Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I topped...

So last week I was at that bookstore for lack of anything better to do... It's like the lottery -- most of the time I lose, but I win often enough that I keep going back. After winding my way through the trolls and queens I find a decent enough looking guy, probably early 50's sitting in a booth jerking off. I stand in the booth opposide his and watch for a minute, then I move over to the doorway of where he was. Getting no negative sign, I step into his booth and in a moment or two I was sucking his dick. He lasted maybe 5 minutes then he was flooding my mouth with a nice load. I got up and left, as did he. It was pretty hot eating a guy's load without having spoken a word to him.

I wandered around for 10-15 minutes more when a tall black guy came in... I watched him for a bit to see what he was doing and after 5-10 minutes I was in his booth. It was weird, we made out and stuff but he never took his dick out. I lead him around, until I was naked in front of him and he was playing with my ass. All the while his clothing got looser and looser but never came off. Usually I'd consider such a guy a waste of time, but for some reason I found it pretty hot. After about a half hour of this, he was finally ready to cum and I got to see his dick. I grabbed onto it and jacked him off, and after about a minute his load was all over my hand. He left, and I stood there jacking my dick with his cum as lube.

About 2 minutes later, a cute mid 40's married guy came in and started to jerk it with me. I wanted another load so I started sucking him, then he wanted me to play with his ass. I did, while I sucked on his dick. He was getting into me playing with his ass and wanted me to fuck him. I don't usually, but I was ready to shoot a wad and get out of there so I put my dick, still coated in the black guy's cum, up his hole. He never said anything about a condom, so I wasn't going to bring it up. I have a hard time keeping it hard with them, so I try not to use them on the rare occasions I get to fuck someone. I fucked him for a few minutes, then pulled out to spit on my dick as the cum was drying out by now. I lasted maybe another 5 minutes before I said I was getting close. He didn't say anything, so I took that as an OK to blow my wad in his hole. After I came down from the excitement of blowing in his ass I pulled out and we went on our way. As you all know, I top very rarely but I sure enjoyed that!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, the past few weeks I've tried to get up to some mischef but had mixed results.

First I went to a park that is known for action... I sat in my car and watched a older troll type guy chat with a mid 30's guy, more curious as to why this guy would give an old troll the time of day. They apparently saw something in each other, because they both moved over to parking spaces near the back of the lot. I watched in the rear view mirror as the mid 30's guy stood between their cars looking into troll's car, when suddenly troll sped away, almost running into a car pulling into the lot. As I was trying to figure that one out, the car he almost ran into pulled in next to me and we both watched as troll guy got busted by the park rangers. Well, that answered the question of what the cute mid 30's guy saw in the park ranger.

That killed the mood for me and the cute married guy that pulled in next to me, so we took our blue balls and went our seperate ways...

Friday, May 1, 2009

I wonder...

I happened across a profile of the guy that's fucking me in the photo posted below. On it he says "Safe sex" all over the place, yet when we met he just bent me over and slid his raw dick in me, never a mention or discussion of condoms on any of the times we met. Funny, I bet he's like most guys and when a hole is there they just shove it in!