Monday, November 24, 2008

Truck Stop

I finally worked tyhings out to meet up with the trucker I wrote about a while ago -- the silver tongued devil whose first contact with me was an email saying "Iam (edit) I Need 2 Feed U My Cock And Massive Load Call Only 4 Info Its 1207 Now (number edited) Call Me".

He was parked for the night at a truck stop near here, he had called me and was horny. It had been forever since we had last hooked up, so I got in the car and was headed down to the turnpike.

I found his truck, a differnet one than last time, and got in. He closed the curtain tot he back and already had a boner. I pulled his pants down and started sucking on it. He told me how good it felt and how many times he had jacked off thinking about cumming in my mouth and how good it felt to feed me his load and things like that. I was getting pretty hard, but I was there to get him off so I kept my mind on the task at hand. I blew him for about 10 minutes when he said he was getting close.

I stopped sucking him and asked if he wanted to try something. He was agreeable, so I turned around and sat on his dick. He just said "oh fuck" and I started a series of up and down strokes on his rod. He was already close, so within a few minutes he started moaning and asked if he could cum in me. I just sat down all the way on his dick while he said "Fuck Fuck Fuck" and blasted off deep in my hole. We talked for a few minutes afterward, but I had to go and he had to be in Pennsylvania at 10 in the morning so we said our goodbyes. He was happy and I was happy, his load dripping out my ass.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Life has kept me pretty busy... I've had some fun but not a lot of time to sit and write about it.

I did meet up with a doctor at a local hospital, we met online and he wanted to meet. I met him in the parking lot at the hospital and ended up sucking him off in his car. He indicated an interest in going into a bathroom and fucking me next time we meet. He also indicated he "wanted to fill my ass with his hot cum", so I'm hoping that means what I think it does!