Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long Time No See

I was out killing an afternoon when I got a text from that truck driver I sucked off a while ago saying "I'm at that rest stop you sucked me off at. Im so horny Im going to jack off". I was free, so I replied "I'm not far from there. How about I suck you off?" After a few texts we agreed to meet halfway.

He said he was parked behind a hotel, I was about 3 minutes from there so I drove over and was surprised to find him not in a semi this time but in his car. It had been so long since I had seen him I had forgotten how damn good looking he was. (He's about 30, 6 foot, 140 lbs, shaved head Irish guy.) When I got in his car he was in a shirt and tie, slacks and dress shoes. He looked smokin' hot. "I've been wanting to give you my cum for a long time." he said.

He unzipped his slacks and fished out his half hard meat which I wasted no time in taking in my mouth. "Oh, yeah, that's soooo good." he said as I sucked him hard. I only sucked him for about 5 minutes, until he started to jack his meat. I encouraged him, telling him how bad I wanted his cum, and how I had been waiting for him to give me his load again. "Open up, here it cums!" and I clamped my mouth down on his meat in time to catch the first spirts of his salty load. He shot 6 or 7 squirts into my mouth, which I held there until he stopped shooting. I pulled off and opened my mouth so he could see his load on my tongue. "Swallow it, baby" he ordered, which I gladly did. I licked the reamining drop of cum from his dick and he got a napkin from the back floor and wiped off. Bad idea, since bits of napkin got stuck to his dick. "No biggie, I have to shower after my game anyway." I didn't ask what he was playing, but he would do so with lighter balls, that's for sure.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twilight Zone

Tonight while I was at work I was pretty horned up so I sent a text message to the horse hung thug guy from a few posts down. I got a message back saying "Who this". I replied and asked if he wanted some head. I got a reply back, from another number saying cool, we can do it after work, etc. Long story short, work ends and I tell thug guy I'm on my way over. He asks if I know where he is, and I ask "Still off 117th?" and he says "I think u got me confused". Oooooook.... I get directions to a street in the ghettoiest ghetto and I'm thinking WTF? Is this the same thug guy from the other day??? With semi-vague directions like this I decide I'm going to call this guy, as I'm not going to randomly knock on a door in the ghetto's ghetto at 11:30 at night.

I talk to him for a minute, and it's obvious... I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THE FUCK THIS IS. So he comes down the stairs of his house, and once I see him at the door. Yeah, I've never laid eyes on this guy before. He was about 25, dark skinned black and wearing nothing but a pair of Adidas and a T-shirt. We go upstairs, and there's straight black porn playing on the TV. He sits on the couch and a 7" soft dick is flopping around. I lift the shirt up and get busy sucking. He's hard in no time, revealing a 10" slab of meat. He never says anything to be but moans while he's looking at this chick getting fucked on the TV. After about 10 minutes, he wants to move over to a barstool thing in the living room. I suck him for another 10-15 minutes, with nothing but moans coming from him the whole time. Finally he starts jacking it and orders me to "Open that mouth", and he proceeds to cum in my mouth. It wasn't a lot, probably his second of the night, but I can't complain since I'm in some guy's living room who I have no idea who he is and he's feeding me a load. We go in the bathroom and wash up, and I told him to hit me up anytime on the way out. How the fuck I ended up here... I don't know! I sent the text from the number I had for Thug guy saved in my phone, the same number I reached him at last time, and this other guy's number was NOTHING like Thug's digits. It's something out of the dicksucker's Twilight Zone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

In The Ghetto

I was really horny tonight, so I put an ad up in hopes of getting some dick in me. The only reply I got was from the 7-foot black guy that had fucked me a while back. Nothing wrong with that... but he's really ghetto and wanted me to pay him which is why I stopped having him breed my hole.

We have an email exchange and finally he gives me his new address so he can fuck me. OMG... this place was in the 'hood. His was the only habitable apartment building on the entire block, everything else in sight was boarded up, burned out or both. I called him after I parked in front of his building, and he came down and let me in. Praying my car would still be there when I returned, I followed him up the stairs of this really, really run-down building to his apartment. I had forgotten how good looking he is, and how tall he really was. We wasted no time getting into the bedroom, and I sucked his dick for about 5 minutes then he started face fucking me. I was really getting turned on by him... so I started to undo my pants to free my own bone. "Are you ready?" he asked, to which I replied "Yeah."

He laid me on my side and scooted his massive frame over and slid his bare dick inside me. I doubt he uses condoms at all -- he has never brought them up with me at any case. After a minute or two my hole opened up to accomodate his tool and I was starting to really enjoy it. He never said much, and after pulling all the way out and shoving it back in to the balls for about 10 minutes he said "Gonna cum" and proceeded to shove his fuckstick all the way inside me. He grunted and I could feel my ass getting wetter. "That was good." he said. On the way out I saw his massive size 14 shoes by the door and started to get hard again... Thanksfully my car WAS still there, so I drove home with his ghetto cum starting to leak out of my ass.