Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trucker Delivers His Load

So I am on vacation and horny, of course. I had an ad on CL and got a replay from a guy that sounded promising. "Im so horny want sum tight ass". After a few Email exchanges I found that he was a trucker at a nearby truck stop and he wanted me to come so he could fuck me in his truck. OK!

I was at the truck stop in about 15 minutes and he met me outside the gas station. He was a slim, muscular black guy with a short beard, not bad looking and very masculine. We were supposed to go back to his truck, but some other truckers had woken up and he didn't want them knowing what was going on. That's a common thing with truckers -- they don't want the other guys knowing they're fucking ass, so I offered to bring him back to my room. Normally I will walk if a guy wants me to be a taxi service, but this was different, and well, after seeing him I wanted him to fuck me!

He went back to get something from his truck, and I went to get gas. As we were leaving, he asked if I had condoms or should he get some. I told him I had some. I obviously prefer to get fucked raw, but I leave the matter of condoms up to the top and have some with me if he chooses to bag it.

Once we got to the room, he showered and I undressed. He emerged from the bathroom, towel around his muscular waist. I was getting more turned on than ever, and he was already sporting a steel-hard 8 inches. We were on the bed and making out rather quickly... which led to him getting on top of me and dry humping me. "Are you ready for this dick inside you?" Of course I had been ready since our first Email... so he got up and oddly enough picked up the  lube but NOT the rubber. He smeared lube on his cock, then put some on my hole. He scooted up and his unprotected cock was at my hole. He pushed in, and God that shaft felt so fucking good stretching my hole open. As he was halfway in, he asked "You're clean, right?". that was a hell of a time to ask such a thing, as your bare dick is already inside me. And yes, I am. I do get checked, and while I know a lot of guys will lie about things just to get some dick or some ass I won't. I like repeat customers, LOL.

Anyhow, with that out of the way he proceeded to shove his trucker dick all the way inside. Over and over he slid his shaft in my hole, saying how good it felt. I was experiencing a blissful feeling myself, when, after 10 minutes I felt his dick throbbing. I was sure he was shooting a load in me, and as if he read my mind he said, in his Southern drawl, "Oh, I won't cum in you." and he resumed fucking. I could feel more wetness in my ass, so I was pretty sure he had just came inside me despite what he said. He was still hard, and as you might guess I didn't care if he came in me or not so we fucked... and fucked... he fucked me for at least a half hour, on my back, on my side, doggy, on my back again until finally he said he was cumming. He buried his cock balls deep and collapsed on top of me and blew his load deep in my ass. So much for not cumming in me.

After he finished, we laid on the bed and talked a bit. I saw he was still hard, so I started jacking his cock. He said he loved fucking my ass, so I said "You're still hard, why not fuck it some more." He slid inside me, my ass now VERY wet with sperm, and proceeded to fuck me for another half hour. I think he dumped 4 loads in me before I took him back to his truck.