Friday, September 30, 2011

Visitor To Town

This happened earlier this year... I'm having a sleepless night so I'm just now getting around to writing about it.

The first Email simply said:

"Sup dude. am horny as fuck. wanna coem to my hotel? reply back with pix. very nice looking...VERY masculine (REAL MAN) white...VERY discreet....AND HORNY!"

I replied back, and got: "nice looking man. got a cock pic? want to come to my hotel now?" I was sort of annoyed with the lack of picture in reply, but something about the exchange was turning me on, so I continued talking. After a few more messages he hits me with:

"Cool. Stats?? And cause I am married man.....havent used a condom in years wtih my cant stay hard with one on. but trust me man...proimse ya i am completely 100% clean! k?"

Up to then, I had never promised going raw with someone I had never seen before. Something about this whole exchange was pushing my buttons, or maybe I was just becoming sluttier, but I just replied with a message asking for his room number.

I got the number, leave work and am around the corner from the hotel when I get "where you at?? some of my group just came to my room. damn it...let me try to get rid of em."

By then I was getting irritated. If I had wasted a half hour replying to this guys 100 emails and then was going to get nothing I was going to be pissed. Some at him, and some with myself for playing the Endless Email game. I asked if they were gone or were they joining in, and got "we are having a drink..told them one....and then I had to go. wait on me outside please. will let you know when I am back in my room. k?" followed by another message begging me not to leave. I told myself I'd give him 5 minutes, then I was debating on going up anyway or leaving. Just as I was about to leave I got a message saying to come up. I got to his room and he was kind of hillbilly looking, but not bad. He wasted no time in hopping up on the bed and exposing his stiff meat. I sucked it a bit and after about 5 minutes he reached over to the nightstand and got the lube. He greased his shaft and told me to sit on it.

I climbed up, and eased his bare tool in my hole. It slid in and he sighed. He held me on his cock and started to pump in, telling me how good my hole felt and how he hadn't gotten off the whole time he had been here and how horny he was. I'd like to say he fucked me all night... but it was only about 15 minutes of skin to skin friction before he announced he was cumming. I guess he figured I was taking the load, because the announcement didn't come until after the first shot had entered my hole, then he just went balls deep and held me there. We chatted for a minute, I put my clothes on and walked out the door as he turned over to go to sleep.

Sometimes Self-Checkout Is Best...

I was in Target today and saw they had trial sizes of KY on clearance. They're the perfect size for carrying to the bookstore, so I bought 20. I can only imagine what the cashier was thinking, LOL!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Who on Earth gives head with a rubber? I tried it once and almost barfed on the guy's dick form the damn thing hitting the back of my throat, not to mention the total lack of enjoyment! I may as well have been sucking on a dildo.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

About Last Night

I was horny, so I decided to turn to the internet in a last ditch effort to get laid. The 'net seems to have dried up in these parts, at least for me, but when I go on vacations I always get great sex from it. Anyhow, back to the story.

I got an Email from a latin guy that said "top here wanting to pound a nice ass i like what i see on your ad 7 and a halfe uncut here thick. thin here not fat 23 let me know whats up." and a photo of his respectable cock. That began an Email exchange that went on a bit longer than I would have liked, but he kept saying things to get me going such as "damm woulde love to plowe that ass! do you like my tool want it up your ass?" and "ok how do you want to do this? man i am gona fuck you good i want you to feel my balls smacking on your ass as i pound you. and i want to hear the sound your ass makes as i pound it. can i come in your ass?" so I let the Emailing go on longer than I normally would have. However, after a half hour I thought it was time to either hook up or move on to another reply. Finally he coughed up the address and I was at his place in 10 minutes. I got in and he was very good looking and... married. His wife was out of town on a business trip so he was playing around.

I really was jut there to get fucked so I dropped my shorts and started massaging his basket. His cock was hard in an instant so I pulled his shorts down and started sucking. He was reaching around playing with my ass and telling me how good it looked, so after a few minutes I turned around and let him get a good look. "Oh, yes, you want to ride it?" "Hell yes!" "There's lube and a condom over there." I picked up the lube and squirted a good amount on his dick, then climbed up and put it at my hole. Since he didn't bring up the condom again I slid it all the way in. "Oh, shit that feels sooo good" he said. He had me ride him for a few minutes, then saked "Do you want me to fuck you like I fuck my wife's pussy?" "YES!" I replied. He got me on all fours and put his tool back in. After about 5 minutes of dirty talk he had to stop so he wouldn't cum. "Do you want me to cum now?" "Fuck me as long as you want." He had relaxed a bit and started pounding me hard. "I'm going to cum." "I'm going to cum inside you." "GIVE IT TO ME!" I said, as he went balls deep and I could feel his cock throbbing as he filled me. "I didn't want to cum so quick, but your ass felt too good." I replied "You don't have to take it out yet." So he left his half hard cock inside me, and he was hard again in about a minute. He fucked me for about another 5 minutes before groaning and grabbing my hips. "I just came again." Nice.

We said our goodbyes and I went home. There was another reply to my ad, and I was really tired but the advertised tool looked rather nice. After another Email exchange that went on a lot longer than I wanted I was at this guy's house. He wanted to do an anon thing, so he had the lights out and fucked me in his entryway. He sounded a bit queenier than I normally like, but I was there and his bare dick was in my ass fucking me with the latin guy's cum still in me. After a bit he asked where he should cum. "Where ever you want." "I'm going to give you what you came here for." and with that he unloaded his balls into me. I went home and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning a ton of cum had leaked out of my ass and was all over my legs and the bedsheets.

Rhetorical Question

Does it make me a slut if I'm sitting here with 3 loads of cum from 2 different guys in my ass?