Monday, May 26, 2008

The Tow Truck Driver

Since there hasn't been much of note to write about lately, I'm going into the past. I met this guy, I'll call him "Brian" about 5 years ago, actually through a former friend. Brian had hit my friend up on IM, but my friend wasn't interested. I was, so I made note of the screen name and messaged him the next day. We talked a bit and I agreed to meet him at his apartment. He was about 2 years younger than me, but not bad looking at all. We met in the courtyard of his apartment building, and that's when he told me his girlfriend was home and he hoped I'd blow him in his car.

I was fine with that, so we climbed in the back seat and he whipped out his boner. It was the biggest dick I had seen at that point in my life, 7-8 inches. I sucked it as best I could, I think I had blown maybe 3 guys at that point in my life (I've made up for lost time ever since!!) but I wasn't doing too badly for him. I remember at the time one of his balls was caught in the leg of his boxers so I thought he only had one nut. I licked at it while jacking his dick, and I honestly can't remember if I drank his load then or not.

We met several more times after that, I'd come over at night when his girlfriend was gone, suck his dick and he tried to fuck me once but he was just too big. (Things have changed since then!) I didn't hear from him for a while until one night my phone rang. It was him, we chatted a bit and then he said I should come out and see him. He was working at a pizza place and it was closed, so there wouldn't be anybody there. I drove over there, and we went into the a back room just off the kitchen area. He was hard already, so I got down and started sucking him. I blew him for a while and he turned around and said he wanted to get fucked. I totally did not see that coming, but my dick was more than game for it. I had some lube with me since *I* was planning to get fucked, so I greased my pole up and slid it in. It felt fucking amazing. I could tell he'd gotten fucked before, but not recently. I fucked him for probably 10 minutes and I just couldn't help blowing my wad deep in his hole. It was intense! After I came down from my high I rinsed my dick off in the sink and saw he still had a tentpole sticking out. I finished sucking him and I remember I drank his load, that time.

We met up sporadically over the next few months until again, another call out of the blue as I was getting ready to leave work. We talked, and he said he wasn't far from where I was so I went over, confused to say the least. When I got there I found him, unloading a car from his flatbed tow truck. He'd obviously moved on from the pizza shop, and he looked incredibly sexy in his grease stained blue work pants and cheesy reflective jacket with the tow truck company patch on it.

We drove around for a while, me following behind him in my car while we looked for a quiet spot. He stopped near a park and I got out and went over to his truck. He opened the door and stood there, saying his wife called wondering where he was. I could see his dick tenting his pants, so I just unzipped them and fished his dick out, while he just stood there on the top step of the tow truck. It was an ideal height, actually, because I could stand up and his dick was right at my mouth. I was incredibly turned on, sucking him with just the door of the truck blocking us from view. He shot his first stream while I was sucking on his nuts, so the first stream went across my face. I quickly got his dick in my mouth and drank down the rest of his load. He apologized for getting cum on my face, and I said dont worry about it as I scooped the rest of it off my face with his dick. I went home and jacked a huge load all over the place. That was one of the hottest things I'd done.

There's further adventures with Brian if anyone wants me to share them later...

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damien whitfield said...

of course we want to hear more stories of u and brian, don't keep us waiting too long.