Wednesday, May 23, 2012


While on vacation I hit up a bookstore in town. First fuck was kind of a let down because while the guy had a huge cock, he only fucked bare for a short while before going to get a condom. Ugh. I debated leaving, but since there was nobody else there that interested me I hung around. After he finished he tossed the very full rubber on the ground so I took it back to the hotel and used it as lube to jack off with.

A return to that jack shack was more fruitful. I found a hot businessman there, late 30's early 40's with a nice bulge wandering around. I entered a booth and left the door open. He stood outside massaging himself through his pants, so I motioned him in. He unzipped and I started sucking on his 7 inch, veiny cock. I blew him for a few minutes, with him ooohing and aaahing telling me how good it felt, then the money ran out in the booth. I did my trick of bending over to get a dollar out of my pants, of course exposing my bare ass to him. He started to feel my cheeks, squeezing and rubbing them all over. I fed the booth and let him slide his cock in my crack a little bit, telling him how nice that felt. Taking that as a yes, he lined his bare cock up with my hole and tried to slide in. It only went in maybe half an inch, so I backed off and spat a big wad of spit on his tool. It slid in immediately and he started to give me a nice fuck. It only lasted a few minutes when he said "Damn, your hole's got me close." I just moaned and he said "I want to cum in you so bad." "Do it." was my reply. He picked up the pace, intent on planting his swimmers inside me. Ahhhhhhh! He said as I felt his head swell up as he dumped his wad in me. He stayed in for a moment, then pulled and tucked his deflated tool back in his pants. He checked himself over, saying "I hope I didn't get anything on my new suit." "No, I think you're OK." "Yeah, it all went somewhere else!" He apologized for fucking and running but I had no problem with it. He exited, and there was nobody else around so I went back to the room and put a toy up my cummy hole and jerked myself off, shooting a huge load all over the table.

After the vacation, the number of loads up my hole so far this year is 66.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dorm Room Fuck

Just got back from being power fucked by a 22 year old student at a nearby college. We'd hooked up before, then he disappeared, and suddenly had been hitting me up on A4A from like 3 different profiles. The first time, I was set to go and got no response so I moved on. The last time, before he did the vanishing act he did the same flake act so I had rather expected that. Tonight, he was all about fucking, responded with an address, phone number so I took a chance and headed out there after work.

He was there, I don't think he recognized me from when he bred me a year ago but I didn't let that get to me as I was walking through the lobby of his dorm on his way back to his room. We got there and he told me to get undressed. I did, and he put me up on the stained mattress and positioned my ass how he wanted it. The first time we fucked, a year ago, he put a rubber on. Halfway through the fuck, as he had me on my back with my arms pinned at my side, his 8" slab ramming my hole he said "I really wanna take this condom off." "Uh huh" I moaned. He pulled out, threw the rubber on the ground and started to raw fuck me. When he was close he just continued to hold me down and announced he was cumming inside me, not that I could really stop him as his muscular arms were keeping mine at my side, and he had all his weight on top of me...

This time there was no pretext of condoms, just lube and a bare cock at my pucker. He started to shove it in and I backed off a bit -- damn that fucking thing was FAT. I relaxed and he shoved it in and started fucking. He is a really great fucker -- he worked my hole like few other people have done, slow fuck, fast fuck, pulling all the way out and slamming it back in until he started to jackhammer fuck my hole, saying "You want my load don't you?" "Yes!" I said back to him as she shoved it in, balls deep. "Feel that?" he said as the head of his cock throbbed, expelling the 2 week load he had built up into my gut. He just stayed like that, lazily sawing his tool in my hole and said "Keep going?" "Hell yes!". He fucked me again for another 15 minutes, making sure to cram that cum wad deep inside me before adding a second load to the mix. We kissed and he walked me to the door, my ass is still throbbing from the fuck an hour later. He'll be back in August, he said, hopefully he'll want to make hamburger out of my hole again.

And that brought the total of loads shot up my hole to 58 so far this year. Of all the guys that have used my hole, only 3 have asked for a rubber.