Thursday, May 29, 2008


I was online tonight looking for someone to suck off real quick before I hit the sack, and this "out of towner" hits me up. We talk for a bit, I want to suck, he wants to get sucked -- everything is fine. I started getting an uneasy feeling when he started being vague. It took some doing to get the name of the hotel out of him, then when I asked the room number I get a "I'll meet you outside..." OK, I'm not liking that too much, but whatever. Then, after I ask him how I will recognize him, no reply. I ask "Are you still here?" to which I get "This user is offline". Now, he could've gone outside (Unlikely, since I told him it would take me at least 20 minutes to get there) or he was just screwing with me. Anyhow, I wasn't about to drive across town for someone who may or may not be there. And wandering around a hotel asking people if they're the guy whose dick I was supposed to suck would probably get me in trouble.

Earlier I had been talking with a fuck buddy from the town I used to live in, who finally told me he's a cop. NOW he tells me! So I guess I have fulfilled a fantasy, I guess I have licked a cop's boots while he was wearing them. (Details of that can be told later...)

On the bright side, my apartment building has had off duty cops in the lobby because of a problem at one of their other properties so the past few nights I've had the chance to chat with several of them. I averaged a half hour with each of them, but, my efforts did not end up with any of their juices being deposited in any of my holes. I told my BF about it and he said "Well, at least they talked to you and didn't think you were some big fag..." True. You can't win 'em all, I suppose... (And I did have some material to jerk off to for a couple evenings..)

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Tow Truck Driver

Since there hasn't been much of note to write about lately, I'm going into the past. I met this guy, I'll call him "Brian" about 5 years ago, actually through a former friend. Brian had hit my friend up on IM, but my friend wasn't interested. I was, so I made note of the screen name and messaged him the next day. We talked a bit and I agreed to meet him at his apartment. He was about 2 years younger than me, but not bad looking at all. We met in the courtyard of his apartment building, and that's when he told me his girlfriend was home and he hoped I'd blow him in his car.

I was fine with that, so we climbed in the back seat and he whipped out his boner. It was the biggest dick I had seen at that point in my life, 7-8 inches. I sucked it as best I could, I think I had blown maybe 3 guys at that point in my life (I've made up for lost time ever since!!) but I wasn't doing too badly for him. I remember at the time one of his balls was caught in the leg of his boxers so I thought he only had one nut. I licked at it while jacking his dick, and I honestly can't remember if I drank his load then or not.

We met several more times after that, I'd come over at night when his girlfriend was gone, suck his dick and he tried to fuck me once but he was just too big. (Things have changed since then!) I didn't hear from him for a while until one night my phone rang. It was him, we chatted a bit and then he said I should come out and see him. He was working at a pizza place and it was closed, so there wouldn't be anybody there. I drove over there, and we went into the a back room just off the kitchen area. He was hard already, so I got down and started sucking him. I blew him for a while and he turned around and said he wanted to get fucked. I totally did not see that coming, but my dick was more than game for it. I had some lube with me since *I* was planning to get fucked, so I greased my pole up and slid it in. It felt fucking amazing. I could tell he'd gotten fucked before, but not recently. I fucked him for probably 10 minutes and I just couldn't help blowing my wad deep in his hole. It was intense! After I came down from my high I rinsed my dick off in the sink and saw he still had a tentpole sticking out. I finished sucking him and I remember I drank his load, that time.

We met up sporadically over the next few months until again, another call out of the blue as I was getting ready to leave work. We talked, and he said he wasn't far from where I was so I went over, confused to say the least. When I got there I found him, unloading a car from his flatbed tow truck. He'd obviously moved on from the pizza shop, and he looked incredibly sexy in his grease stained blue work pants and cheesy reflective jacket with the tow truck company patch on it.

We drove around for a while, me following behind him in my car while we looked for a quiet spot. He stopped near a park and I got out and went over to his truck. He opened the door and stood there, saying his wife called wondering where he was. I could see his dick tenting his pants, so I just unzipped them and fished his dick out, while he just stood there on the top step of the tow truck. It was an ideal height, actually, because I could stand up and his dick was right at my mouth. I was incredibly turned on, sucking him with just the door of the truck blocking us from view. He shot his first stream while I was sucking on his nuts, so the first stream went across my face. I quickly got his dick in my mouth and drank down the rest of his load. He apologized for getting cum on my face, and I said dont worry about it as I scooped the rest of it off my face with his dick. I went home and jacked a huge load all over the place. That was one of the hottest things I'd done.

There's further adventures with Brian if anyone wants me to share them later...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Biggest One Ever

Last night I was pretty horned up after coming home so I put another ad out there. The first response I got was not appealing in the least. The second reply was much more fruitful.

Usually I don't reply to one-line responses, but I had a feeling about this one. I did my usual googling of the email address, and one of the results was the guy's myspace page. Looking at his pics, I saw he was a rather tall black guy, and very attractive. I got the camera out and took a quick picture of myself because all the ones I had already were crap. About 5 minutes from the initial contact I had sent him my pic and he replied with a face pic, one of the ones I had seen at his Myspace page. Sweet. We emailed a bit then he gave me his phone number. I ended up driving across town to the edge of the 'hood to pick him up at his girlfriend's house. It was pretty dark, but he got in and we talked on the way back to my place. He was actually a very cool guy, and knew people who lived in the town I recently moved from. One of his friends was a basketball player for the college there, and was a name I had actually heard of.

About 30 minutes later we arrived at my place, and I finally got a good look at how fuckin tall this guy was. He had maybe 2 inches to spare from hitting his head on the top of the doorframe. Damn! He took his shoes off at the door, again they were huge, probably size 13 or 14. We made it down the hall to the bedroom and he got his pants off. No underwear, just a FAT 8 inch dick popping up, already hard. I knelt down to suck it, but it was over my head in that position. We laughed and I sat on the edge of the bed and got busy. I tried to take him all the way as best I could, but I hadnt had a dick that big in at least a month so I gagged and choked a bit until I got used to it. He laid down on the bed, and I crawled between his legs and started sucking on his low hanging balls, and his phone rang. He answered it and his side of the conversation went something like "I'm getting my dick sucked." "No, you don't know him..." then he had me say hi to whoever it was, then he told them he'd call them back. I sucked him for a while more then he asked me if I wanted to get fucked. I sure as hell did, so I handed him the lube and he greased up his pole. Fuck that thing hurt at first, but I got used to his meat in a minute or so. We started out with me on my back, resting my feet on his shoulders. I hadn't gotten around to taking my shoes off, so they stayed on the whole time he rammed me. He wanted me to flip over and do me doggy, at which point I asked him if he minded taking a picture of his dick in my ass. He didn't mind, so I got the camera off the shelf and he slid that pole back in me. I heard him trying to work the camera, and he took a few shots and went back to really ramming my ass with that fat cock of his.

We fucked for at least a half an hour, in all sorts of positions. I was lying next to him on the bed, with him fucking me from the side when he asked if he could cum in me. I told him he could cum where ever he wanted, so after another 2 or 3 minutes he shoved his dick ALL the way inside me and started to fill me up with his baby batter. I almost came without touching myself. We laid down for a few minutes and caught our breath, and he went in the bathroom to wash off the lube and cum from his dick. I sat up, he mustve shot his seed deep in me because nothing was leaking out yet.

I drove him to another house than the one I picked him up at (Maybe the friend that called him?) and we made plans to meet up next week. I can't wait. (My hole still has that well-fucked feeling at the moment...) Maybe his friend will want to watch him unload in my hole... who knows?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keep On Truckin'

Shortly after I moved here, I had an ad out and one of the responses said simply "Iam (edit) I Need 2 Feed U My Cock And Massive Load Call Only 4 Info Its 1207 Now (number edited) Call Me"

What the hell... I called and he answered. He was a 30 year old straight trucker parked behind some factory about 30 minutes South of here just looking to get off. He sounded hot, but a voice isn't really a good indicator of anything. I talked with him on the phone as I rode down there, and eventually reached the factory he was at. I parked my car and walked over to the row of big rigs and found his. He was as cute as he sounded, thankfully!

I climbed in, and sat in the passenger seat as we chatted a bit. Finally we moved into the sleeper compartment, which was very clean, and he pulled his shorts down. He had a very nice dick, probably about 7 inches, which I started licking and sucking all over. He didn't last long, maybe 10 minutes tops, before he announced he was going to feed me some cum. I just held his dick in my mouth and let the spurts of jizz coat my tongue. He tasted pretty good, and when he was done I swallowed it and licked the last drop out of his slit. We talked a bit more then I headed back home.

About 2 months later, we met again, this time at a rest stop along the highway. That visit was much like our first, him just laying back and enjoying me servicing his tool. I was immensely turned on, sucking off a hot trucker in his sleeper cab. It wasn't about me, though, so I just focused on getting him off. Again, I got a load of tasty jizz.

I havent seen him since then, but periodically I would get text messages saying things "Hi I am jerking off thinking of you", and other romantic things. Last Friday the phone rang, I was asleep but answered it anyhow. It was him, saying he might be in town soon. I told him to definately call me, hopefully I can get him to fuck me this time. That would be wicked hot, getting this "straight" stud to ram me is his truck...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Second Time... Much Better

After work today I decided to head South again to catch a ballgame. Since I arrived in town about 2 hours before gametime I dropped in to the bookstore to see what was going on.

On my way in I passed a cuuuuute guy, short kinda shaggy reddish hair, crystal blue eyes, and a nice smile. We said hi and he went back toward the store area. Damn. I checked out the booths to see what was going on. There were the usual trolls, and there was a cute kinda chubby guy in one fo the last stalls. I'm a sucker for a guy with a cute face. Dick size doesn't matter as much to me as a cute face does. Anyhow, he was stroking a FAT piece of meat. It was probably about 6 inches long, but it was very, very thick. I stood in the doorway and watched him for about a minute then got down on my knees and started to blow him. I blew him for maybe 5 minutes, then he wanted me to fuck him. I was game for it, but while I was getting myself hard he got too excited watching me stroke that he blew a massive load all over the floor. That was fun, though, so I headed back down the hall to see what else was going on.

I ran into the cute guy again, he headed into a booth opposite one where some guy was blowing a trucker looking guy. He stood there looking at the movie, but made no attempt to shoo me away. Encouraged, I blocked the doorway from the crowd that was gathering to watch the action in the opposite booth. We kind of stood there for a few minutes and I noticed the bulge growing in his pants. I decided to take the first move and started rubbing his basket a bit. I thought he was going to cum right there. I started to find his zipper, but he said "In a minute" and started out the door.

I followed hin to the entrance, where there was a set of broken booths nobody ever went into. Before I could even get in the door, he had his fly open and his boner freed. I wasted no time taking that thing into my mouth, and again, I thought he was going to cum right there. I started feeling him as I sucked his dick, feeling his big beefy paws, and then I felt his wedding ring. Sweet. He had the nicest hands, with big thick fingers and chubby palms. I was getting way turned on by him as I continued feeling him up, all over his legs, his nips, his feet, everywhere I could reach with his dick still in my mouth. He asked if I minded if he just sat back and enjoyed it, to which I replied not at all, you can do anything you want. I must've blown him for 20-30 minutes, but I'm not really sure. We were both way into each other, in a sort of connection that's rare in that sort of venue. Finally, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and started jacking it. I asked if he was close, and he just nodded. I told him I wanted it and put my mouth back down to his dickhead. After about 30 seconds he said "Here it is" and I put my mouth back on his shaft just in time to catch a pretty good sized load. It had a very pleasant taste, and I held it in my mouth for a bit, savoring it before gulping it down. We chatted for a bit, and he really wanted to get together again. I'm definately game for that, he said he gets up here for work now and then so I gave him my phone number... We'll see if anything else happens.

After that I needed to get off so I went back down to the booth where I blew the chubby guy and started to jack it. Some guy came in and wanted to suck me, and I just needed to get off so I let him have at it. As he was kneeling on the floor I remembered the chubby guy had blasted a fairly good sized load all over the floor. Sure enough, after I'd fed the guy my load I saw his knees and pantlegs were crusty with the chubby guy's load. I hope he didn't have to explain that to someone at home...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bookstore Bust

Yesterday I made the drive town to a bookstore I'd heard about about an hour South of here. The trip didn't start out too well, there was a pile-up on the freeway that delayed me at least a half hour. Then when I made my way to the offramp to get back on the freeway, the car in the lane next to me proceeded to catch on fire.

I arrived at my destination about 8:00, and the only guy in there was a 50's banker looking dude in a dress shirt and slacks. I waited a couple minutes and went to the booth opposite his. He was stroking a nice piece of meat, so I came to the doorway of his booth. I stroked him for a bit when a nice looking guy came in, he had a bit of a beer belly but he was actually pretty cute. He peeked in, and went off to check out the other booths. At this point, I was wanting to get the banker guy off because I really wanted to play with the chubby guy. I went down on the banker guy, which he really liked. The other guy came back as soon as I got the banker dude's dick in my mouth, after finding the other booths deserted. When he saw that we both didn't care if he watched, he came to the doorway and pulled out a fat uncut slab of meat. It was at this point I saw his wedding ring. That's a big turn on for me, mostly because the first guy to fuck me raw was a married fireman I know. (He shot nice thick loads, too, the kind I could feel in my gut for hours after we'd fucked...) Anyhow... back to the present. I reached up and started jacking him while I sucked the other guy. Banker guy came in my mouth, I held it there and went down on the married guy, sliding his dick around in the other guy's load.

Banker guy left, so it was just me and married guy. I sucked him while he looked for a good movie on one of the video channels, and I pulled my pants down, hoping he might want to fuck me. He was a blowjob only guy, though, and he was really enjoying the head he was getting. unfortunately for me, though, he shot after about 5 minutes. He had some delicious jizz, though, and I made sure to get every drop. We said our goodbyes and I was alone for the next hour and a half. I call it a bust because while I did get some hot action, it all happened in the first 20 minutes I was there and not a single soul came in the rest of the night. It wouldn't have been such a bummer if I hadn't been an hour and a half getting there.