sucking and getting fucked", I said. He pulled his boxers down revealing a hard as nails 6 incher. He turned me around and bent me over the chair, feeling my ass. It was wet from 2 loads in me so he asked "Did that other guy fuck you?" I just said yes, because 2 other guys HAD fucked me, even if my previous trick hadn't. "Fuck", he said and shoved his cock inside me. He fucked me good and hard, and after 10 minutes asked "Do you want me to fill you up?" "Fuck yeah, stud!". He pumped for maybe 3 more minutes before grunting and shooting inside me. This guy was so fucking hot I was so turned on having his jizz inside me. We said our goodbyes and I left to go get something to eat.

About an hour later I returned and it was pretty dead. This Russian looking guy was cruising me so I thought "What the hell?" and went into his booth. He was a grower, as he had about 7 inches once I sucked him hard. He started fingering me and felt my wet hole. "How many guys have fucked you today?" "Four". "Did they cum in you?" "Yes." "Good, cause I'm going to!" and he rammed me for about 3 minutes before adding his DNA to the mix.

The next guy, another trucker, was kind of weird. I went in his booth, and he said nothing, did nothing, and basically didn't even acknowledge me. I wasn't sure what to do, so I started to jack him off. It wasn't easy as he was sitting in the chair and hadn't pulled his pants down. I got him a little hard, so I tested the waters and licked the head of his cock. Still no reaction so I contorted myself to get down there and suck his trucker cock. He was dressed in jeans, steel toed boots and  a uniform shirt from a trucking company, attire that got me fucking turned on. I sucked him, even though he never pulled his pants down or even acknowledged I was there. He just stared at the porn, didn't even look down at me as I blew him. Finally, he said his first words -- "You're gonna make me cum." so I just kept sucking and in a minute I had his load in my mouth. I got up and he just zipped up, said "Thanks" and left.

After that I sucked off a few more guys and went home. I don't know what it is, but about once a month I get an overwhelming desire to be a big slut and let a bunch of guys use me as a cumrag, just like they did tonight.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Was I The First?

I stopped by the local bookstore to see what was up, after walking around a bit there was a mid 40's guy that was wanting to play. Since nobody else was, I went into his booth. I blew him a bit and he got semi-hard. He started playing with my ass so I stood up, thinking maybe once he got hard he would want to fuck me. Well, long story short he never could get it up so I went on my way, ass lubed and hornier than ever for some dick.

About 20 minutes later I spotted a cute guy in his 30's in an orange T-shirt and shorts. I went in the booth opposite his, we eyed each other and he started showing off his meat. I went in and went down. He was enjoying the head, and started to run his hands all over my chest, so I took my shirt off. This gave him an opportunity to start feeling up my ass, so I turned around to give him a better view. He fingered me for a few minutes then I felt the head of his cock at my hole. Finding no objection from me, he slid his bare shaft inside me and started pumping away. This went on for only about 5 minutes, me pressed up against the wall and him banging away at my hole. He announced he was going to cum, and proceeded to fill my gut with a load of cream. After we got dressed again, he went into the bathroom to wash up. I was thinking of giving him my number, so I hung around for a minute... he must have been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes washing off. I knew my ass wasn't dirty, so he must be one of those that feels guilty AFTER he's blown a load up some guy's hole in a bookstore. I didn't want to get involved in that so I started walking around.

Another guy, who was probably watching me get fucked by Orange shirt guy, practically pulled me in his booth and was wanting me to suck his cock. He was probably 40, with a mustache and baseball cap on. His tool was nice, about 7 inches, and before I knew what was happening I was on my knees with it in my mouth. Within a few minutes I was standing in front of him, practically naked. He was running his hands all over me and started to play with my ass. He spun me around and stuck a finger in. "You're already lubed up." he said as he pushed me against the wall and shoved his dick in. As I was bent over, getting rammed by this guy I saw Orange shirt outside watching. He was massaging himself through his shorts. Baseball cap pounded me for about 10 minutes before going balls deep and unloading. He never said he was cumming, or asked if he could cum inside, he just did it. "That was a good cum", he said.

I got dressed and went into another booth and Orange shirt asked how many times I had been fucked today, and I replied that was the second guy, he was the first, which was true. I went in a booth and blew my own load while he watched. Another guy came by and tried to make a move on him, but he said "I don't have any cum left. It's all in there." pointing at me. I zipped up and went outside, and he followed. At the door he said "It won't really change anything, but was I really the first guy today?"  I said he was and he said "So he used me for lube?" "Wow." we said our goodbyes and went on our way.

So far I've gotten an even 100 loads up my ass this year.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Leaking Out

My last trip to my favorite bookstore was pretty fruitful. As I entered a cute 30's mixed race guy was standing at the counter looking at some videos. We checked each other out and I headed to the arcade. I put a dollar in, leaving my door open to see who would come and play. Mixed race guy was there in the booth opposite mine, and wasted no time in revealing an 8" uncut slab. I was in his booth in a moment, wrapping my lips around that cock. I had only been blowing him for a few minutes when he started feeling my ass. I turned around and after working some spit in my hole he was sliding his bare fucktool inside. He went slowly at first, but once he got my hole open he went to town. I was moaning because it felt sooooo good, when without warning he went balls deep and started panting as he shot his load inside me. I love it when a guy just unloads inside me without saying anything.

We said our goodbyes and as I was leaving the booth next to ours opened. I went in and found a stocky guy in his 30's, he appeared to be a truck driver. I sucked his cock, it was about 5" and he wanted some of my cum slicked hole. I turned around, he stuck a finger in and felt how wet it was and just slid his tool in saying "Nice". He only fucked me for a short time before adding his baby batter to the mix.

About 10 minutes later a really ghetto looking black guy came in, and stood outside my booth. I invited him in, and he took out what seemed to be a foot long dick. I started sucking it and after I did my "bend over to get a dollar for the booth" trick, he was rubbing his bare tool against my ass. I grabbed it and eased it in. Even though I had been fucked twice, it was so thick it hurt. He did a few slow strokes in and out then proceeded to grab my shoulders and fuck the hell out of my ass. I don't know how long it lasted, he banged me for at least 10 minutes like that. Finally he grunted and blew his load. He pulled out and shot it on my hole, then used his cock to scrape it up and work it in my hole. Hot. He stayed like that, working his meat in and out of my ass saying "I gots to get goin', I don't got time to nutt again." He gave me his number, and I will be calling him when I get back over there.

I needed a break after all that so I stopped into a taco restaurant down the street from there. As I was having my dinner, I noticed a trail of cum had leaked out of my ass and down my leg. I was feeling really slutty so I just left it there, hoping one of the members of a baseball team that was in there would figure out what it was and want a piece as well. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


While on vacation I hit up a bookstore in town. First fuck was kind of a let down because while the guy had a huge cock, he only fucked bare for a short while before going to get a condom. Ugh. I debated leaving, but since there was nobody else there that interested me I hung around. After he finished he tossed the very full rubber on the ground so I took it back to the hotel and used it as lube to jack off with.

A return to that jack shack was more fruitful. I found a hot businessman there, late 30's early 40's with a nice bulge wandering around. I entered a booth and left the door open. He stood outside massaging himself through his pants, so I motioned him in. He unzipped and I started sucking on his 7 inch, veiny cock. I blew him for a few minutes, with him ooohing and aaahing telling me how good it felt, then the money ran out in the booth. I did my trick of bending over to get a dollar out of my pants, of course exposing my bare ass to him. He started to feel my cheeks, squeezing and rubbing them all over. I fed the booth and let him slide his cock in my crack a little bit, telling him how nice that felt. Taking that as a yes, he lined his bare cock up with my hole and tried to slide in. It only went in maybe half an inch, so I backed off and spat a big wad of spit on his tool. It slid in immediately and he started to give me a nice fuck. It only lasted a few minutes when he said "Damn, your hole's got me close." I just moaned and he said "I want to cum in you so bad." "Do it." was my reply. He picked up the pace, intent on planting his swimmers inside me. Ahhhhhhh! He said as I felt his head swell up as he dumped his wad in me. He stayed in for a moment, then pulled and tucked his deflated tool back in his pants. He checked himself over, saying "I hope I didn't get anything on my new suit." "No, I think you're OK." "Yeah, it all went somewhere else!" He apologized for fucking and running but I had no problem with it. He exited, and there was nobody else around so I went back to the room and put a toy up my cummy hole and jerked myself off, shooting a huge load all over the table.

After the vacation, the number of loads up my hole so far this year is 66.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dorm Room Fuck

Just got back from being power fucked by a 22 year old student at a nearby college. We'd hooked up before, then he disappeared, and suddenly had been hitting me up on A4A from like 3 different profiles. The first time, I was set to go and got no response so I moved on. The last time, before he did the vanishing act he did the same flake act so I had rather expected that. Tonight, he was all about fucking, responded with an address, phone number so I took a chance and headed out there after work.

He was there, I don't think he recognized me from when he bred me a year ago but I didn't let that get to me as I was walking through the lobby of his dorm on his way back to his room. We got there and he told me to get undressed. I did, and he put me up on the stained mattress and positioned my ass how he wanted it. The first time we fucked, a year ago, he put a rubber on. Halfway through the fuck, as he had me on my back with my arms pinned at my side, his 8" slab ramming my hole he said "I really wanna take this condom off." "Uh huh" I moaned. He pulled out, threw the rubber on the ground and started to raw fuck me. When he was close he just continued to hold me down and announced he was cumming inside me, not that I could really stop him as his muscular arms were keeping mine at my side, and he had all his weight on top of me...

This time there was no pretext of condoms, just lube and a bare cock at my pucker. He started to shove it in and I backed off a bit -- damn that fucking thing was FAT. I relaxed and he shoved it in and started fucking. He is a really great fucker -- he worked my hole like few other people have done, slow fuck, fast fuck, pulling all the way out and slamming it back in until he started to jackhammer fuck my hole, saying "You want my load don't you?" "Yes!" I said back to him as she shoved it in, balls deep. "Feel that?" he said as the head of his cock throbbed, expelling the 2 week load he had built up into my gut. He just stayed like that, lazily sawing his tool in my hole and said "Keep going?" "Hell yes!". He fucked me again for another 15 minutes, making sure to cram that cum wad deep inside me before adding a second load to the mix. We kissed and he walked me to the door, my ass is still throbbing from the fuck an hour later. He'll be back in August, he said, hopefully he'll want to make hamburger out of my hole again.

And that brought the total of loads shot up my hole to 58 so far this year. Of all the guys that have used my hole, only 3 have asked for a rubber.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I've been quite busy lately with lots of experiences I haven't had time to properly write up... my trip out of town where I finally got up the nerve to take an anon load in my hotel room, for a start.

But anyhow, tonight I'm sitting here, I just left Mr Condom's house but he's been in this phase of wanting to pull out and cum on my face, then sending me out of the house and not letting me wipe it off. That's hot and all, but I needed a load in me SO BADLY! I put up an ad, and got a reply "Nice ass." I replied asking where he was and got "What r ur stats". I could already tell this was going to be a waste of time, so I gave them and asked for his. He replied, and again I asked where he was. "Got a pic". I replied there was one in the ad. "No I meant of your face." I had had it with this crap so I just replied "Sorry dude I don't have time to waste tonight, if you were serious you would've at least sent a dick pic since you've seen more of me than I have seen of you. Maybe another night when I have several hours to go through a drawn out Email exchange."

Why do some people make it so hard to get laid? I mean, I understand wanting to trade pics, but it pisses me off when you ask 1,001 questions about me and it's pulling teeth to get any info about YOU!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mr Condom Whores Me Out

I've been busy being a slut this year. To date, I've only been fucked with a condom twice since the beginning of the year. Both times were in the porn shop when the top put a rubber on, but nobody else has bothered.

Tonight I hit up Mr Condom as I wanted a quick load on my way home from work. He's been wanting me to find some woman to fuck, and I did try once but that's not really my thing. He then wanted me to find another bottom for him to fuck while he fucked me, but the ones I found wanted a bunch of pictures and crap. Tonight he came up with the idea of another top to fuck me after he was done. Now we're talking!

In short order he had someone, and all I knew of him were his stats:

25..5'11..190...7.5 cut..

where will you want his load?

I replied "Its up to him where he wants to put it, u know I like it in my ass!"

After a few more messages I made certain the guy A) Wouldn't mind fucking me with a load already up there and B) Wouldn't want a condom.

Mr Condom replied with a cut and paste with the convo he was having with the other guy: MM: if i bb i dont pull out


I arrived at Mr Condom's place before the other top, who I still had no idea what he looked like. I blew Mr Condom while we waited for the other guy to show. After I'd been there maybe 5 minutes the other guy finally showed. He was a fucking STUD and I couldn't believe my luck that I was going to get fucked by him. He wasted no time stripping, and I blew him while Mr Condom fucked me. In all too short a time, Mr Condom was cumming in me. I wasn't sure that had happened until he was pulling his shorts up, as I was busy blowing the other stud. He was sitting on the ratty sofa in the basement, so I just turned around and sat on his beautiful cock. I guess the scene was too much for him because I rode him for maybe 3 minutes and he slammed me down on his dick and he proceeded to fill me with his cum. I knew he was shooting because I could feel his dick pulsing in my hole. Nice. We got dressed and left at the same time, but he didn't say anything to me as we were leaving, I guess he got his nut and that was all he needed. I'd gladly be his cumdump any day.

The two of them shooting in me brought my load count for 2012 up to 35 loads I've taken so far.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week...

I have such a backlog of stories I've not had time to write about I'm beginning to think I need a secretary I can dictate them to...

Anyhow, on one of my days off I headed down to the dirty bookstore. The parking lot was pretty full, but that's not a guarantee of anything. I paid my $10 and went in, checking things out. There was the usual assortment of old trolls, and in about the 5th booth I checked in there was a guy in his 40's stroking a decent sized slab of meat. I wanted to check out the other booths before committing to anything, so I went on to check the other occupants of the place out.

The guy I had peered in on was following me around, so I thought what the hell, I'm here for dick and here's an OK looking guy with a hard dick for me so I may as well suck it. He followed me into a booth and his dick was already out of his pants. I bent over to suck it, while unbuttoning my pants and pulling my underwear down. I had only blown him for 2 or 3 minutes when he was feeling up my ass. I turned around to let him get a better view, and he started to finger fuck me. I bent over against the wall to give him better access, and in an instant he was hawking great big gobs of spit on my hole and shoving his cock inside me.

He jackhammer fucked me for about 5 minutes, only stopping once to slop some more spit on his cock. He never let up, until he finally grabbed my hips, shoved his cock all the way inside me and dumped the contents of his nuts deep in my guts. He pulled out, and I bent back over to pull up my pants. When I turned around, he was gone. I had that guy's load in me, and I don't think he had spoken a single word to me at all.

That got me all hot and bothered, so I headed over to the other side of the arcade. There wasn't much going on, in the very last booth I spotted the guy that broke up my potential action in my last story getting down with a cute construction worker type. I glanced in and left, after the brush-off I got last time I wasn't going to pursue anything there. I wandered around for a bit more, found a guy that wanted to get blown so I sucked him off and swallowed his load. I made another check and construction worker and the interrupter were just finishing up -- I peeked in just in time to see interrupter wasting his load by shooting it all over the floor. I watched that scene, and then went about my business. A few minutes later, construction worker was standing there checking his cell phone, and I figured he'd be leaving. I watched a movie for a minute or two, then headed over to the other side.

When I got to the last set of booths, Mr Construction worker was there, leaning against the wall massaging himself through his jeans. Well, I thought, no harm in trying, so I went into the booth opposite his and found a movie to watch. He seemed to be checking me out so I unzipped and started stroking. He watched for a minute, then left. Damn, I thought. About a minute later, he was back. Then he left again, then he came back and was massaging himself through his pants again. I unbuttoned my pants and let them drop around my ankles. He unzipped and freed his tool, which was about 6 inches and on the fat side. We made eye contact a few times, so I took that as an invitation. I pulled my pants up and headed over to his booth. We said hellos and I started to stroke his meat. He moaned in approval, so I bent over and started to blow him. He started running his calloused hands over my body, so I stopped for a minute and took my shirt off. He liked my chest, and was running his hands all over it and licking my nipples. I was way into that! :) I had never stopped stroking him, and he eased my head back onto his dick. Like the last guy, after a few minutes of sucking, his hand was down my pants. I unbuttoned them, giving him free access and he started to finger my hole. I couldn't tell if he could feel the wetness from the other guy's load or not, but it wasn't long before he was spinning me around and shoving his cock inside me.

We were both grunting up a storm, his cock stretching me nicely and getting lubed by the big load the last guy had dumped in me. After about 10 minutes he said "Turn around and bend over the bench." I complied and this angle gave him even better access to my hole, which he took full advantage of. After another 5 minutes or so he started making those noises guys make when they're about to cum. Without asking, he shot his load up my ass. I guess he figured it was OK since I already had, or he thought I had, a load inside me. After we finished we talked for about 5 minutes and he gave me his number and told me next time his house would be a much better place to fuck.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Load Count Update

Load count is up to 12. I took 4 loads this weekend, 3 from old fuckbuds and 1 from a new fuckbud who is conveniently right around the corner from work. He loves to fuck me because I let him in me bare, not like his women. "Bitches be makin' me wear a condom when I fuck 'em in the ass." he said. More on that later.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping Track

I've decided to keep track of how many loads get squirted up my ass this year. So far, the total is 5. They've been 5 different men, so far, but I will add loads from the same guy to the total.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hate Fuck

Yesterday was one of those rare days that made me feel completely sexually satisfied.

I'll run down the parts leading up to the "main event"...

I put out an ad looking for a load. I got one reply, the guy honestly didn't sound like much based on how vague he was with info but I thought what the hell, I need a bare dick in me. I arrived at his house and yeah, he had a decent body but was not very attractive. He sat down in a recliner that looked like Archie Bunker could've sat in it and pulled out his dick. I started sucking on it, and at least ugly guy had a big dick. After a few minutes of that he was ready to fuck so I greased up his cock and he bent me over his old recliner and slid his raw tool inside. I focused on the cock in me rather than what it was attached to, and was starting to enjoy the fuck. As he was fucking me I noticed how old-ladyish his house was. Every surface covered in figurines, gaudy area rugs...

He fucked me for a bit, then suddenly pulled out and shot a big load all over my ass. FUCK! So I got fucked by ugly guy for basically nothing since I didn't even get the load. I waited a minute and he didn't at least offer a towel to wipe his load off my ass so I pulled up my pants and left. After wasting 30 minutes on a fucking flake I headed out to the dirty bookstore.

I got there and there were a lot of guys about, but nobody really doing anything. I spotted a construction worker type guy and wanted his load. He went in a booth, and I went in the one opposite. He was one of those shy ones who stood there not doing anything for a long time. After about 10 minutes he finally took his dick out and started stroking. Just then a guy I'd fucked around with before showed up and stood in the hallway between the booths and started jacking. I started to go into cute guy's booth but was beaten to it by the other guy. Damn. Well, since we'd played before I went in and played with both their chests and finally got down and started sucking cute guy's cock. Of course this attracted some damn troll that was trying to get at my ass totally ruining the vibe. Troll finally took the hint and left, and then the guy I had fucked around with before said "Could you give us a few minutes alone?" Whatever. I just left the place, and checking my email I had a response to my ad.

I got there and there wasn't much to tell about the fuck, it was one of those where the travel there took longer than the actual sex. He did leave a load in me, though.

After that I was pretty horny. I decided to go to another adult theater I don't usually go to as it's pretty disgusting, even for me. I got there and there was a decent crowd so I paid my admission and went in.

I looked around and didn't see many people so I went back to the dingy area behind the screen where most of the action takes place. There was a younger guy getting blown by someone... I couldn't really see in the dim light. I watched them, the guy was really going to town face fucking the other guy. I tweaked the guy's nips, felt up his chest and watched him work over the other guy's mouth. I pulled my pants down in case anyone nearby wanted to sample it. After about 5 minutes I guess the guy sucking the cock got tired (I don't know how long he had been getting face fucked) because he stood up and leaned up against the wall. I waited a bit, having just had my trick stolen I wasn't going to do that to someone else, but he didn't seem interested in the cock anymore so I started to lick the head. It was about 8 inches, not too fat but delightfully long! I started to suck on it, and the top seemed to enjoy it. After I sucked for a bit the original sucker knelt down and was watching. I offered him the guy's cock but he didn't take it so I took that as a sign he was done. I started to work on that shaft when the top started to rub his hands on my back and shoulders.

Thinking he might want to feel my ass, I got up from my knees into the less comfortable bent over position and continued sucking his cock. He rubbed around my back and eventually to my ass. He ran his hand over my cheeks for a bit as I blew him, eventually working a finger in. This made me moan, so he slipped it in a bit more. Hoping this was go further I stood up and since I was still facing him he had his hand between my legs working 2 fingers in my hole, some of Craigslist guy's cum starting to run out, coating the other guy's fingers. He felt this and started to fingerfuck me. It was difficult to turn around with his hand between my legs, so I just twisted a bit and he got the hint and took his hand out and let me turn around so my ass was facing him. He fingerfucked some more, and I bent over to give him better access. He took the opportunity to slip his cock inside. Bare.

Fortunately CL guy had left a huge load up in me, so this guy didn't need any lube. Once he got his whole shaft in me he started to fuck. HARD. This guy wasted no time at all in fucking my ass like a man possessed. Pulling completely out, slamming it back in to the balls over and over. At some point some guy came and stood in front of me as if he wanted me to suck his cock so I grabbed onto his legs for dear life. The man fucking me was doubling his effort and all I could do was moan out a stream of gibberish, clutching the man in front of me. My top's cock was flying in and out of me -- him grabbing onto my hips and pounding in and out not caring if I wanted a brutal fuck or not. I don't think he gave a fuck if I was enjoying it or not. After what seemed like a week of this but was probably only 15 minutes he stopped. He was jacking his dick, so I asked if he had cum. My hole was so numb from the fuck I couldn't tell. "No." He replied, beating his cum covered dick. I bent back over so he could fuck some more or shoot it on my back, when he shoved it back in and unloaded about a pint of thick cum up in my ass. When he was done he pulled out and I stood up.

"Wow. That was a hell of a fuck."
"How long had it been since you last came? That felt like a huge load!"
"I always cum that much. Everyday. Treat for you!"

As I was pulling my pants up he was out and headed back to the theater. I'd like to say I kept his cum in me but he was so totally destroyed my hole it all leaked down my ass, down my balls and down my leg. I found him leaving the bathroom as I was going in. I went in and wiped off the huge amount of cum in my crack and saw him standing there. I complemented him on his fucking ability and saw him clearly for the first time -- a guy in his early 30's, blond haired and Russian or European looking and kind of book-nerdy looking. Totally hot. He stood there for a second and I checked my phone to see what time it was, still delirious from that intense fuck. Sadly, he had gone by the time it dawned on me to give him my number -- it had been so long since I had a fuck that intense I simply wasn't thinking straight. If I ever see him again you know I will be offering him up my hole to destroy again.