Friday, March 22, 2013

Bareback Fucked By A Stranger In A Public Bathroom

Today was a normal day of running errands and crap before work, nothing too exciting. I stopped in to a burger place for lunch and got majorly horned up as I eyed this gorgeous young Marine in line in front of me. Nothing happened with that, so I ate my lunch and went on about my business.

After I had been to a few stores on my list, the Coke I'd drank with lunch was catching up with me so I ducked into the shopping center's bathroom strictly for the purpose of urination. Now, the thought of fucking around in a bathroom does excite me, but I had never actually acted on anything before mainly out of fear of getting caught in some sort of police sting or getting my ass kicked by some guy because I imagined he was interested in something. Nobody was in there, anyway, so I did my business and proceeded to the exit.

As I was leaving, this cute, cute guy in his mid 20's entered. I almost bumped into him so I said "Excuse me" and exited. I turned around for another look at this jock type boy, and saw he had also turned around for a look at me. I stood outside the bathroom for a second wondering if I had seen what I thought I had seen and if it meant what I thought it meant. I said to myself "Fuck it" and went back into the bathroom and pretended to fix my hair. Jock boy was standing at the urinal, but no urination was taking place. I looked over and he was waving a 7" hard slab around at the urinal. I walked over there and unzipped. He kept waving that cock around, so after a few seconds with my heart in my throat debating on weather or not this was some kind of police trap I reached over and started stroking his cock. He responded by moving his hand away and granting me full access at his tool. I stroked it, wondering how far he wanted this to go. I couldn't suck him right here like this -- you couldn't hear the door open and we would get caught for sure if I was bent over sucking this kid's dick. He silently answered my question of his intent by starting to rub my ass through my jeans.

I looked around, and nobody had joined us so I walked into a stall, motioning him to follow. He did, and once the door was locked I started to suck his cock again, while reaching down to unbuckle my belt. I remained knelt over like that and he kept reaching around to play with my ass. I hadn't really prepared for such a thing -- I had no lube or anything but he didn't care. I felt him spit on my hole then the pressure of his 7 inches sliding up my ass. "You're clean, right, no diseases?" he asked as he had half his bare rod shoved up my ass. "Yeah, are you?" I replied. "Yeah" as he rammed it home. I grabbed onto the handrail in the toilet stall as Jock boy rammed me hard. I'd like to say this lasted all day, but he was just after a quick nut given our surroundings, so after about 5 minutes he went balls deep and held it there for a few seconds before pulling out. There was a glop of cum on the end of his dick, and to my horror there was a bit of, er, you know there as well. I apologized profusely, telling the truth that I didn't expect anything like that to happen so I wasn't exactly ready. "It's no big thing" he said as I wiped his dick off. I went and got him some wet towels and handed them to him so he could get all nice and clean. I waited around outside for a moment, then went on about my day with Jock boy's load in my guts.