Thursday, May 29, 2008


I was online tonight looking for someone to suck off real quick before I hit the sack, and this "out of towner" hits me up. We talk for a bit, I want to suck, he wants to get sucked -- everything is fine. I started getting an uneasy feeling when he started being vague. It took some doing to get the name of the hotel out of him, then when I asked the room number I get a "I'll meet you outside..." OK, I'm not liking that too much, but whatever. Then, after I ask him how I will recognize him, no reply. I ask "Are you still here?" to which I get "This user is offline". Now, he could've gone outside (Unlikely, since I told him it would take me at least 20 minutes to get there) or he was just screwing with me. Anyhow, I wasn't about to drive across town for someone who may or may not be there. And wandering around a hotel asking people if they're the guy whose dick I was supposed to suck would probably get me in trouble.

Earlier I had been talking with a fuck buddy from the town I used to live in, who finally told me he's a cop. NOW he tells me! So I guess I have fulfilled a fantasy, I guess I have licked a cop's boots while he was wearing them. (Details of that can be told later...)

On the bright side, my apartment building has had off duty cops in the lobby because of a problem at one of their other properties so the past few nights I've had the chance to chat with several of them. I averaged a half hour with each of them, but, my efforts did not end up with any of their juices being deposited in any of my holes. I told my BF about it and he said "Well, at least they talked to you and didn't think you were some big fag..." True. You can't win 'em all, I suppose... (And I did have some material to jerk off to for a couple evenings..)

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damien whitfield said...

definitely want to hear more details of u and the cop.