Saturday, May 22, 2010

1 load in less than an hour

So I'm back in the old homeland for the weekend. I had an hour to kill before check-in time at the hotel so I went back to a bookstore I used to frequent to kill time. Within 2 minutes I peeked through the gloryhole and saw a Mexican papi type was in the booth next to mine, massaging a bulge in his shorts.

I dropped a few dollars in and he motioned for me to stick my dick through. He sucked me till I was hard, but that wasn't what I was looking for so I motioned for him to stick his dick through. He had about 5 inches of uncut meat that I began suckling on. He pulled out and motioned for me to put mine back in. Ugggh, I thought, but put my dick in anyway. As I stood up, his hand reached through and started playing with my balls. He was trying to reach around and feel my ass, so I complied and turned around. He wasted no time sticking a finger in my hole, which I was enjoying. Sure enough, the finger was replaced by a dripping cockhead in a matter of moments. Try as he might, he just didnt have enough to work with to get it inside me, so he rubbed it up and down my crack until I felt some wetness. He pulled out, and I reached around and felt an enormous load of Mexican swimmers coating my asscrack.

Byt then it was almost check in time so I was on my way, satisfied for the moment.

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