Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation Fucking

So I did get out of town after all... and of course I put up ads in the usual places offering my services. One of the first replies I got was this:

"Wats gud. 21 blk hiv- n ddfree " and attached was a picture of his dick.

That was the longest message of our 5-Email exchange. I replied with a pic of my ass, he asked where I was, I gave him the hotel and room number and that was that. Within 10 minutes, a studhunk was there in my room, boner already tenting his gym shorts.

I'd like to give you a detailed description of him, but in all honesty I really didn't get that good a look at his face. He looked like a younger version of Det. Green from Law & Order from what I recall. Anyway, he wasted no time in stripping his shorts off and hopping on the bed and telling me to "Suck my dick, bitch." I did, right away and if I wasn't doing what he wanted he would grab my head and jam his cock down my throat. "That's it, choke on that shit, you slut." He facefucked me for about 10 minutes, before pushing me down the bed. "Get your ass over that bed." And with that, he shoved his whole cock in my ass with no lube. I'd been fucked earier that night (Lame fuck, not worth writing about) but the combination of his size, force and the unexpectedness caused me to jump up a bit. "FUCKIN WHORE DON'T PULL AWAY FROM ME! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED! as he grabbed my ass and shoved it in to the balls once again. I was relaxed this time, and was leaking a ton of precum from his forceful nature. He pounded me like that, pulling all the way out and ramming back in for a good while before ordering me on my knees to suck him some more. After a few minutes he threw me to the floor and rammed it in again, grabbing my ass hard and calling me all sorts of names. He put me back up on the bed to finish off -- balls deep he went and said "I'M FUCKING CUMMING IN THIS ASS!!! TAKE IT, YOU SLUT!" And cum he did. I swear it must've been 5 days worth of jizz on there. He ripped his dick out of my ass and went into the bathroom to wipe off.

I thought he'd be leaving when he returned and hopped back up on the bed. "Suck me." So I did, and he was hard again in no time. He resumed the hatefucking of my throat, before telling me "I want more of that ass." I bent back over the bed, and he shoved it back in, the entry was much easier with the pint of cum he shot in there acting as lube. "Fuckin' whore!" he said as he pulled out and jacked another wad of cum all over my ass. "I'm done. Go clean up." I obeyed and went in the bathroom and wiped the cum off my ass, leaving all his seed IN my hole. I came out and found him half-dressed fiddling with his phone. "Thanks." I said "Mmmm hmm." was his distracted reply. He'd gotten off and hed no further use for me... which was perfectly fine. He put his shirt on and left, and I got dressed. As I went in the bathroom to brush up for bed I saw the cumstains on my shirt. Bastard had used my shirt to wipe his dick off! I still haven't washed it.