Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 in 30

Yes, I've been away for a while... I've been busy with work and various commitments, so the few bits of free time I've had have been devoted to searching for more dicks to drain and not writing. Sorry about that.

Yesterday I went on a short jaunt out of town... I went and bought a pair of jeans, and since the mall wasn't far from a dirty bookstore I naturally made a stop in there after shopping. I had only been to this particular establishment once before, as it's not really on the way to anything and they require you to purchase tokens, in contrast to the "flat rate" of the other dirty bookstore I frequent. For a slut like myself that can be an expensive proposition having to continually feed the machine. Being in an adventurous mood I parked in the strip mall parking lot, went in and got my $4 minimum worth of tokens.

The booth area is small -- I think there are only 6 booths total, 2 private, one with a gloryhole between and one "buddy booth" with the peep window between the booths. I went to the gloryhole first, and naturally those booths were occupied. I headed across the hallway to the "buddy booth" setup when I saw a good looking guy going into the employee doorway immediately as you entered the video booth section. He shut the door as quickly as he opened it, and headed back down the hall to the booth opposite the one I was going into. I put a token in and pressed the button to open the curtain and he did the same. He was already hard and stroking -- at which point the token ran out. (Of course you get about 20 seconds of movie for 1 token) The curtain closed, and he was already in my booth with his boner sticking out of his pants. Now, having been here only once before I was unsure of the establishment's view of such things happening here -- warnings of "ONE PERSON PER BOOTH" were posted prominently just about everywhere you looked.

However, I wasn't going to let something like that deter me from sucking on this shaft being waved in front of my face. I sucked him for 2 or 3 minutes when he asked if I wanted to finish sucking on this. Of course I answered in the affirmative, and he peeped out of the booth and said "Follow me.". He led me through a "hidden" door in the wall, past a stockroom into a bathroom. Now I KNEW management would frown upon this, but I thought "what the fuck?" since the worst that could happen would be we would get thrown out of the place if we were discovered. Once inside with the door locked I got on my knees and continued working on his meat. He kept whispering stuff like 'Oh, yeah" and "Suck that dick", the usual sort of things guys say when they're getting sucked off. I reached in and pulled my woody out and he liked that, telling me to "beat off while I sucked that cock". After another minute or so he asked me if I wanted some balljuice and I made a noise in the affirmative (It's difficult to speak with a dick in your mouth) and he replied "Keep that up, you're going to get it.". After another 2 minutes I felt him filling my mouth with a good load, which I promptly swallowed so I could lick the remaining drops of cum from his cockhead. "I was supposed to be to work 5 minutes ago." he said, and I replied with something about we'd better get out of here so he wouldn't be even more late. He zipped up and we went back past the stockroom, he opened the door a crack and seeing the coast was clear he motioned me out and followed behind me.

I went into the gloryhole booth, where there was a construction worker standing there stroking a boner. I looked up at him for an invitation, and he looked down at his dick so I wasted no time in kneeling there and getting it in my mouth. I blew him for maybe 2 minutes when he shot in my mouth with no warning. That in itself was hot... him just being all about blowing a load and not caring if I wanted it or not. He was out of there almost before I even stood up, so I went back across the hall where there was ANOTHER construction worker stroking a boner. Same thing, I sucked him while he stood there in his Carhartt jacket, T-shirt with the name of the construction company (It was some remodeling outfit... I wish I could remember the name as I'd definitely give them a call when I re-do my kitchen!) I pulled off for a second to adjust my hat and of course he started shooting just then. The first shot went on my hand, but I quickly got my mouth back on to get the rest of his load down my throat. He whispered a thanks and left me there licking the first spurts of his cum off of my hand.

In the next booth over was another stiffy, and I drained that one in short order. I wish I could tell you something about that guy, but to tell you the truth I really didn't study him beyond seeing that he was reasonably attractive and not as old as Grandpa Simpson. Well, to be 100% honest if I saw any of these guys right this second I'd have no clue who they were... despite having their DNA inside me right at this moment.

I sat down for a moment, then popped back across the hall to see what was going on. There was a tall guy with a goatee in there stroking a half-hard dick so I entered he booth, sat down in the chair and started sucking. He started moaning and telling me how good it felt as I was sucking him, and after a few minutes he pulled out and started beating it. "I want to cum all over your shirt." he said. Whatever... I was wearing a light gray t-shirt so whatever gets you off, dude! He stood in front of me and hosed me down with a nice load of jizz... it went all over my shirt and all down the front of my pants. "Thanks." he said and handed me the rest of his tokens. I hung around for about 10 minutes waiting for the jizz to dry (I scooped up the bigger globs and ate those, he shot nice thick cum so it took a bit for it to dry) but the crowd had thinned out to the point where there wasn't any point in hanging around anymore. As I was on my way out the clerk said "Have a nice day!". I turned around and it was Mr. Late-for-work. I guess that answered my questions about their views on dicksucking in the video booths.

But as for the venue, it's a double edged sword. As I discovered, the necessity to continually spend money cuts out a LOT of the bullshit I get at the "flat rate" shop I usually go to. These guys are simply here to dump their load in whatever mouth comes along, not wait for the ideal man. And judging by the number of wedding rings I saw I provided a service that the "little lady" wouldn't. Her loss.

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