Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Three Loads In One Day

I had a spare evening last week, so I threw an ad up on one of the hookup websites. In a short time I had a reply that said simply: "Black top. West side. 8.5-9" dick. Masc and hosting at my own spot. I love to pound a nice white boy till he creams all over my dick." We exchanged numbers, and after a few texts I was headed over to his place.

In short order I was between his legs, sucking on a nice, long juicy cock. He liked to make me choke on his dick, so there were repeated instances of him shoving it all the way down my throat and holding the back of my head until I choked on his dick. I sucked that cock until it was hard as a spike, and after about 10 minutes I was pulled to the edge of the bed. He spit a wad onto my hole, and soon his raw black shaft was probing my hole. He slid in, and started fucking with a nice rhythm almost immediately. Damn, that bare dick felt so good in my hole! He fucked me for at least 20 minutes, on my side, on my back, in every position imaginable. This assault continued until he had his full weight on top of me, pinning me to the bed as he hammered his rod in my hole, and let out a few UNNNNNGHS. I could feel his cock throbbing as he dumped what he said was a 3 day load in my guts. There must have been 6 or 7 pulses as he dumped in me. As I was leaving his house I realized I didn't know his name.

A short time later I was on one of the apps and there was another guy who had fucked me before online. He was eager to drop a load in me, so I headed over to his place.  He lived a short distance from the first guy, so in about 5 minutes I was naked and bent over his bed. He hasn't got the longest dick, but it is FAT. I needed some more lube to get that sucker inside me. He must have been horny, because after about 10 minutes, he was adding his load to the other guy's load in my hole. My hole was pretty worn out after all that abuse, so I went out and did some shopping before I headed home.

As I was on my way home, I got a text form the first guy asking if I wanted another load. I debated about it, but of course I couldn't resist so I texted him back. He asked if my ass was clean, and I said the only thing there was in it was cum. That turned him on, so in a few minutes I was back in his bed, and he was busy churning up all the cum that was in my ass. After about 15 minutes of pounding, cum was all down my ass and covering my balls. He loved that, and it wasn't long before he replaced all the cum he had worked out of my ass during our sex bout.

I went home sore and happy!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Security Guard

Earlier this year I found myself out of town. Of course I posted the usual ads offering up my holes to guys that wanted to drop by my hotel room. I got one ad from a guy that wanted me to travel. Usually I decline to travel -- the time spent venturing out usually cuts down on the amount of cock I can take, plus I hate wandering around a strange city late at night. This response was worth all the hassle, though.

This guy had a good reason for wanting me to come to him. He was the night security guard at a local apartment complex, and needed to get sucked off but obviously couldn't leave. That got me hard right away. We chatted via Email for a while until he was reasonably sure it was safe for me to come out there undetected. I was instructed to enter the office to the apartments through a specific door, he would be upstairs waiting for me. As I was driving over there I was experiencing a mixture of nervousness and arousal. I love doing shit like this, and I had always fantasized about doing something exactly like this. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know what a slut I am for a guy in a uniform!

I arrived at the apartment building and found the office area with no problem. I found the door he described, unlocked just as he said it would be. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it in my throat as I walked across the darkened office to the staircase. I went upstairs and found him upstairs. It was at this point I realized I had no idea what the guy looked like -- he had never sent a picture -- and I still couldn't make out much in this very dim light. I could just see he was in a security guard uniform which was so totally fucking hot. We exchanged pleasantries and I dropped to my knees as he unzipped, fishing a half hard dick out of his uniform pants. I took it in my mouth and he was rock hard in a few seconds. I blew him for a few minutes, but he wanted to get completely naked. I was digging the uniform, but it was his show so I undressed as he undressed. He laid down on a couch that was there, getting totally comfortable as I worked on his cock. I sucked him, licked his balls and whatever for about 10 minutes before he announced he was getting close. I just sucked harder, I wanted his load in one of my holes! He blew jets of tangy jizz in my mouth, and I swallowed it, then licked his cock clean.

He never went soft, so I just kept sucking him. He was enjoying it and thought he could blow again so I worked on him, hoping to get more spooge in me. Sadly, we had to give up after about 20 minutes as it was getting close to the time when another officer would be coming by, and obviously we couldn't be doing that when the other guy showed up. (He had told me the cutoff time before we met) We dressed and I was on my way, still not entirely believing my luck in getting to finally carry out a fantasy that had been growing in my mind for a long time.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Five Cocks Three Loads

Wandered into the baths the other day, horny as hell for a nice dick to pound my hole and deposit a load of thick cream inside me.

I got my locker and wandered the halls for a bit before a nice looking guy invited me into his room. He threw a nice fuck, but sadly wasted his load inside a rubber. Blah. Since I was there to get a load inside me, I was back cruising the halls looking for someone to make that happen. I wandered over to the video area where some guy in a jockstrap was getting fucked, and a crowd had gathered to watch. A chubby black guy was standing there with a ginormous cock sticking out of hos towel. I decided to try my luck, and after initial contact I was down on my knees sucking this throat stretching tool. I sucked him and got him nice and hard, so I switched position until my ass was up in the air, inviting him to slip his rod in. About this time whoever had finished up with the jockstrap guy, so black guy went over and took his place at the kid's hole. Damn.

About this time I see a guy I have fucked around with before, the guy that kind of looks like Lamont Sanford -- hairy chested black guy with a mustache. Nice looking guy really, with a nice dick with a FAT mushroom head on it. The kind of cock where you really only feel the head burrowing it's way inside you which is pretty hot. I licked his nipples a bit then played with his sausage through his towel. After a bit he wanted to walk around a bit. Damn.

I was back down the hallway, and it wasn't long before I caught the eye of another guy. We made out, he dragged me into his room and fucked me, again wasting his load in a rubber. Damn.

I wandered back to the video room, jock boy was getting fucked by the black guy still, and a crowd had gathered around. I tried to get the attention of a cute shaved head guy, but no luck. I left the area for a while, then ended up in another video room. Shaved head guy was there, and looking to play. I went over to the chair he was in and started sucking his cock. He was loving it and wanted to eat my ass out. I bent over and let him have at it. He was quite good at it, and also quite good at getting my hole wet with spit. This allowed him to get up and place his bare dick in my ass, and push it in. Ah, lovely! It was hot the way he did it, no asking if I wanted it or anything, just taking what he wanted! He nailed me pretty good, then sat back down and told "taste your ass on this dick". I sucked him for maybe a minute before he was blowing a load in my mouth. At least I got a load somewhere!!

Back in the other video room, I met up with Lamont. Again I played with his chest, and this time he freed his nice cock and let me suck it. But again, after a few minutes, it was off to walk around. Damn.

I wandered around for a bit, when I saw the first black guy in the hall. He practically pulled me into a play area, which I wasn't expecting since I thought he finished himself off in jockstrap boy's ass. Well, if he did he was clearly ready for round two. I was on my knees sucking his jaw stretcher once again. In seconds, he was hard again, my mouth struggling to accommodate his massive rod. Well, he wasn't playing around because before long I was shoved up onto the side of this bunk bed thing, and a bare tool was prodding my hole. He shoved it in and oh my god that fucking hurt! I backed off and squirted a gob of lube on my ass, and he shoved it back in. It still hurt like hell, but at least that shaft entered a little easier this time around. This guy threw a hell of a fuck. I was grabbing on the bunk bed thing for dear life, it was rattling and shaking and causing a hell of a noise. As I was bent over getting nailed by this stud I saw Lamont wandered in and was watching me. If he was pissed or whatever I don't know, and I really couldn't think about anything but the sensation of having my ass ripped apart by a Hickory Farms Sausage. I had lost all track of time when finally my fucker went balls deep and started grunting. Holy fuck, there was no way he had cum fucking the jockstrap kid. My ass was getting a cum enema. After his dick stopped throbbing, he yanked it out and sperm was dripping all down my legs and ass. "Thanks" he said and left the room.

I had to run to the bathroom to clean up. My backside was a spermy mess. I got a paper towel and wiped it down my ass crack and it was covered in sperm from this guy. Wow.

20 minutes alter I ran into Lamont in a common area. I wasn't sure if he was interested in doing anything, since he had walked away twice before and just saw me getting fucked by the other guy. I hung around his general area, when he looked at me and walked over to a dark corner. I followed, and he pushed me down on my knees and shoved his dick in my mouth. After pumping his dick in for a while he threw me against the wall and launched an all out assault on my ass, which was sore from the fucking the other guy had given me. He knew there was cum in there, because he kept pulling out and stroking his cum covered shaft. After about 10 minutes his load was added to the other guy's, the fat mushroom head of his cock trapping all the sperm deep inside me.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Breeding at the Baths

Just took a huge load from a black guy at Flex. I saw him in the hall, he was standing there stroking his rod under his towel. I wasn't sure if he was interested or not, so I stood closer to him, and touched his pierced nip. He exposed his thick, veiny shaft, which I immediately bent over and took in my mouth. I sucked him while he felt my ass for a few minutes, and he asked me if I wanted to come with him to his room. 

Once in there, I sucked him for a bit until he asked me if I wanted to get fucked. I sure as hell did want that fat black dick in me, so I bent over so he could see my ass. He rummaged around a bit, I hoped he was only looking for lube and not a rubber. Sure enough, lube was being drizzled on my crack and I felt his large rod spreading my ass apart. I reached back to feel for a rubber, and there was none. He fucked me like that up against the wall for about 5 minutes, them moved me onto the bed. "Can I take a picture of my dick in your ass?" I let him, and he ended up taking photos and making a video of it. He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes, then wanted me to ride it. 

I hopped on, and he resumed filming this bareback fuck. After a bit he said "Do you like to get bred?". "Hell yeah!", I said, and after another few minutes I was told "You're going to make me cum!" so I bounced up and down on his rod until it started puking it's load up in my guts. After he fell out, I asked if I could see the photos. He let me watch the video of him breeding my hole, that veiny meat sliding in and out of my bare hole. I saw it throbbing, as it dumped it's spooge inside me, and when he pulled out a glob of cum fell out of my ass. If anyone sees a video like that posted anywhere, let me know!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Gardener

So I was on vacation to Indiana last week. One day kept me inside due to the shitty weather, so of course I put an ad on CL to try and score some cock.

I got a reply from a decent looking guy, who wasn't far off and was horny. After a very brief Email exchange, he was on his way over to my place. In about 10 minutes, this beat up truck full of yard equipment shows up, and out hops this unbelievably good looking buck. He was in, and took off his muddy boots at the door. "Yeah, I had to quit working because of the rain.", he said. Once he was done with that, he was unzipping as he walked over to the bed. I wasted no time getting on my knees to suck his 7 inch tool which was already hard. I sucked him for a bit, then I pulled my shorts off without taking his dick out of my mouth. He took his shirt off, revealing a muscular chest covered in some killer ink.

Eventually, his pants came off and my shirt came off, leaving us both naked. I sucked his rock hard cock and felt his amazingly muscular legs. His baggy jeans his this chiseled slab of muscle I had before me. I was getting hard thinking that this amazingly HOT guy was there to give ME his dick and cum! As I explored his body with my hands, he did the same to me, trying to get a feel of my ass. I accommodated him by standing up and bending over to suck his dick. He apparently liked the feel of my ass, because the next thing I knew he had pushed me over onto the bed, and his bare dick was probing my hole. As hot as it was, it just was NOT going in without lube, so I quickly reached over to the nightstand, grabbed the lube, and squirted some on my hole. That did the trick, and his raw tool slid all the way in. He wasn't one to take it slow, launching into a full out assault on my hole right off the bat. This went on for about 10 minutes, him battering my hole with his cock as hard as he could -- which was pretty damned hard. I was really enjoying the fuck, when he suddenly said "Cum in your ass?" to which I quickly agreed. Another 3 or 4 strokes and my ass was being filled up with his stud seed. I kept that load inside me all night, still not believing my amazing luck that such a fucking hot stud had bred my ass.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I had a busy last night last night, got fucked by a bunch of guys but sadly only 4 came inside me. The others were just sampling holes but "Didn't want to cum yet". I came home last night and crashed, so when I got up this morning naturally I jacked off thinking about last night. Now, forgive me if this is gross, but as I was sitting there some of the 4 loads leaked out and left a puddle on the chair, as you see here...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Busy Hole Is A Happy Hole

I hadn't been fucked for like 2 weeks so as you would expect I was beyond horny. I headed down to the tubs, hopeful I would find a nice man to help me with my situation. I got there in the late afternoon and there was a nice crowd about. I walked around a bit, and eventually I caught the eye of a younger black guy, in his mid 20's I would say. We made out a bit, and he released his towel, revealing what had to be a half hard cock, I don't know how big it was but it appeared to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 inches. (Yes, a slight exaggeration, but that fucker was HUGE) It was a beauty. I started sucking on it and it grew to a steely hardness as I struggled to fit as much of it as I could into my mouth. I blew him for about 10 minutes as he played with my ass. I was a bit nervous as to where this was going -- yes, I needed to get my ass reamed but after 2 weeks I wasn't sure how that monster was going to fit!!! Well, it was not to be anyway. After a while he "needed a break". I saw him later in the hallway, and he said how badly he wanted my ass. "Don't be afraid of this", he said, grabbing his hefty cock. "I've had it all my life, I know how to use it." I was up for the challenge, but sadly I never saw him again that day.

I wandered the halls again and another black guy was grabbing my ass. I followed him back to his room, and almost immediately he was shoving a bare dick in my ass. He wasn't overly hung, maybe about 6 inches but it had been so long since I had been fucked he was a good "starter" fuck. After a moment he had my hole opened up and was sliding that bareback cock in and out. He must have been going for about 5 minutes when I felt the sensation of my ass being filled with some sperm. He gave a few more thrusts and his still hard cock slipped out of my creampied ass. He was still hard, so I sucked his cock to clean the cum off of it. A little bit of this and he was ready for more ass. He spun me around and shoved his dick back in, fucking me for another 10 minutes before saying "Take it! take it" and giving me a second load.

After we parted ways, I hung out and watched TV for a bit before wandering the halls again. I ended up in the steam room, where a very short but very cute Latin guy was stroking a stiffy. He wasn't fucking around, no sooner had I gotten over to his position in the hallway, he had me on my knees sucking his cock. That didn't last long before I was shoved over against the wall, and another bare cock was probing my hole. I had to bend waaaay down to get him inside me since he was about 5 foot tall. He could see the bent over position wasn't working, so he threw me on my back so he could get his cock inside me. He really went to town, ramming me with a fury. Somehow, a flashlight materialized. I don';t know where the hell it came from -- unless he had it up his ass! He watched his cock going in and out of me for a bit, then he pulled out and was fingering my hole. I guess some of the black guy's loads were coming out, because he asked me how many loads I had in me already. "One", I replied. "Was it a white guy?" "No, it was a black guy." "Nasty!" was his reply. I thought for a moment he was going to leave, but instead his cock was back in my ass. "Oh, you nasty slut!" he said as he pounded me harder than before. He didn't last much longer, and I felt him pull out... blasting a wad of jizz on my balls. "PUT IT BACK IN!!!" He did... and the last few spurts went in my ass. "I got some in there... with the other guy." He stood there for a few minutes shining that flashlight on my hole admiring his handiwork. "I can see all that cum coming out. Mine and the other guy's. Nasty. Nasty, Nasty hole." When he was done, he wiped his cock off on his towel, and he was gone.

He wouldn't be the last guy to use my hole that night... Stay tuned for part 2.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Super Quickie

I met him through one of the usual online channels where I had advertised for a quick fuck.

He was a black guy in his 30's, needing to shoot a load before bed but not wanting to jack off. I was over at his place in about 20 minutes, and he met me at the back door. We went into the basement, where I took off my coat and snow-covered boots. I needn't have bothered, taking my boots off took longer than the fucking, not that I am complaining.

He pulled his sweatpants down, revealing an already hard 6 inch cock. I'd like to say I saw what he looked like, but with the shadows and all, all I really saw was his dick sticking straight out. He put me on my knees where I sucked him for maybe a minute before I was ordered to bend over. He found my hole in short order and wasted no time in launching into a full on assault on my hole. I grabbed onto a post to keep from falling over while he grabbed onto my shirt for better leverage. After about 2 minutes he asked "Are you ready for this nutt?". Of course I was, and I could feel his dick throbbing as his balls emptied into my asshole.

I pulled my pants up, put my boots back on and was back on my way home. If I saw this guy on the street I would have no idea who he was, I never did get a good look at his face.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Usual Bullshit From Hook Up Site

I have no words for this... except block.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hillbilly Trucker Dumps A Load

I went out to the bookstore the other day... the first part of my visit was uneventful. A good looking guy in a suit fucked me, but it was with a rubber. A little while later a nice looking guy in his 30's invited me in his booth to suck his FAT sausage. It was one of those cocks so fat that it stretched my mouth to the limit to fit it all the way in. I blew him for about 10 minutes when he decided he wanted me to suck his balls while he beat off. I did at least get my mouth around the head of his dick in time to drink his load down when he started to shoot. It was pretty dead after that so I left for a bit and came back later.

When I returned I walked around... blew another guy but I don't really remember all the details. I was walking around the corner when this totally hillbilly guy came in. Just everything about him -- haircut, dress, speech said "hillbilly". I rounded the corner and put a dollar into a booth. Within a minute, hillbilly was standing outside my booth, lewdly grabbing  his basket through his dirty jeans asking in his accent "Do you want some dick?". Well, I did, so I invited him in my booth. Once the door was closed he pushed me down to the cum splattered floor, unzipped and told me to suck his cock. I complied and before long he was fully hard -- about 7 inches -- and he put a hand on the back of my head as he sawed his dick in and out of my mouth. I was eventually able to get my shirt off, just in case his cum went flying when he blew.

I was back on my knees, his lazily face fucking me when he pulled his dick out and said "You want this up yer ass?" Of course I did, so he asked if I had lube but did not ask if I had a rubber. He told me to get the lube and get my ass ready, so I did. He wasted no time lining up his bare shaft with my waiting hole. This guy threw a fuck just as I expected. He put his hands on my hips and fucked just the way he wanted, and how he wanted. Sometimes he would push my ass down or yank my hips up to get the angle he wanted to pleasure his dick. After about 10 minutes of him using my hole, he went balls deep, let out a little grunt and proceeded to dump a pint of hillbilly sperm into my ass. He roughly pulled out and said "I just dumped 2 weeks worth of juice in you, boy." I asked him if he was local, and he said he was a trucker. I should have known.

After that the bookstore just had the usual crowd of people that hang around but nobody in there is "good enough" for them, so I left. The trucker was not far behind me, walking over to his rig and driving off. I hope I run into him again.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quick Load

I was at the bookstore, and there was not much going on. In fact, there was nothing else going on. I was standing in a booth, and this middle aged guy I didn't get a very good look at was walking through the halls. I tried to get him in my booth, but he just kept walking.

"Whatever", I thought and stood there rubbing my dick while watching some crappy porn.  I pulled my pants down and stood there in the booth. In a moment, I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around enough to see it was the guy that had been wandering around. He was feeling up my ass, and before long he was rubbing his hard cock against it. I squirted some lube on my hole and he shoved his bare cock inside.

He fucked me pretty hard from the start, he was another one just out to pop a nut. That was fine with me. After about 6 or 7 minutes, he was grunting and I could feel his cock expanding as he pumped a load into my guts. He pulled out, zipped up and left.