Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Why is it that everyone on Craigslist is a total and complete fucking MORON? I put up an ad, told the guy I was looking to suck a dick on my way home form work. He never coughs up the address, time comes for me to get off work so I send him a message -- point blank -- Do you want me to come over or what? 10 minutes later I get this BS about he had to walk the dog and shit so I say again, I have about 30 minutes to get this done. Next message comes, and it's just chattering bullshit and no address. So I get in the car and drive home.

I get home and there's another message. I tell the guy that I already went home, now he'd just have to wait until tomorrow. Then comes the barrage of "You sure you can't come over... I have a big load." blah blah blah. Look, ASSHOLE, if you had given me your FUCKING ADDRESS 30 minutes ago I would be there getting that load. I reiterate that now he'd have to wait until tomorrow, since I was quite honestly out of the mood after all his games. I get a "Fine. I'm going to go do what I gotta do." and I replied. OK, I'll see you tomorrow. Of course, the email I sent him yesterday was ignored. What a fucking ASSHOLE. How dare he get pissed at ME when all he had to do was give me his fucking address and I would have been over right away. Well, Jay, if you're reading this I've blocked your email so don't bother trying to contact me again, dickweed.

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BikeGuy said...

THAT is CL. 90% flakes. And I'm being kind.