Saturday, May 22, 2010

1 load in less than an hour

So I'm back in the old homeland for the weekend. I had an hour to kill before check-in time at the hotel so I went back to a bookstore I used to frequent to kill time. Within 2 minutes I peeked through the gloryhole and saw a Mexican papi type was in the booth next to mine, massaging a bulge in his shorts.

I dropped a few dollars in and he motioned for me to stick my dick through. He sucked me till I was hard, but that wasn't what I was looking for so I motioned for him to stick his dick through. He had about 5 inches of uncut meat that I began suckling on. He pulled out and motioned for me to put mine back in. Ugggh, I thought, but put my dick in anyway. As I stood up, his hand reached through and started playing with my balls. He was trying to reach around and feel my ass, so I complied and turned around. He wasted no time sticking a finger in my hole, which I was enjoying. Sure enough, the finger was replaced by a dripping cockhead in a matter of moments. Try as he might, he just didnt have enough to work with to get it inside me, so he rubbed it up and down my crack until I felt some wetness. He pulled out, and I reached around and felt an enormous load of Mexican swimmers coating my asscrack.

Byt then it was almost check in time so I was on my way, satisfied for the moment.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Straight Porn

I came across some really nasty straight porn clips... chick getting creampied by like 30 guys and other things that would be totally hot if they were happening to ME instead of some bitch. Anyhow, I found this totally CUTE guy in one of them... I would let him load my hole in an instant...

Check Up

This afternoon I got a call from my doctor friend inviting me back to the hospital for a quick fuck. Of course I instantly said "Yes", it was on the way home and I hadn't taken a load from him in ages.

I arrived at the hospital, and unlike last time I found him almost immediately. He led me back to another set of rooms where the on-call doctors nap and shut the door. Since there's no lock on the door, he put a chair in front of the door, which he proceeded to sit in after pulling his scrub pants down. He was already half hard, so I took his uncut slab in my mouth and had him hard within a minute. I was blowing him, and of course, I was making some nice sucking noises with my mouth. He put his hand on my head to stop me, as he heard someone in the hallway. I never took my mouth off of him, and resumed sucking (quietly) for another 10 minutes or so until he was ready for my ass.

I kicked my shorts off and backed up to his spit slicked pole. Damn, that felt good! It was kind of awkward, and there was a bed a few feet away but he felt the need to keep the door shut so I was kind of stuck in this position of riding him if I wanted that dick in me, which I did. I rode him for a good 15 minutes when he grabbed into me tightly, which was the signal he was unloading inside me. I sat all the way down on his cock, squeezing it and milking as much of his load into me as I could. Finally I felt him going soft so I got up. There was a big glob of cum on the end of his dick which he wiped off with a towel. We dressed and he led me back to the hallway. Of course, I spent another 10 minutes trying to find my way out of that damn place -- running around trying to find the elevator. Once I DID locate the elevator, I felt something on my leg. Yep... the cum had started to leak out of my ass and was halfway down my leg -- totally visible since I had shorts on. If there had been someone cute nearby I would have left it and see how bright they were, but there was nobody there so I wiped it off my leg and flung it on the floor as I made my way home.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Why is it that everyone on Craigslist is a total and complete fucking MORON? I put up an ad, told the guy I was looking to suck a dick on my way home form work. He never coughs up the address, time comes for me to get off work so I send him a message -- point blank -- Do you want me to come over or what? 10 minutes later I get this BS about he had to walk the dog and shit so I say again, I have about 30 minutes to get this done. Next message comes, and it's just chattering bullshit and no address. So I get in the car and drive home.

I get home and there's another message. I tell the guy that I already went home, now he'd just have to wait until tomorrow. Then comes the barrage of "You sure you can't come over... I have a big load." blah blah blah. Look, ASSHOLE, if you had given me your FUCKING ADDRESS 30 minutes ago I would be there getting that load. I reiterate that now he'd have to wait until tomorrow, since I was quite honestly out of the mood after all his games. I get a "Fine. I'm going to go do what I gotta do." and I replied. OK, I'll see you tomorrow. Of course, the email I sent him yesterday was ignored. What a fucking ASSHOLE. How dare he get pissed at ME when all he had to do was give me his fucking address and I would have been over right away. Well, Jay, if you're reading this I've blocked your email so don't bother trying to contact me again, dickweed.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back To Normal?

I haven't been fucked since my incident a few weeks ago at the bokstore, but I must be getting over the mental aspects of it since I am good and ready to get my hole pounded again. I'm making arrangements for a return trip down there sometime this week, the question is if I run into that guy again, will I let him spooge in me again? Probably yes.

And on an unrelated note, I was getting seriously boned watching the baseball game yesterday. Holy shit, how did the Twins put together such a massive group of hotties? As they all came up to bat, there wasn't a single one I'd turn away (Keep your slut jokes to yourself!). Last night I peeked at their roster to see if there was ONE guy in the lot that wasn't fuckable. Nope. I then got boned all over again and had to jerk it while thinking of being on my back, legs in the air, as all 40 of em took turns pounding my hole and dumping a wad of jizz deep inside.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Crossed the line...

Yeah, I know... I never finished my other story. I've been thinking events over in my mind and not really in a writing mood.

Last week I went back to the bookstore. I was there for a few hours, sucked off like 7 guys, got fucked by 1 guy (with a condom) and was having a good time. Around 9 this good looking black guy came in, I'd seen him a few times before but never really did anything with him. I cruised him, and he said he didn't want to get sucked, so I knelt down in front of him and jacked his fat dick off. I was there for 5 minutes or so when an old troll came in and the black dude pulled his pants up and said we'd finish later. Damn... I sat in a chair and my phone went off, the black dude that fucks me regularly texted and wanted me to come over. I told him I'd be at his place after I left here.

I wandered around for about 10 minutes, when the black guy motioned me into his booth. I jacked him for a bit, and he told me to suck him. "Finally", I thought to myself and started going to town on his fat meat. He told me he wanted to look at my ass, so I got up and turned around against the wall. He played with me for a bit, then without asking or anything he shoved his dick into me... bare. I was unprepared for this... and it's hard for me to even think about this... but I didn't say anything to him about stoppping, I just let him pin me against the wall and fuck me. He fucked me for about 5 minutes when my senses got the better of me and I started to tell him to pull out when he did pull out, only for me to hear the sound of a large wad of cum falling out of my ass and onto the floor. So now, I had crossed the line I never thought I'd cross. Some guy whose name I don't even know had just dumped his load in my hole. I enjoyed it, sure, but the guilt is killing me. I don't know what I would do if I caught something, and I really should be prepared to deal with those consequences if I go down that road.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Part one

I'll start the story to go along with the pictures. Let me know if it's worth continuing.

I went down to the bookstore to meet up with that horse dicked black guy that has fucked me a few times before. I got there a little before he did, so I started scouting the place out to see if I could get a load before he got there. The place was pretty dead, but I did see one early 30's "straight" looking guy there with his dick out. I went into hius booth, and since there was no objection, I started playing with his meat. After about 10 seconds a crowd of trolls swarmed around the booth (where the hell did they come from??) so he put his dick away.

I was thinking they had fucked it up for me, but he whispered to me to come with him to the other side. (This place has two different rooms with video booths) He led me into a dark booth with a broken monitor, and ordered me back down on his dick. I blew him for maybe 5 minutes, before he announced he was going to cum, and he wanted to shoot it all over my face like a good little slut. I obviously dind't mind, so I knelt there with my mouth open as he shot a good sized load all over my face. I snapped a quick pic and scraped the cum off my face and ate it. As soon as I was finished cleaning up, big dick arrived.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I had a good night at the bookstore yesterday... I got about 7 loads from guys, and even fucked a guy and gave him a load up his ass. (He felt pretty wet as I was fucking him, so he confessed he already had a load in him before I fucked him.)

Here are some shots from 2 guys that wanted to shoot it on my face, as well as a third that only wanted a hand job so I jerked him off (that load isn't included in the total). I made sure to get a nice big blob of his cum on my shoe, so I could look down all day today and be reminded of that cock shooting a load all over the place.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here's a story... of a lovely cumdump

Since yesterday's post generated a massive amount of feedback... here's what went down yesterday.

I got a call from the black guy, I'll call him Tom. He wanted to get a room and all that... of course, he wanted ME to pay for it. Even if I had the money (Which I don't) that really wouldn't be much benefit to me since there would be no potential for slutting it up after I'd gotten him off. With that information, he agreed to fuck at the bookstore where we met (Doesn't that sound so romantic). I arrived and found him there jacking in a booth. He really wanted to watch me suck someone, or have someone fuck me, but there were only two men there at the moment I was interested in having anything to do with. One was a super tall white guy with a shaved head and a goatee, the other was a black guy in a suit wearing a wedding ring.

The black guy wasn't interested in doing anything... so scratch that cold fish off the list. The white guy would pop in... see that Tom was just jacking off and leave before I could say anything. I looked around to see if there was anything else worth having, but no such luck. Tom moved to the other side of the arcade when he was ready to get down to business. He requested a condom, which I thought was odd given his comment on the phone, but whatever. I worked his meat inside me, taking it easy because he is fucking huge and I hadn't been fucked in over a week. He took his time, until I was good and opened, then he started slamming it in. Completely pulling out, slamming back in till I felt him bottom out deep inside me. I was literally shaking, my dick was leaking a river of cum, his fucking felt so good. "Is this too much for you?" "No! Keep fucking me!" and he did. Royally.

As I was getting rammed by this stud, tall guy came in and stood at the door to our booth. "SUCK HIS DICK" Tom commanded, and tall guy obliged by unzipping and shoving a half-hard slab in my mouth. He face fucked me with a hard 7 incher for a few minutes before leaving. Whatever. All that came by after was the usual assortment of trolls that I had no interest in, so I just put my head down, grabbed onto the ledge in front of the video screen and enjoyed the ride. Tom never said a whole lot, except that he wanted to see someone else fuck me sometime, and how he loved to fuck me like a white bitch. After some time, his phone started ringing. Not missing a stroke, he took it out and shut it off, only to have it start ringing about 10 minutes later. I think it was his wife, because he started acting like he wanted to shoot his load. He pulled out and asked me where I wanted his cum. "Inside me" was my answer... and his reply... "I can't do that." Ugh. About that time... he blasted an enormous amount of jizz onto my leg.

Tom bolted after he shot... not sure if I freaked him out or not since he always leaves immediately after getting off. So there I was, with this massive amount of hot cum on my leg, and my finst instinct was to grab the camera and capture this Kodak moment for posterity. Next I decided to do something I had never, ever done before. Since I was prepared to let him blow this up my hole anyway... I scooped up all the cum I could off my leg and shoved it up my ass with my fingers. Fuck Tom had blown a massive load, and after 2 or 3 minutes I had gotten almost all of that creamy batter inside my hole. I was rock hard by then, at which point I looked across the hall and saw married black guy there, jerking his hard dick. I went over and started jerking him, and asked if I could suck it. He didn't want that... so I stood there playing with his balls and after about 15 seconds he shot a decent load... all over my arm. He zipped up and left, so again I was there with another load of jizz covering my body.

What the fuck... since this guy was such a cold fish as far as doing anything and married, plus the fact I would have let him cum in me anyway if he wanted to... I scraped this load off my arm and added it to Tom's load inside my hole. Yeah... I'm neg and yeah, I just put 2 random guy's loads up my ass. I don't know what's taken hold of me but lately I just crave cum... If I'm into a guy, then I almost *need* him to blow his batter up my hole... But I'm getting off topic here.

Married guy zips up and leaves, and there was nothing else worth bothering with crusing the halls. After about 30 minutes, a decent looking black guy comes in, and is stroking his dick to a vid when I peek in his booth. He instantly covers up, so I figure he's not interested and go on about my business, waiting for someone else to come in. I guess he changed his mind after a while, because comes into the booth I'm in, and whips it out and tells me to start sucking it. He's average, about 6 inches, but he was really into face fucking me. He said some stuff like "Oh yeah, suck that dick..." or some such nonesense guys say when they're getting blown. After fucking my face for about 5 minutes he asked if I wanted his load. "Hmmm-mmmmm" was all I could say with my head pinned against the wall of the booth and a dick in my mouth. "Good" he says, and proceeds to unload in my mouth. I lick around the head of his dick, getting all the last drops of cum out of it, and he puts his meat away, thanks me and leaves. Instantly, tall guy is back, and is shoving his dick in on top of the black guy's cum that I hadn't even had a chance to swallow. He also fucks my mouth for a short time and just wordlessly adds his pudding to what was left of the other guy's load in my mouth. I licked the white streaks off his shaft, he zips up,says "Thanks" and heads back to whatever's waiting for him at home.

I hung around for another hour or so afterward, not much else happened except a rather cute married guy came in, was jacking to a movie so I watched him. I unzipped and jacked, got no objection so I moved over to his booth. I got on my knees and started to play with his nuts, which I guess was all he needed because he fired off his load of cum. Not wanting it to be wasted I clapped my lips around the end of his dick and swallowed it all. He said nothing, just left. Not sure if that was what he wanted, but it was what *I* wanted!

It had quieted down, so I pulled out my phone and checked my mail. Out of town worker was coming back tonight, so I shot him a reply and told him I'd be glad to drain his nuts tonight. He was dessert to the cock buffet I had dined on.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'll leave it up to you, dear readers, if you want the story that goes along with this photo...


I'm on my way to meet the horse dicked balck guy I met at the bookstore a few months ago. While talking to him on the phone today, he told me "I want you to feel all this cum up inside you." Now I'm a bit nervous...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sore Hole

So today, a guy I used to mess around with hits me up. He had this 18 yr old guy that wanted to fuck me while he watched. I was game for it, so I met him at his place, the kid was already there in his boxers watching a straight porn flick.

He was a cute skater type, shaggy brown hair and a slight five o' clock shadow, with at least 7 inches poking out of those boxers. Our host told me to get busy on the kid's meat, so I undressed and started to suck him till he got totally hard. After about 10 minutes, he was ready to fuck. I got the lube out, when he asked for a condom. At this point I was torn... I SHOULD be wanting to be safe, but that "other" side of me wanted him to just shove it in.

He put it in me, and while it DID feel good after a few minutes it started to get very uncomfortable. The condom started getting all folded up, and the lube was wearing off. Both made it very uncomfortable, since all I could feel was the damn condom scraping against my hole, instead of the kid's dick. He wasn't receptive to going bare, though... so I put up with it, for an hour. So while my hole is sore from fucking, it's not the good kind of sore. Yeech.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mistake Corrected

I hadn't looked at my profile on here in a while, so I didn't notice that my email address had gotten hid somehow. If you've been looking for contact info I apologize for it being hidden -- it wasn't supposed to be!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm back... I've decided not to let the really gross encounters get me down!

Now a quickie from the other day... The whole thing lasted less than 10 minutes, so as you might expect it'll be a short story.

I was chatting with this guy that lived not far from work, so I arranged to stop by for a quick fuck before work. I arrived at his ghetto pad, he led me down the hall to the bedroom where he pulled his shorts off and I got undressed. ( I hate the winter... so many things to take off!) He was laying back on the matterss on the floor, so I started to suck his dick, lick his balls, trying to get him hot and bothered for a nice fuck session.

After about 5 minutes, he said "U ready for it?" to which I of course replied in the affirmative. He rolled me over onto my back, fingering my hole while his jerking his 8" black shaft. "You clean?" he asked. Yeah... I got a condom if you want." "Naw, it's cool" he said as he slid his raw dick in my hole. He fucked me like that on my back for a bit, then rolled me over onto my side. He grabbed my legs and started jackhammering his cock into me, and after about 3 minutes he announced he was going to cum. I asked if he was going to shoot it on my face, to which he replied "Naw... I'm cummin in you." Which he was, as I felt his cock sliding around in some major wetness. He pulled his cum coated shaft out of my ass, I got dressed and was on my way.

About 2 hours later his load started to leak out of me, along with that unmistakable smell of warm cum.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Showing A Visitor Hospitality

I was sitting at work and was super horned so I posted an ad on CL. As usual, I got a few shit replies and a ton of spam. I did, however, strike gold when I got the following: "hey there, business/factory guy, at hotel near the airport, could use your mouth to cum into tonight. 47 6' 195lb super clean. shaved cock and balls" with a picture of the aforementioned cock and balls. Nice. We emailed some pics and he finally replied with "sounds great, room 209, i'll leave it unlocked walk right in. gotta be discrete, coworkers nearby."

I arrived at the hotel and found the door to room 209 open just a crack. I went in and there was an attractive guy in his mid 30's, balding a bit but still super hot, groping a bulge through his pants. We exchanged pleasantries and I unzipped his work pants and out popped his hard cock. It was absolutely perfect to suck on. About 6", uncut, and just fat enough to fill my mouth. I deep-throated him, holding his dick all the way down my throat which he absolutely loved. He was moaning as loudly as he dared, and I just kept sucking that meat all the way down to the balls. Finally his breath quickened and I knew he was going to give up the white gold. He never asked if I'd take the load, which in itself was a turn on.

He remained collapsed in the chair with his head back in post-orgasmic stupor while I gingerly dug my tongue around his slit to see how sensitive he was after cumming. He wasn't very, so I went back into full-on suck mode seeing if he would get hard again. He didn't, so I just cleaned him up real good while he caught his breath. "Wow." was about all he said. We made a bit of smalltalk and he promised to let me know when he would be back in town. Today I got an email from him: "that was great man, thanks. will definitely look you up again when in town. I don't do this often cause its so hard to find a nice guy and great cocksuckin' skills like yours, just get all horny looking at cock porn in this hotel room every night and a mouth like yours sure beats jacking off." I think I did my job as a cocksucker.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saturday Slutdom

Saturday afternoon after getting out of the shower I had a text from random black dude from a few weeks ago. He wanted to get sucked, and I wanted to suck so it was a perfect arrangement.

I arrived at his place, he was already half hard and ready to go. He lead me to the back bedroom, where he was looking at some porn clips on the computer. I started going to town on that cock, not really paying attention to what he was doing. He was giving out some moans and saying stuff like "Suck that shit" and "That shit feel good" over and over. After a few minutes there was some sort of problem with the computer, so he got a porno DVD and moved me into the living room.

I was sucking him, still, when he got the idea to put me on my back and he hunched over me, stuffing his cock in my mouth. I thought he was going to face fuck me, but he had the idea I'd keep sucking him like this... Not the most comfortable position, as I had to do stomach crunches to keep his dick in my mouth. This went on for about 10 minutes, with nothing really said other than the moaning and "Suck that shit, suck that shit. Finally he laid back and let me work on his nuts, until he said "Open that mouth" and shot a load of jizz in my mouth. He held me head on his dick, so I kept sucking. I was rewarded with another load of cum after a few minutes. Nice. And no, I still don't know his name.

After getting back home, I was still horned up so I decided to check out what was online. I came across a posting that just said "Need my 7in sucked". I was, of course, curious, so I checked it out. It said something to the effect of "I have a big load I need to feed someone, I'm 28, 6ft 140 lb, white 7in cut. I drive a truck so you have to come to me. Looking for now not tonight." I was hard already, and the picture of a nice cock in what looked to be a truck stop bathroom helped that.

I looked at the time on the ad, shit it had been posted at 12:30 and it was now 2. I sent an email anyway, figuring he had moved on but offering my services if he came back through town. About 20 minutes later, my phone goes off with a text from an Arkansas phone number. "Hey I just got ur email. Can still u meet?" I replied in the affirmative. "Ok if u want to suck my dick then come on." Hot damn! He told me where he was, and I got over there as fast as I could. I arrived, and damn he was cute! He opened the door of his truck for me, and said "It sure is cold out there." in a stereotyped Hillbilly drawl. I agreed and shut the door, while he had already gotten in the sleeper area and was undoing his pants. Nice.

I got my jacket off and started to go to town on his uncut meat. He was completely shaved, which was something I hadn't really expected, but it was perfectly fine with me. Like my previous encounter, he wasn't very vocal, but he did give a lot of moans of appreciation. I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, and he was loving it. After a bit, I moved down to his shaved nuts and he went crazy. "Oh, yes... that feels niiice". I lazily sucked on his nuts for a bit before moving back to his beautiful prick. He didn't last long, unfortunately, as he was soon putting his hand on my head and announcing "Here it cums" and blasting several ropes of thick jizz into my mouth. I swallowed it all, and since he wasn't overly sensitive like some guys I continued to lick the head of his cock, digging out every last drop of sperm. "Thanks for that." he said in that same cute Southern drawl. I told him to get in touch the next time he came through, and he said he would like to. I hope he does!