Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Load Count

2012 saw me taking 157 loads of cum up my ass. Some were form the same guys, but a fair amount were from random people at the bookstores.

New Year's Day I was back at the bookstore, and it was deader than dead. I still managed to get some cock, though. First was this kind of chubby guy, I may have gotten fucked by him before but I really can't remember. He entered my booth and as soon as the door was shut he had his tool out. I sucked him hard, he had a pretty fat slab, about 7 inches long. He started to finger my ass, so I just turned around and let him have at it. He spit on his cock, fucked me noiselessly for about 5 minutes before shoving his cock all the way in, grunting, and dumping his load inside. He pulled out, wiped his cock off on my ass and left.

Shitty attitude black guy fucked me after that, but it was with a condom and boring so not worth going into detail over.

It was dead after that, so I went out and did some shopping, stopped at a guys house and sucked him off then went back to the bookstore. There were 3 or 4 people there, including a decent looking guy in his 40s I had seen there several times but he had never been interested in me. After a few times of trying to get him into my booth and being ignored I figured he wasn't interested so I moved on. I passed him in the hall, and didn't even pay him any attention. What was the point? That seemed to set something off in him, as he was then outside my booth, very much interested. What the hell, I thought, as I let him in. He smelled like some sort of lotion or something, but he had a respectable cock as I saw once he got his pants down. I blew him, and after he was hard he was playing with my ass. Wanting another dick inside me I just turned around, and sure enough a bare cock was inside me. He felt nice, he was about 8 inches and a decent thickness -- thick enough so I could feel him stretch me open. He fucked me against the wall, bent over the chair, and then he took it out and was jerking it. I stayed bent over, so he got the hint I wanted more dick. He stuck it back in and after about a minute he said he was ready to cum. I said nothing, so he said "I'm gonna cum." I still said nothing so he grabbed my hips tightly and jackhammered his prick in me until he went deep and blew his load in there with the other guy's. Not a bad start to the New Year.

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