Friday, November 29, 2013

Bang, Bang, Bang

A few weeks ago I was back at the bookstore. Right off the bat I ran into stocky Mark McGuire guy. We were quickly in a booth making out. In short order I was on my knees sucking his dick. After a few minutes of this he was ready to fuck, so I bent over the crappy vinyl chair in the booth and squirted some lube on my hole. He found my ass easily and shoved his dick in there. Again, it wasn't a long affair since he was just out to dump a load. He fucked me for about 5 minutes before he was going balls deep and emptying the contents of his balls up my ass. We made out some more, got our clothes on and left the booth.

As soon as I opened the door, there was a guy in his late 30's across the hall with his door cracked, motioning me in. He wasn't bad looking, so I entered his booth, to find him fisting a 7" slab through his open fly. I got down on my knees and was sucking it, while he was stuffing his hand down my pants. I unbuckled my belt and got my pants down to allow him better access. I kept on sucking, but after a few minutes I stood up and turned around, and he was rubbing his tool up and down my ass. I bent over, and he lined his cock up with my hole and slid it right in. There was plenty of lube between the actual lube and the other guy's cum so his cock had no trouble going up my hole. He moaned, and started sliding his fuckstick in and out faster each time. After only a few minutes he was asking me where he should cum. He got my standard reply, "Where ever you want." He fucked me some more and asked again, so I said louder "Where ever you want.". "You're going to take it!" was his reply, as he picked up the pace and added his seed to the seed I already had inside me. After he was sure there was no more sperm squirting out of his tool, he pulled out, zipped up and was gone.

 As I was pulling my pants back up, there was another face at the door, a kind of chunky guy in his 30's with thinning hair. Not usually my type, but he wasn't hideous or anything and probably was going to be another quick shooter. He came in and I locked the door, while he got his pants down. He made some small talk while he undressed, and I stroked his half-hard dick. This got it all the way hard, so he grabbed my shoulders, spun me around and shoved his dick up my ass. He started fucking rapidly right off the bat, and was asking me if I liked to get fucked, how many times had I been fucked today, and other things guys say to get themselves off. Again, after 5 minutes, he just said "Are you ready?", I said "OK", still not sure what I was supposed to be ready for, when he rammed his dick in balls deep and announced "Oh, yeah!!! I'm cumming!!! Take it!! Take it!! Take it!!" as he squirted his load. After he was done, he zipped up and left and I made my way out of the bookstore.

3 loads in about an hour. Not bad.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Part 2

So as I was walking around I saw this really cute guy coming out of his room. I said hi and he returned the greeting. I walked around a bit and nothing much was going on.

I walked back down to the sauna, and the original top that I met up with was standing there with cute guy watching someone sucking dick. It was apparent they had been talking, because when top #1 saw me he motioned me over to cute guy and said "Suck his dick". I did, kneeling on the floor and eventually getting both of their dicks in my mouth at the same time. As this was going on, they were talking. I couldn't hear most of it, the conversation sounded like wah wah wah... let's take turns fucking him.

I was led to cute guy's room, and in moments I was bent over with someone's dick in my ass. Top #1 was then putting his dick in my mouth, so I reached around and felt that cute guy had declined a rubber and was fucking me raw. Nice.

At some point, the door was opened and a black guy was in the room. I blew him for a while, but when he was offered my ass he declined and left. OK. A few other guys came and went, a few fucked me but none came inside me.

This went on for about a half hour, and I was beginning to realize that my Monday night escapade in the shower, while hot, was a bad idea. The soap had done my hole no favors and I was really starting to get uncomfortable. While I was thinking about this, cute guy, who had been power fucking my ass, announced he was close. I just reached around and pulled him closer to me, and in about 2 minutes he was grunting and dumping his load inside my ass.

I walked around a bit, hoping that my ass would stop hurting but it never did. While wandering around I ran into the black guy who took me to his room to suck him off. After he shot in my mouth I went on home, rather disappointed I had to cut my evening so short.