Sunday, November 13, 2011

I tried...

I tried to celebrate 11-11 by taking 11 loads... Sadly, guys in this town weren't cooperating and I ended up with 4.

However, those that did show were great. Load #1 was a retired fireman, early 50's. He had a nice body, thinning hair and a rock hard 7" spike. Once he arrived I could see his cock straining the material of his pants. We made small talk for a bit, then he undressed and "freed the beast". He had a very nice set of nuts that I massaged while I worked on his tool. Inbetween moans and "Aaaahs" he asked if I liked that cock, which I answered in the affirmative. A few minutes later I was asked if I wanted it in my ass, which I also replied in the affirmative. I suppose the thought of fucking sent him over the edge because I got 4 or 5 shots of very nice tasting cum in my mouth.

Load #2 was a married guy who I had sucked off before, and AFTER that he started in about how badly he wanted to fuck me and breed my ass. He came over, a cute younger Latin or Indian guy, and got undressed and started feeding me his uncut cock. He laid back on the bed and let me suck him, until he lifted my head off his tool and said "I'm ready." I handed him the lube and bent over the bed. He slid in, a little painful at first but not too bad. He fucked like that for about 10 minutes before saying "Ah..." and shoving his rod in balls deep and presumably unloading in me. He went and cleaned up, and when he emerged he said something about my not being tight... It was tight enough to make you cum, wasn't it? We chatted for a bit then he left.

A good while went by before load #3, thanks to a flake and a few 1,000 email types. In this time, the second guy's load started to leak out of my ass. Damn. I had wanted to keep it in me! As I was trying to keep the cum from coming out of me, #3 arrived. He was pretty heavy, but not anything crazy. He was divorced with a kid so he was pretty horny to get off. He never took his shirt off, just dropped trou as soon as he got in the door. He had a pretty fat 5 incher, which I sucked to full hardness. I didn't try to get him to fuck me as he wanted a rubber and I wanted his cum in me. I sucked him, licked his nips, licked his balls... did everything I could to make it feel good and get him to blow. While I was licking his balls, he announced his intention to do just that. I got my mouth back on his rod in time to capture the nice load he shot. He expressed an interest in meeting again, and I think I would. He might not be a lot of people's "ideal man" but A) he showed up and B) he shot a nice load and was very eager to use my mouth as a dumping ground for it.

More to come...