Friday, November 29, 2013

Bang, Bang, Bang

A few weeks ago I was back at the bookstore. Right off the bat I ran into stocky Mark McGuire guy. We were quickly in a booth making out. In short order I was on my knees sucking his dick. After a few minutes of this he was ready to fuck, so I bent over the crappy vinyl chair in the booth and squirted some lube on my hole. He found my ass easily and shoved his dick in there. Again, it wasn't a long affair since he was just out to dump a load. He fucked me for about 5 minutes before he was going balls deep and emptying the contents of his balls up my ass. We made out some more, got our clothes on and left the booth.

As soon as I opened the door, there was a guy in his late 30's across the hall with his door cracked, motioning me in. He wasn't bad looking, so I entered his booth, to find him fisting a 7" slab through his open fly. I got down on my knees and was sucking it, while he was stuffing his hand down my pants. I unbuckled my belt and got my pants down to allow him better access. I kept on sucking, but after a few minutes I stood up and turned around, and he was rubbing his tool up and down my ass. I bent over, and he lined his cock up with my hole and slid it right in. There was plenty of lube between the actual lube and the other guy's cum so his cock had no trouble going up my hole. He moaned, and started sliding his fuckstick in and out faster each time. After only a few minutes he was asking me where he should cum. He got my standard reply, "Where ever you want." He fucked me some more and asked again, so I said louder "Where ever you want.". "You're going to take it!" was his reply, as he picked up the pace and added his seed to the seed I already had inside me. After he was sure there was no more sperm squirting out of his tool, he pulled out, zipped up and was gone.

 As I was pulling my pants back up, there was another face at the door, a kind of chunky guy in his 30's with thinning hair. Not usually my type, but he wasn't hideous or anything and probably was going to be another quick shooter. He came in and I locked the door, while he got his pants down. He made some small talk while he undressed, and I stroked his half-hard dick. This got it all the way hard, so he grabbed my shoulders, spun me around and shoved his dick up my ass. He started fucking rapidly right off the bat, and was asking me if I liked to get fucked, how many times had I been fucked today, and other things guys say to get themselves off. Again, after 5 minutes, he just said "Are you ready?", I said "OK", still not sure what I was supposed to be ready for, when he rammed his dick in balls deep and announced "Oh, yeah!!! I'm cumming!!! Take it!! Take it!! Take it!!" as he squirted his load. After he was done, he zipped up and left and I made my way out of the bookstore.

3 loads in about an hour. Not bad.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Part 2

So as I was walking around I saw this really cute guy coming out of his room. I said hi and he returned the greeting. I walked around a bit and nothing much was going on.

I walked back down to the sauna, and the original top that I met up with was standing there with cute guy watching someone sucking dick. It was apparent they had been talking, because when top #1 saw me he motioned me over to cute guy and said "Suck his dick". I did, kneeling on the floor and eventually getting both of their dicks in my mouth at the same time. As this was going on, they were talking. I couldn't hear most of it, the conversation sounded like wah wah wah... let's take turns fucking him.

I was led to cute guy's room, and in moments I was bent over with someone's dick in my ass. Top #1 was then putting his dick in my mouth, so I reached around and felt that cute guy had declined a rubber and was fucking me raw. Nice.

At some point, the door was opened and a black guy was in the room. I blew him for a while, but when he was offered my ass he declined and left. OK. A few other guys came and went, a few fucked me but none came inside me.

This went on for about a half hour, and I was beginning to realize that my Monday night escapade in the shower, while hot, was a bad idea. The soap had done my hole no favors and I was really starting to get uncomfortable. While I was thinking about this, cute guy, who had been power fucking my ass, announced he was close. I just reached around and pulled him closer to me, and in about 2 minutes he was grunting and dumping his load inside my ass.

I walked around a bit, hoping that my ass would stop hurting but it never did. While wandering around I ran into the black guy who took me to his room to suck him off. After he shot in my mouth I went on home, rather disappointed I had to cut my evening so short.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

4 Load Week

Monday started out with this bi black guy I sucked off like 2 years ago hitting me up. He lives a ways on the opposite side of town from me, and I wasn't up to driving all that way just to suck dick, so I asked if he was interested in fucking.

He was, so after some Emailing and him sending a picture of a very nice, long cock to entice me I was on my way over there after work. He wanted to fuck me in the shower, which was fine as it meant the odds of a condom where small. We got in the shower and he soaped his dick up and slid it in my hole. It felt good, and he fucked me like that for about 15 minutes. We dried off and then he led me to a bedroom with no furniture in it, just some kids toys. He put the towel on the floor and I got down on it so he could take me doggy style. He fucked me like that for another 10 minutes, then he pulled out and started beating off asking me where I wanted his load. "In my ass" was of course my reply. "Why do you want that in your ass so bad?" "I want to feel you cum in me." He slid his dick back inside, and after about 10 strokes was deep inside unloading his balls. I went on home and went to bed after that, tired but in a good way.

Wednesday I was horny as hell so I went to the baths. I got there around 3, and nothing was happening. After a few hours, I went out for dinner and came back later. The crowd had picked up, and I ran into a guy that had fucked me there before a few times. Now, every other time he fucked me, he insisted on a rubber. Something happened to change his tune, because this time he was all about fucking bare. As I would find out as we entered the steam room, that wasn't limited to just him!

We were in the steam room making out and what not when he bent me over and started fucking me, raw. I didn't notice, but a third guy was watching. My top fucker invited the guy over, and told me what a big cock the guy had. I reached around and felt about 7 thick inches, with a fat head on it. My top pulled out and invited the guy I had not yet seen to fuck my ass. I grabbed his cock and started to pull him towards me. That made up his mind and he slid his shaft into me, stretching me open with his bareback dick. He fucked for a few minutes, then pulled out saying he didn't want to cum yet. My first top re-entered and kept talking tot he other guy, who I had now gotten a peek at and he was in his 30's and cute. After 10 minutes or so the first top had invited the other guy to fuck me some more. He wasn't sure, claiming he didn't want to cum, but his cock won out and he was back inside me. After about 5 minutes he said "Uhhhh. I don't want to cum yet but this ass is making me wanna." "Shoot in him, he wants it." the other guy said. Another 3 or 4 minutes and the second guy was grunting and pumping me full of sperm, his fat head keeping it all trapped inside me.

At this point my original top and I separated, planning to meet up later.

Part 2 coming soon.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bareback loads from 3 strangers

I have been super horny to get my ass used by some horny studs, so today sent me out to the local dirty bookstore.

When I first got there, it was dead. I hung around for about an hour to let the storm pass, of course hoping some cock would show up. It didn't.

I left and went and did a few things, coming back about 2 hours later. There was a decent sized crowd, and as I was watching some guy suck off a black guy with a big dick, this cute guy in his 30's dressed in business attire caught my eye. I followed him into a booth, and in no time he was unzipping his pants to reveal his half-hard slab. I got down and started to suck it, and once I got his cock in my mouth I remembered I had played with him before. His dick was a little strange in that the head was all wrinkled, until he got hard, then it was smooth like most people's cocks. That of course didn't bother me, it was just merely a reminder that I had screwed around with him before. As I was sucking him, I unbuckled my shorts and slid them down, revealing my ass. He noticed, and started to try and reach down to feel my ass. This wasn't so easy to do with me on my knees, so I bent over and sucked him, making my ass easy to reach. He was feeling it all over, so I took the hint and stopped blowing him and turned around so he could feel my ass better. After a few seconds of rubbing my ass, his bare cock was trying to squeeze into my hole, which wasn't too easy without lube. I bent over to get the lube out of my pocket, which gave him the leverage he needed because he rammed the rest of his meat up my ass and started fucking. Since he was already in, I abandoned the idea of the lube even though this was a little uncomfortable. I guess he was excited, because after about 7 minutes of pounding he said "Do you want my load?" "Yes", I replied. I guess he wanted to make sure the onlookers knew what was going on because he repeated, louder, "DO YOU WANT MY LOAD?" so I said "YES! BLOW IT IN ME!" Uh, uh, take it! he said as his nuts dumped their contents inside me. We arranged our clothes, he patted me on the shoulder and said thanks and left.

I checked my phone and had a reply to the Craigslist ad I had put up during the lull in activity earlier in the afternoon. The Email only had a photo of a very nice looking 8 inch black dick. After a few Emails and texts I was on my way to the guy's house. I thought about cleaning up to get rid of business attire guy's load, but there was no place en route to wash up... no gas station, fast food... nothing! Oh, well! As I pulled up, it was one of those "Is this the right house" moments. He was not anyone I would even suspect of wanting to fuck guys up the ass. He was about 40, very muscular, and very "hardcore" looking. Not ghetto or gangster looking, but just hardcore. He led me upstairs to his room -- this appeared to be some sort of rooming house because there were other guys around which was kind of weird but whatever. We got upstairs and once on the couch I started to lick on his well defined chest, and we started making out. That was another surprise as I did not expect him to be into kissing. That did the trick, though, as he was soon pulling his sweats down revealing his dick, hard as a nail. We went to the bed, where we made out some more and I grinded his dick against my ass. He tried to slip it in, but it wasn't going. I got the lube, and his bare shaft was stretching my ass open in no time. I rode him for a few, then he turned me over on my back, and started to really pound me with my legs up around his shoulders. After about 10 minutes, he was getting close because he flipped me over on my stomach. He was really going at it, and after about 5 minutes he was balls deep unloading, adding his load to the one I already had in me. He never asked about a condom or if he could cum in me, I knew from the moment I saw him that he was going to do what he wanted, anyway.

After that I had some dinner, I popped into another porn shop. There was a heavyset guy there looking to play. I stood there on this platform thing watching the bad porn and rubbing myself, and before long he was behind me with his dick out. I stepped back and reached for his dick. Oh my god that thing was fucking HUGE. It was about 7 inches long, but oh lord was it WIDE. I sucked him for a bit, but all I could get in my mouth was the head of his dick. I sucked on that, and he was enjoying it. Like the other guy before, he was reaching down playing with my ass. I don't know if he could feel the 2 loads that had started to leak out but he wasn't bothered if he did. I kept sucking him and managed to get more of his jaw stretcher in my mouth, and he got my pants down. I turned around, and he was rubbing his meat against my ass. Just when I thought this was going to get interesting, he was pulling his pants up and bailing. Oh, well... I fixed my clothes and went to the bathroom since I had to take a leak. As I pushed the door open, there he was! He shut the door with one hand, and yanked his shorts down with the other. I got my shorts down, and in no time at all he had me bent over the sink trying to shove his bare cock inside. FUCK he was huge. Even with all the lube already in me I couldn't take him. I squirted some lube on his appendage and he shoved it in. Oh, lord how that hurt!!! My ass was being ripped open, but he didn't seem too bothered about it. He fucked me like that, bent over the sink for about 5 minutes before he made a few short thrusts going balls deep. Without any fanfare, he yanked hos dick out of my abused hole, and I turned around just in time to see him pulling his shorts back up, a trail of thick cum going from his slit down his shaft. Wow. Now that was a guy just out to pop a quick nut -- he wasn't interested if I enjoyed it or if I wanted his load... he just took what he wanted. And in the 20 seconds it took me to buckle my belt and leave the bathroom, he was gone.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trucker Delivers His Load

So I am on vacation and horny, of course. I had an ad on CL and got a replay from a guy that sounded promising. "Im so horny want sum tight ass". After a few Email exchanges I found that he was a trucker at a nearby truck stop and he wanted me to come so he could fuck me in his truck. OK!

I was at the truck stop in about 15 minutes and he met me outside the gas station. He was a slim, muscular black guy with a short beard, not bad looking and very masculine. We were supposed to go back to his truck, but some other truckers had woken up and he didn't want them knowing what was going on. That's a common thing with truckers -- they don't want the other guys knowing they're fucking ass, so I offered to bring him back to my room. Normally I will walk if a guy wants me to be a taxi service, but this was different, and well, after seeing him I wanted him to fuck me!

He went back to get something from his truck, and I went to get gas. As we were leaving, he asked if I had condoms or should he get some. I told him I had some. I obviously prefer to get fucked raw, but I leave the matter of condoms up to the top and have some with me if he chooses to bag it.

Once we got to the room, he showered and I undressed. He emerged from the bathroom, towel around his muscular waist. I was getting more turned on than ever, and he was already sporting a steel-hard 8 inches. We were on the bed and making out rather quickly... which led to him getting on top of me and dry humping me. "Are you ready for this dick inside you?" Of course I had been ready since our first Email... so he got up and oddly enough picked up the  lube but NOT the rubber. He smeared lube on his cock, then put some on my hole. He scooted up and his unprotected cock was at my hole. He pushed in, and God that shaft felt so fucking good stretching my hole open. As he was halfway in, he asked "You're clean, right?". that was a hell of a time to ask such a thing, as your bare dick is already inside me. And yes, I am. I do get checked, and while I know a lot of guys will lie about things just to get some dick or some ass I won't. I like repeat customers, LOL.

Anyhow, with that out of the way he proceeded to shove his trucker dick all the way inside. Over and over he slid his shaft in my hole, saying how good it felt. I was experiencing a blissful feeling myself, when, after 10 minutes I felt his dick throbbing. I was sure he was shooting a load in me, and as if he read my mind he said, in his Southern drawl, "Oh, I won't cum in you." and he resumed fucking. I could feel more wetness in my ass, so I was pretty sure he had just came inside me despite what he said. He was still hard, and as you might guess I didn't care if he came in me or not so we fucked... and fucked... he fucked me for at least a half hour, on my back, on my side, doggy, on my back again until finally he said he was cumming. He buried his cock balls deep and collapsed on top of me and blew his load deep in my ass. So much for not cumming in me.

After he finished, we laid on the bed and talked a bit. I saw he was still hard, so I started jacking his cock. He said he loved fucking my ass, so I said "You're still hard, why not fuck it some more." He slid inside me, my ass now VERY wet with sperm, and proceeded to fuck me for another half hour. I think he dumped 4 loads in me before I took him back to his truck.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bareback Fucked By A Stranger In A Public Bathroom

Today was a normal day of running errands and crap before work, nothing too exciting. I stopped in to a burger place for lunch and got majorly horned up as I eyed this gorgeous young Marine in line in front of me. Nothing happened with that, so I ate my lunch and went on about my business.

After I had been to a few stores on my list, the Coke I'd drank with lunch was catching up with me so I ducked into the shopping center's bathroom strictly for the purpose of urination. Now, the thought of fucking around in a bathroom does excite me, but I had never actually acted on anything before mainly out of fear of getting caught in some sort of police sting or getting my ass kicked by some guy because I imagined he was interested in something. Nobody was in there, anyway, so I did my business and proceeded to the exit.

As I was leaving, this cute, cute guy in his mid 20's entered. I almost bumped into him so I said "Excuse me" and exited. I turned around for another look at this jock type boy, and saw he had also turned around for a look at me. I stood outside the bathroom for a second wondering if I had seen what I thought I had seen and if it meant what I thought it meant. I said to myself "Fuck it" and went back into the bathroom and pretended to fix my hair. Jock boy was standing at the urinal, but no urination was taking place. I looked over and he was waving a 7" hard slab around at the urinal. I walked over there and unzipped. He kept waving that cock around, so after a few seconds with my heart in my throat debating on weather or not this was some kind of police trap I reached over and started stroking his cock. He responded by moving his hand away and granting me full access at his tool. I stroked it, wondering how far he wanted this to go. I couldn't suck him right here like this -- you couldn't hear the door open and we would get caught for sure if I was bent over sucking this kid's dick. He silently answered my question of his intent by starting to rub my ass through my jeans.

I looked around, and nobody had joined us so I walked into a stall, motioning him to follow. He did, and once the door was locked I started to suck his cock again, while reaching down to unbuckle my belt. I remained knelt over like that and he kept reaching around to play with my ass. I hadn't really prepared for such a thing -- I had no lube or anything but he didn't care. I felt him spit on my hole then the pressure of his 7 inches sliding up my ass. "You're clean, right, no diseases?" he asked as he had half his bare rod shoved up my ass. "Yeah, are you?" I replied. "Yeah" as he rammed it home. I grabbed onto the handrail in the toilet stall as Jock boy rammed me hard. I'd like to say this lasted all day, but he was just after a quick nut given our surroundings, so after about 5 minutes he went balls deep and held it there for a few seconds before pulling out. There was a glop of cum on the end of his dick, and to my horror there was a bit of, er, you know there as well. I apologized profusely, telling the truth that I didn't expect anything like that to happen so I wasn't exactly ready. "It's no big thing" he said as I wiped his dick off. I went and got him some wet towels and handed them to him so he could get all nice and clean. I waited around outside for a moment, then went on about my day with Jock boy's load in my guts.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stupid Facebook

This post has nothing about sex in it, so you can skip over it if you like. I am growing to hate Facebook and it's friend suggestions. It keeps suggesting I "friend" a former I don't know what you'd call it, but he was a guy I really liked at the time but long story shirt he treated me like shit until he discarded me.

Tonight I saw his profile picture had changed, so foolishly I clicked through to his profile and saw his last update was "in a relationship". With a man. When I knew him he was married with a kid but I was young and stupid and believed all the lies because, well, I wanted to. Now, after seeing that I'm wondering why, 10 years later, I still give a shit about this guy who is toxic poison.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nothing But Sex And Work

Today I tried something new and hooked up with this leather daddy before work. After meeting up, I'm not so sure the scene is for me. I am attracted to motorcycle cops and their leather boots, but I think I am more attracted to the uniform, with the boots being part of the package. Anyway, I ended up being there for about an hour, and after I blew him I said I had to leave for work. In the car, I checked my messages and I had an Email form this horse dicked black kid that has fucked me a few times. He was wanting to dump a load, but I was really cutting it close to get to work on time. Well, hell, I called in to work and told them I was running late and headed over to the black kid's house.

I can't remember now if I've written about him before, but he's in his early 20's, nice body but his face... he just has this really dopey look to him. I can over look that since he's packing a 9 inch donkey dick. Oh, yeah, and he doesn't fuck with a condom. In fact, the first time we fucked I kind of toyed with him a bit. I had a sense that he fucked bare, partly from the fact he has 3 or 4 kids with different women and partly from his attitude. That first night, after I had sucked him hard and he had his bare cock pointed at my hole I asked him if he wanted a condom, fully expecting the response of "I don't use that shit" as he pushed his bare cock inside me.

I arrived at his place, and wasted no time sucking his cock fully hard. Since I was on a time limit, once he was fully hard I lubed his shaft up and he flung me over the couch and slid his bare tool inside. This guy never wastes any time in launching into a full out assault on my hole. He held onto my hips and roughly jammed that slab into me repeatedly, before bending over and grabbing me in a bear hug as he fucked me. I could feel his sweat dripping onto my back as he churned my insides up.This assault on my ass went on for about 10 minutes before he went in balls deep and unloaded inside me. He pulled out and I pulled my pants up. On the way out he was apologizing for something, but I wasn't sure what. The guy had thrown such a great fuck into me I could barely stand up straight and he was apologizing? I got to work about 15 minutes late, no really big deal.

I went about my day with the black kid's load inside me, and as I was about to go on my dinner hour there was another message from him. The fucker was horny again! What the hell, I told him I'd be over. As I went to clean myself out in the bathroom, I wondered if maybe he hadn't cum earlier... That was answered as a huge glob of sperm came out of my ass. At least I knew he had gotten off earlier. I was back at his place and again wasted no time in sucking him hard. Since I had a little more time he tried to jam that slab down my throat, and took a few opportunities to slap me in the face with his big donkey dick. Once he was ready to fuck again he bent me over the couch, lubed his tool up and jammed it into me. I was a bit sore from his fuck earlier, but he needed to get off so I just took it. He fucked me for at least 20 minutes, in various positions on the couch, before we finally ended up on the floor with him laying on top of me jamming his fuckstick in as far as he could get it. He had worked up a sweat again, and by this time the whole back of my body was covered in his sweat. Finally he bottomed out in my ass again and he snorted and made some noises so I told him to "fill me up with that nutt". He did, and I felt his dick throbbing as he emptied his nuts inside me. He apologized for sweating all over me, which I didn't really care about. He then said he would probably see me next week, so I said I was looking forward to it and headed back to work.

And on my way home there was a message from Mr Condom... he was needing to unload as well. I took my sore ass over there and let him add his spooge to the black kid's load that was still in my guts.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Load Count

2012 saw me taking 157 loads of cum up my ass. Some were form the same guys, but a fair amount were from random people at the bookstores.

New Year's Day I was back at the bookstore, and it was deader than dead. I still managed to get some cock, though. First was this kind of chubby guy, I may have gotten fucked by him before but I really can't remember. He entered my booth and as soon as the door was shut he had his tool out. I sucked him hard, he had a pretty fat slab, about 7 inches long. He started to finger my ass, so I just turned around and let him have at it. He spit on his cock, fucked me noiselessly for about 5 minutes before shoving his cock all the way in, grunting, and dumping his load inside. He pulled out, wiped his cock off on my ass and left.

Shitty attitude black guy fucked me after that, but it was with a condom and boring so not worth going into detail over.

It was dead after that, so I went out and did some shopping, stopped at a guys house and sucked him off then went back to the bookstore. There were 3 or 4 people there, including a decent looking guy in his 40s I had seen there several times but he had never been interested in me. After a few times of trying to get him into my booth and being ignored I figured he wasn't interested so I moved on. I passed him in the hall, and didn't even pay him any attention. What was the point? That seemed to set something off in him, as he was then outside my booth, very much interested. What the hell, I thought, as I let him in. He smelled like some sort of lotion or something, but he had a respectable cock as I saw once he got his pants down. I blew him, and after he was hard he was playing with my ass. Wanting another dick inside me I just turned around, and sure enough a bare cock was inside me. He felt nice, he was about 8 inches and a decent thickness -- thick enough so I could feel him stretch me open. He fucked me against the wall, bent over the chair, and then he took it out and was jerking it. I stayed bent over, so he got the hint I wanted more dick. He stuck it back in and after about a minute he said he was ready to cum. I said nothing, so he said "I'm gonna cum." I still said nothing so he grabbed my hips tightly and jackhammered his prick in me until he went deep and blew his load in there with the other guy's. Not a bad start to the New Year.