Monday, November 24, 2008

Truck Stop

I finally worked tyhings out to meet up with the trucker I wrote about a while ago -- the silver tongued devil whose first contact with me was an email saying "Iam (edit) I Need 2 Feed U My Cock And Massive Load Call Only 4 Info Its 1207 Now (number edited) Call Me".

He was parked for the night at a truck stop near here, he had called me and was horny. It had been forever since we had last hooked up, so I got in the car and was headed down to the turnpike.

I found his truck, a differnet one than last time, and got in. He closed the curtain tot he back and already had a boner. I pulled his pants down and started sucking on it. He told me how good it felt and how many times he had jacked off thinking about cumming in my mouth and how good it felt to feed me his load and things like that. I was getting pretty hard, but I was there to get him off so I kept my mind on the task at hand. I blew him for about 10 minutes when he said he was getting close.

I stopped sucking him and asked if he wanted to try something. He was agreeable, so I turned around and sat on his dick. He just said "oh fuck" and I started a series of up and down strokes on his rod. He was already close, so within a few minutes he started moaning and asked if he could cum in me. I just sat down all the way on his dick while he said "Fuck Fuck Fuck" and blasted off deep in my hole. We talked for a few minutes afterward, but I had to go and he had to be in Pennsylvania at 10 in the morning so we said our goodbyes. He was happy and I was happy, his load dripping out my ass.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Life has kept me pretty busy... I've had some fun but not a lot of time to sit and write about it.

I did meet up with a doctor at a local hospital, we met online and he wanted to meet. I met him in the parking lot at the hospital and ended up sucking him off in his car. He indicated an interest in going into a bathroom and fucking me next time we meet. He also indicated he "wanted to fill my ass with his hot cum", so I'm hoping that means what I think it does!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Past Few Days

I've had quite a dry spell lately, even the dude that brings guys over to fuck me hasn't had luck finding guys. I guess people are on vacation from sex, lol.

Anyhow, Saturday night I got a call from the mechanic about 9:00, he wanted to fuck. Cool, I hadn't been fucked in a while and really needed it so I was definately game. I pulled up to his mechanic shop about 20 minutes later, went into the door and found him there drinking sone vodka. I came in and he told me to get to sucking on his dick. I did, and he started fucking my face almost right away. His dick is pretty thick, so I choked on it a couple times. He told me I was going to take all of his dick if I choked or not, he wanted to make my throat sore for a couple days after.

He did that, and more. This was one of the most intense fucks I had in a long time -- I was sore all over for 2 days from being bent into all sorts of positions, but I loved it. He said how much he loved having a white boy to fuck, and how he knew i loved sneaking off into the ghetto to get fucked by a black guy, and how he loved fucking me without my boyfriend knowing, and on and on like this for about an hour. I can't think when I've been fucked for so long. Finally he came, though, still wearing a condom. He keeps talking of cumming in my ass, and I keep begging for it so hopefully I'll get him worn down soon and he'll be dumping his load deep up in my ass.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Put It In Me, Coach!

Yesterday I had the afternoon to myself so I put an ad out to see who was around. I got a reply from a guy that I had talked with in the past, but apparently we never connected.

Anyhow, after an uneventful email exchange he said he'd like to meet up. I had already given him my address, and I was growing tired of the whole drawn out email thing so I just replied "You've got my address if you're interested in meeting up.". I heard nothing so I figured he was just another flake. Well, about 2 and a hlaf hours after that last email I get an email "I'm here". Unfortunately I'd already told the BF I was getting in the shower to go up for dinner. I guess I'd have to make it quick. I buzzed him in, and waited for him to show up. When he arrived I was glad he decided to show up, even if it was much later than I'd expected.

He was about 5-10" with a little belly, shaved head and was wearing a wedding ring. Even though I dig married guys, I would have been into him anyhow, he just had that masculine air about him that gets me hard in an instant. I explained to him that I thought he would come over hours ago, etc. etc. so we made it quick. He was wearing a sports T-shirt and shorts, and sports team sandals that exposed his stubby little toes. (They made me think of little sausages...) Anyhow, once this hunk got in the door he stood in front of me and I began to suck his dick. It was about 5 1/2-6 inches long, just the right size for sucking on. I sucked him for a few minutes before he wanted me to stand up. He sucked on my bone for a bit, as I reached over and stroked his hard slab of meat. He let me suck it for a bit then started saying what a nice ass I had and how he wanted to fuck it. I didn't need to be told twice so I returned with lube and a rubber in case he wanted one and bent over. I really wanted him in me raw, but would take him any way I could get him.

He did unfortunately put the rubber on, but I climbed on top of him, facing him so I could watch his face as he pumped my ass. I hadn't been fucked since the mechanic on Sunday, so his relaxed pace was pretty nice after that abuse. I rode him pretty good and he jacked my dick -- actually he just wrapped his meaty paw around it and let it slip in and out as I bounced up and down on his cock. After about 10 minutes I couldn't take it anymore and had to cum. He told me to shoot it on his chest, about the first words he'd spoken since he started fucking me, so I did just that. I was so turned on my load shot pretty far, one blast hit him on the face. That must've been waht he was waiting for, because he said "I want to show you my cum!". I hopped off his dick and he jacked out a nice load all over his chest, I took my dick and smeared our loads together. We cleaned up, and he mentioned he had to get going to a volleyball game. I figured one of his kids was playing, so I acknowledged that and we made arrangements to meet up next week. I emailed him today to finalize our plans, and his signature included his cell number. As is my practice, I googled the number to see what came back. My search results told me he's an athletic director for a local Catholic school. I'm guessing there's no chance of getting fucked in the locker room... :) (I have gotten fucked in a college gym, so I suppose I shouldn't be too greedy, lol!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Auto Service

Finally hooked up with the mechanic guy again, after not hearing from him for an extra long time. He's fucked me 2 weeks in a row, and has hinted at wanting to unload in me but he claims to have never barebacked before, etc. etc. but in the same instance he complains how he can't get all the way hard in a condom. I tried to help him make up his mind by begging for his cum in my pussy (He calls it a pussy) but he never did take the condom off. Actually, he is thick enough that the condom starts to hurt after he's fucked me for 20 minutes or so -- it gets bunched up and the folds get uncomfortable -- I guess I don't explain it very well but it's uncomfortable.

Anyhow, back to the fuck. I enjopy sex with him because it's so intense. For him. It's clear I'm just there for him to get his nut and that's all, in fact he's told me that he doesn't want me to jerk off or anything while he's fucking me. That's cool, since I'm really there to get him off better than anyone. This past fuck he made it even more evident at his initial entry. I hadn't been fucked in a while and he turned me around and just shoved his big black dick up my ass. It hurt pretty bad and I tried to adjust myself to make it easier. He was having no pity on my hole, and I basically ended up doing a headstand and he never took his dick from my ass. After a few minutes I got adjusted to both his dick and the fact that his dick was going to remain in my ass until he came, weather I liked it or not.

He must've fucked me for at least 20 minutes, and again talked of fucking me bare and cumming in my ass. I tried to egg him on to do just that, saying how he had opened me up and I was ready to get a big load squirted up in me, and how I wanted him to put his babies deep in me and on and on like that but again he didn't take that darn rubber off. Eventually I'll get him worn down and get his juice in my hole. I think he just likes making me beg for it for a while.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bookstore Fun

Wednesday night I went to my favorite bookstore. It's about 45 minutes from me, but usually well worth the drive.

I ended up getting 3 loads, not bad for about 2 hours time. The first guy was a tall white guy, I can't recall much about him other than he had brown hair and was definately "straight". He went into a booth and started jacking watching a pussypounder flick, and I stood at the door, waiting for a sign. He didn't tell me to go, so I went in and started playing with his balls. He started moaning, so I got on my knees and started sucking him. I licked all over his shaft, his balls, everywhere I could reach through his open fly. I sucked him for maybe 5 minutes, then he said his first words to me -- "I'm gonna cum!" I just put my hands on his ass and put his dick in my mouth, and he filed my mouth with a respectable load. Not much of a taste, and at first I thought it was just a small load but it had collected in the front of my mouth and I found a big pool of jizz when I went to swallow. He zipped up and left, and I was ready for more.

Next up was a guy in his early 50's, but still good looking. He had a shirt on from a pool supply place, and a wedding ring. Cool. He was watching another straight film (Actually I find it a turn off watching gay films in those venues -- I guess it's because I love to suck off married "straight" guys...) I went in his booth, and he pointed at his dick. I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth. It was maybe 5 1/2 inches, but that was cool because it was just a mouthful. Like the last guy, he didn't say anything and pulled off when he was about to cum. I tried to get my mouth back on it but he insisted on blasting all over the booth wall. Bastard. Why would I suck his dick if I didn't want the cum?? Ah, well, I guess it weas back to cruising for another hard dick.

I waited about 20 minutes in there then I saw HIM. About 5 foot 9, shiny dress shoes, tan slacks, dress shirt and a wedding ring. I knew he was the reason I had come there, I soooo badly wanted him to use my mouth as a cumrag. He wandered around for a bit, and went into a booth. I waited a second and stood in the hall outside it. He motioned me in, and I massaged the fat 7 inch lump in his dress slacks. I unzipped him, and he sat me down on the bench. I started to suck him, trying to give him the best head I could possibly give him. He really didn't say much apart from the occasional "Oh, yeah" or "Suck that dick", but he did like to pin me against the wall and face fuck me, which was totally hot. I loved being dominated by this srtaight stud. He started to feel on my chest, so I pulled off his dick long enough to take my shirt off. He was digging my hairy chest, running his fingers through my chest hair, playing with my nips while sawing his cock in and out of my mouth. I was just about ready to take my pants off and see if he wanted any of my backside, when it happened. Some creepy queen busted in the booth and started putting his hands inbetween me and the guy I was blowing trying to feel up on his dick, saying a bunch of stupid comments which resulted in the stud yanking his dick out of my mouth and leaving the booth. Fuck. Why do guys have to be such dicks? Just because there is action going on does NOT mean you are welcome to participate! I put my shirt back on and found my stud in the bathroom, and I asked him if he wanted to finish. He said he was going to rest a bit, so I said OK, trying to hide my disappointment.

I wandered around a bit, but there was nobody interesting. It was probably a combination of my extreme irritation and the fact that nobody else was nearly as hot as he was. I saw him come out of the bathroom, and I just stayed in the booth where I was, hoping he'd come back if he was interested in finishing. About a minute later I heard him on his cell, telling someone "Daddy is running late tonight..." About 10 minutes later he came back, and motioned me into his booth. I said nothing and fished his meatstick out of his slacks and went to town. I desperately wanted his load. I had just gone to work for about 5 minutes when that shithead came back and started trying to insert himself between us again. I tried to push him off, and the stud said "I only like two at a time!" Finally the douchebag took the hint and left us alone. Now that we had some peace, I resumed choking on his cock, just the way he liked it. I tok my free hand and reached in his pants and started playing with his nuts. That got a big reaction from him, so I worked them out of his pants and started licking them. He moaned softly and started jacking his rod. I spent the next 15 minutes alternating between cock and balls until he announced he was close. I got my mouth back on his dick and he said "Cool... You want it." and I unnecessarily replied "Fuck yeah." I sucked him for maybe 30 seconds more and I finally got his load. I savored it in my mouth for a minute before finally swallowing. and he zipped up and said "Thanks" and gave me a pat on the shoulder. Fuck. I wonder if his wife knows how fucking lucky she is.

I hung around for a bit longer, a really chubby guy came in, but he had a really cute face. I am most attracted to a guy's face -- if he's got a cute enough face I can overlook just about anything. Anyhow, I went in his booth, but there was just no way I could blow him. His guy was too big and his dick was too small. I don't like to be mean, but his dick was maybe 4 inches, and his belly was too big for me to get anywhere near his meat. I just jacked him off, which he was cool with because he blew his load all over within 5 minutes. It went all over, even covering the toe of my shoe with sperm. I just left it there, as a souvenir. (There's still a spot of cum on my shoe right now... I wiped all but 1 spot off...) I exited the booth ahead of him, and felt him grab my ass. Whatever gets you off, I thought. By then the crowd had thinned and I was getting hungry for actual food so I left. (Unfortunately man can't survive on cum alone) When I got hime I found that the fat guy had put a 20 in my back pocket! I guess he was grateful... whatever.

I hate liars...

A rare bad experience for me the other day. I had posted looking for a guy that was at work and needed some head here ever he was working. Before I moved here I used to hook up with guys that were at work and it's totally fuckin' hot. Anyhow, I got a response from a guy that claimed to work at a 24 hour grocery store and wanted to get off. He said he had a break coming up at 2:30. He was about a half hour from me, but I could make it in that time. He gave me his cell number and all seemed to be good.

I arrived at the store and called. No answer. I wanted a few minutes, called again -- nothing. I went into the store to get a Coke and use the bathroom. I come out, and this dude on a bicycle asks me if I was (my name). Immediately I knew he was lying, and got pretty pissed off. I told him I thought he worked here and was on break, and he made up some excuse about "Oh, I took comp time" and had some crap about "Oh, we can't have sex in there." Huh? I just told him I was clear about what I was looking for in my ad, and he had lied and wasted both of our time. By then it was too late and I was too tired to hook up with anyone else so I just jacked off and went to bed, pissed off.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Long Night

I was feeling pretty horned up (surprise, surprise) so I put an ad out there and waited for a reply. I was just about ready to go to bed when I got a promising reply. I emailed back and forth with the guy for a minute then he was on his way over.

He wanted me to open the door naked, then he was going to fuck me. I put a little bit of lube in my hole to get it ready for him. About 10 minutes later he was here. He was in his 30's, not bad looking at all. He guided me over to the sofa and bent me over, massaging his dick through his pants. I stayed bent over, and eventually I felt the head of his dick sliding in. It felt incredible. He started talking really filthy to me which was such a turn on. He never got undressed or anything, just took his dick out to fuck me, which was another turn on.

He lasted about 5 minutes in my hole then started asking me where I wanted his load. I told him to shoot it where ever he wanted, to which he replied "You want it on your face, don't you? You want my big load on your slutty face?" He pulled out and I got on my knees below him. He stroked for a few minutes and let the white stuff fly. He shot an impressive load. I tried to catch as much of it as I could but it went all over my face, my hair and of course got in my eye which I just hate because then my eye is all red and puffy for a while after. Whatever, though, this stud was going to put his load where ever it landed so it was all good. (I wish I had a video of his dick exploding all over me!) I sucked him clean and he zipped up and left. Sweet.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Don't be afraid to write!

I got my first (and only) "fan letter" a couple of weeks ago, and it was pretty cool. I like knowing I'm helping guys get off, even though I've only got 2 holes and couldn't possibly accomodate all of you! (Well, some of you might see that as a challenge, lol!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Three In One

I had a busy day today, got 4 loads from 3 nice cocks.

First up with my boyfriend, he's not been feeling so well lately so hasn't really felt like sex. Lucky for me he was his old self today so first thing this morning I got a hard dick down my throat. He didn't last very long before shooting a huge load in my mouth. He hasn't cummed for 4 or 5 days so there was quite a backlog. I drank it down, as I always do and went out to do some errands.

Second load was the BF again, he spent the afternoon editing some porn movies together, so after dinner he wanted to show me his handiwork. We watched a few scenes, then his boner started sticking out the fly of his boxers. I went to work on it, alternating between sucking his dick and licking his balls. After a few minutes of that I went down a bit further and started to eat his ass. This always sets him off, so I eased off and went back to the dick and balls, trying to get both of his nuts in my mouth. I eventually went back to his ass, and he was ready to cum. I put my mouth back on his shaft and felt some spurts on the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly since that feeling triggers my gag reflex -- I wish it didn't, though, as it is so fuckin hot to feel that jizz shooting off in my mouth!

The third guy was someone I had been working on meeting for a while, and we had planned for 11:30 tonight. He is a security guard, and wanted to stop by after he got off shift for some head. I have a big thing for a guy in a uniform -- put a guy in a uniform, it doesnt matter what it is, and I'm on my knees or bent over in a second. I don't know what it is, but I just find them so damn sexy!

Anyway... back to the security guard. I told him of my affection for uniforms, so he was cool with coming right over after work in his uniform. I didn't know what he looked like (didn't much care, really) but when he showed up... man! He is 50, but I wouldn't have guessed it. He had a nice body, and more importantly a nice 6 inch uncut dick. After we chatted for a few minutes I started playing with his crotch through his uniform pants. He was already half hard, so I got on my knees and unzipped him. Between the tail of his shirt and his underwear, I had a job getting it out. However, it was fuckin HOT being on my knees with this stud over me looking down at me as I sucked his dick. I felt all over his legs... his chest... his feet... everywhere. (He was wearing those cop boots that I love so much... I sooo wanted to lick them but perhaps next time)
After a few minutes, though, his pants were getting in the way of his meat so he had to undo his duty belt and unzip. I could get at his balls now, and he loved me sucking on them. He had me lay down on the floor, and he got on top of me and started face fucking me. It was fuckin hot, seeing him on top of me, his uniform shirt on, jamming that dick in my mouth. I wanted him to fuck me, but after face fucking me for 5 or 10 minutes he was feeding me a sweet load of cum. I let it collect in my mouth a bit, then started sliding his dick around int he cum. When he pulled out, I licked it all off. He loved that, loved that I really wanted his load. We made plans to meet up again next week, I'm so looking forward to it. (Maybe that load will go up my ass next time)

I was getting ready to pack it in when I got a message from an air conditioner repairman I've sucked off a couple times. He's in his late 20's, extremely muscular and damn good looking. I couldn't say no to him, so 20 minutes later I was in his truck in a parking lot coaxing a load from his nuts. He makes little noises when I suck him, and I think he gets off on being blown in public because he won't come over here, always wants to do it in the truck. Whatever, it's all good with me.

Twice The Fun!

I met this guy on Craigslist a while back, he's a truck driver of some sort. He's a rugged looking dude, in his 30's, nice dick and he loves to talk all kinds of trash while I'm blowing him. That was good enough, but he's started bringing friends with him when he comes over.

He loves to have guys fuck me while he watches, which is very cool. I don't know where he finds these guys, but they are smokin' hot. One guy was a Puerto Rican giy, probably 19, but he had an enormous dick. It must've been 10 inches. He was a sweet kid, though, and we fucked around for an hour or so before he fed me his load. The trucker followed suit, blasting my face and hair with his thick load. I grabbed his cock and scraped off what cum I could and sucked it off his dick. He liked that.

Last week he brought over another dude, He was probably 21-22, short buzzed hair, a diamond stud in his lower lip, tattoos -- he looked like he'd been in prison, actually. I wasted no time in freeing his dick in the entryway, he was hard before he even got inside and it was a nice piece of meat. We finally made our way to the living room, where I was put on my back and prison boy lined his wet dick up with my hole and slid it in. It felt GREAT! He fucked me like that for a while, then did me doggy, all the while the trucker guy was talking nasty to us both. Prison boy surprised me, though, when he got on HIS back and wanted me to fuck HIM. I don't usually top, but this fine dude had me boned, so I squirted a little lube on my dick and slid it in his ass. I don't think he's been fucked many times, so I was enjoying that hole.

Prison boy was jacking while I fucked him, and I could tell he was getting close and I wanted his load. I pulled out of him and laid on the ground and told him to feed me that load. He didn't quite make it to my mouth so a lot of it went on my face. The trucker had obviously been waiting for this, as he got off the couch and blasted his load all over me. It was obvious he wanted to coat my face with his load, and it was a big one, too. I laid there with my face covered in an obscene amount of jizz, I scraped off some of it and used it as lube to jack off with. I sprayed my load, and we cleaned up and they went on their way. Like I say, I don't know where he finds these boys but they're welcome in my hole anytime!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Firemen Are Weird...

A few months after I moved here, I found an ad from a guy claiming to be a fireman in a somewhat nearby town. I replied to the ad, and he shot back that I was "tempting, but too far away". Whatever. A few weeks later, I saw an ad from someone in the same area, and I just had an instinct it was the same guy, even though it said nothing about being a fireman.

I replied and said I had some business to take care of out that way (Totally true, since the "business" would be draining his cock) and we talked on the phone as I drove out there, which was about a 45 minute drive. About 10 minutes intot he conversation, he revealed he was a fireman and if I was cool with it he wanted to fuck around in an ambulance in the fire station. I was more than cool with it, and instantly got boned. We chatted on the phone as I drove, him giving me directions to this podunk town. I eventually arrived, and he was a fuckin' stud. Football player build, shaved head, and he was a nice guy.

I followed him into the firestation, and as promised was lead into an ambulance parked just inside the garage. we made out and stuff, and finally I grabbed his dick through his pants. He had about 6 inches, not to big but not tiny. Actually, I was so into this guy I only cared that he *had* a dick. I started to blow him, and he lasted maybe 5 minutes before asking if I wanted his load. I just sucked harder, and was rewarded with a geyser of sperm in my mouth. It tasted good, and I drank it down.

We met many more times after that, the next time as I was blowing him he asked if he could fuck me. I replied by squirting a little lube on his dick and sitting down on his bare dick. He fucked me for a while before saying he was getting close. I was on top of him, so I just grabbed his shoulders and told him to give me every fucking drop of his sperm in my ass. He did, and it leaked out all the way home. Way hot. Usually He woudl fuck me in the ambulance, but once it was his day off so we met in a shopping center parking lot and I got into his truck and we rode around until we found a nice, dark spot and he fucked my brains out in the front seat of his truck.

Around this time he started telling me he loved me and stuff like that, which was cool, because I was totally into him, and he was the first person in a while I felt could develop into a relationship. Our sex started to get more serious, then out of nowhere he tells me he found a job in another state. At first I believed it, but then circumstances made me think this was not quite the truth. This was confirmed when, after he had supposedly left, there was another ad from him looking for some ass. I don't get it, since he was the one that took our relationship in a more serious direction, even saying "we should get married" and stuff like that. Yeah, I was a bit bummed because I honestly like the guy, but I just concluded he has "issues" so he is probably just better off left alone. (Maybe he's had bad relationships? Maybe he is afraid to admit being gay?) I don't know what his issues are, but even after this he wrote and told me he missed me and wanted to see me soon, etc, etc. Firemen are weird... (But somehow I still catch myself ogling them... Old habits die hard... )

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I was online tonight looking for someone to suck off real quick before I hit the sack, and this "out of towner" hits me up. We talk for a bit, I want to suck, he wants to get sucked -- everything is fine. I started getting an uneasy feeling when he started being vague. It took some doing to get the name of the hotel out of him, then when I asked the room number I get a "I'll meet you outside..." OK, I'm not liking that too much, but whatever. Then, after I ask him how I will recognize him, no reply. I ask "Are you still here?" to which I get "This user is offline". Now, he could've gone outside (Unlikely, since I told him it would take me at least 20 minutes to get there) or he was just screwing with me. Anyhow, I wasn't about to drive across town for someone who may or may not be there. And wandering around a hotel asking people if they're the guy whose dick I was supposed to suck would probably get me in trouble.

Earlier I had been talking with a fuck buddy from the town I used to live in, who finally told me he's a cop. NOW he tells me! So I guess I have fulfilled a fantasy, I guess I have licked a cop's boots while he was wearing them. (Details of that can be told later...)

On the bright side, my apartment building has had off duty cops in the lobby because of a problem at one of their other properties so the past few nights I've had the chance to chat with several of them. I averaged a half hour with each of them, but, my efforts did not end up with any of their juices being deposited in any of my holes. I told my BF about it and he said "Well, at least they talked to you and didn't think you were some big fag..." True. You can't win 'em all, I suppose... (And I did have some material to jerk off to for a couple evenings..)

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Tow Truck Driver

Since there hasn't been much of note to write about lately, I'm going into the past. I met this guy, I'll call him "Brian" about 5 years ago, actually through a former friend. Brian had hit my friend up on IM, but my friend wasn't interested. I was, so I made note of the screen name and messaged him the next day. We talked a bit and I agreed to meet him at his apartment. He was about 2 years younger than me, but not bad looking at all. We met in the courtyard of his apartment building, and that's when he told me his girlfriend was home and he hoped I'd blow him in his car.

I was fine with that, so we climbed in the back seat and he whipped out his boner. It was the biggest dick I had seen at that point in my life, 7-8 inches. I sucked it as best I could, I think I had blown maybe 3 guys at that point in my life (I've made up for lost time ever since!!) but I wasn't doing too badly for him. I remember at the time one of his balls was caught in the leg of his boxers so I thought he only had one nut. I licked at it while jacking his dick, and I honestly can't remember if I drank his load then or not.

We met several more times after that, I'd come over at night when his girlfriend was gone, suck his dick and he tried to fuck me once but he was just too big. (Things have changed since then!) I didn't hear from him for a while until one night my phone rang. It was him, we chatted a bit and then he said I should come out and see him. He was working at a pizza place and it was closed, so there wouldn't be anybody there. I drove over there, and we went into the a back room just off the kitchen area. He was hard already, so I got down and started sucking him. I blew him for a while and he turned around and said he wanted to get fucked. I totally did not see that coming, but my dick was more than game for it. I had some lube with me since *I* was planning to get fucked, so I greased my pole up and slid it in. It felt fucking amazing. I could tell he'd gotten fucked before, but not recently. I fucked him for probably 10 minutes and I just couldn't help blowing my wad deep in his hole. It was intense! After I came down from my high I rinsed my dick off in the sink and saw he still had a tentpole sticking out. I finished sucking him and I remember I drank his load, that time.

We met up sporadically over the next few months until again, another call out of the blue as I was getting ready to leave work. We talked, and he said he wasn't far from where I was so I went over, confused to say the least. When I got there I found him, unloading a car from his flatbed tow truck. He'd obviously moved on from the pizza shop, and he looked incredibly sexy in his grease stained blue work pants and cheesy reflective jacket with the tow truck company patch on it.

We drove around for a while, me following behind him in my car while we looked for a quiet spot. He stopped near a park and I got out and went over to his truck. He opened the door and stood there, saying his wife called wondering where he was. I could see his dick tenting his pants, so I just unzipped them and fished his dick out, while he just stood there on the top step of the tow truck. It was an ideal height, actually, because I could stand up and his dick was right at my mouth. I was incredibly turned on, sucking him with just the door of the truck blocking us from view. He shot his first stream while I was sucking on his nuts, so the first stream went across my face. I quickly got his dick in my mouth and drank down the rest of his load. He apologized for getting cum on my face, and I said dont worry about it as I scooped the rest of it off my face with his dick. I went home and jacked a huge load all over the place. That was one of the hottest things I'd done.

There's further adventures with Brian if anyone wants me to share them later...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Biggest One Ever

Last night I was pretty horned up after coming home so I put another ad out there. The first response I got was not appealing in the least. The second reply was much more fruitful.

Usually I don't reply to one-line responses, but I had a feeling about this one. I did my usual googling of the email address, and one of the results was the guy's myspace page. Looking at his pics, I saw he was a rather tall black guy, and very attractive. I got the camera out and took a quick picture of myself because all the ones I had already were crap. About 5 minutes from the initial contact I had sent him my pic and he replied with a face pic, one of the ones I had seen at his Myspace page. Sweet. We emailed a bit then he gave me his phone number. I ended up driving across town to the edge of the 'hood to pick him up at his girlfriend's house. It was pretty dark, but he got in and we talked on the way back to my place. He was actually a very cool guy, and knew people who lived in the town I recently moved from. One of his friends was a basketball player for the college there, and was a name I had actually heard of.

About 30 minutes later we arrived at my place, and I finally got a good look at how fuckin tall this guy was. He had maybe 2 inches to spare from hitting his head on the top of the doorframe. Damn! He took his shoes off at the door, again they were huge, probably size 13 or 14. We made it down the hall to the bedroom and he got his pants off. No underwear, just a FAT 8 inch dick popping up, already hard. I knelt down to suck it, but it was over my head in that position. We laughed and I sat on the edge of the bed and got busy. I tried to take him all the way as best I could, but I hadnt had a dick that big in at least a month so I gagged and choked a bit until I got used to it. He laid down on the bed, and I crawled between his legs and started sucking on his low hanging balls, and his phone rang. He answered it and his side of the conversation went something like "I'm getting my dick sucked." "No, you don't know him..." then he had me say hi to whoever it was, then he told them he'd call them back. I sucked him for a while more then he asked me if I wanted to get fucked. I sure as hell did, so I handed him the lube and he greased up his pole. Fuck that thing hurt at first, but I got used to his meat in a minute or so. We started out with me on my back, resting my feet on his shoulders. I hadn't gotten around to taking my shoes off, so they stayed on the whole time he rammed me. He wanted me to flip over and do me doggy, at which point I asked him if he minded taking a picture of his dick in my ass. He didn't mind, so I got the camera off the shelf and he slid that pole back in me. I heard him trying to work the camera, and he took a few shots and went back to really ramming my ass with that fat cock of his.

We fucked for at least a half an hour, in all sorts of positions. I was lying next to him on the bed, with him fucking me from the side when he asked if he could cum in me. I told him he could cum where ever he wanted, so after another 2 or 3 minutes he shoved his dick ALL the way inside me and started to fill me up with his baby batter. I almost came without touching myself. We laid down for a few minutes and caught our breath, and he went in the bathroom to wash off the lube and cum from his dick. I sat up, he mustve shot his seed deep in me because nothing was leaking out yet.

I drove him to another house than the one I picked him up at (Maybe the friend that called him?) and we made plans to meet up next week. I can't wait. (My hole still has that well-fucked feeling at the moment...) Maybe his friend will want to watch him unload in my hole... who knows?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keep On Truckin'

Shortly after I moved here, I had an ad out and one of the responses said simply "Iam (edit) I Need 2 Feed U My Cock And Massive Load Call Only 4 Info Its 1207 Now (number edited) Call Me"

What the hell... I called and he answered. He was a 30 year old straight trucker parked behind some factory about 30 minutes South of here just looking to get off. He sounded hot, but a voice isn't really a good indicator of anything. I talked with him on the phone as I rode down there, and eventually reached the factory he was at. I parked my car and walked over to the row of big rigs and found his. He was as cute as he sounded, thankfully!

I climbed in, and sat in the passenger seat as we chatted a bit. Finally we moved into the sleeper compartment, which was very clean, and he pulled his shorts down. He had a very nice dick, probably about 7 inches, which I started licking and sucking all over. He didn't last long, maybe 10 minutes tops, before he announced he was going to feed me some cum. I just held his dick in my mouth and let the spurts of jizz coat my tongue. He tasted pretty good, and when he was done I swallowed it and licked the last drop out of his slit. We talked a bit more then I headed back home.

About 2 months later, we met again, this time at a rest stop along the highway. That visit was much like our first, him just laying back and enjoying me servicing his tool. I was immensely turned on, sucking off a hot trucker in his sleeper cab. It wasn't about me, though, so I just focused on getting him off. Again, I got a load of tasty jizz.

I havent seen him since then, but periodically I would get text messages saying things "Hi I am jerking off thinking of you", and other romantic things. Last Friday the phone rang, I was asleep but answered it anyhow. It was him, saying he might be in town soon. I told him to definately call me, hopefully I can get him to fuck me this time. That would be wicked hot, getting this "straight" stud to ram me is his truck...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Second Time... Much Better

After work today I decided to head South again to catch a ballgame. Since I arrived in town about 2 hours before gametime I dropped in to the bookstore to see what was going on.

On my way in I passed a cuuuuute guy, short kinda shaggy reddish hair, crystal blue eyes, and a nice smile. We said hi and he went back toward the store area. Damn. I checked out the booths to see what was going on. There were the usual trolls, and there was a cute kinda chubby guy in one fo the last stalls. I'm a sucker for a guy with a cute face. Dick size doesn't matter as much to me as a cute face does. Anyhow, he was stroking a FAT piece of meat. It was probably about 6 inches long, but it was very, very thick. I stood in the doorway and watched him for about a minute then got down on my knees and started to blow him. I blew him for maybe 5 minutes, then he wanted me to fuck him. I was game for it, but while I was getting myself hard he got too excited watching me stroke that he blew a massive load all over the floor. That was fun, though, so I headed back down the hall to see what else was going on.

I ran into the cute guy again, he headed into a booth opposite one where some guy was blowing a trucker looking guy. He stood there looking at the movie, but made no attempt to shoo me away. Encouraged, I blocked the doorway from the crowd that was gathering to watch the action in the opposite booth. We kind of stood there for a few minutes and I noticed the bulge growing in his pants. I decided to take the first move and started rubbing his basket a bit. I thought he was going to cum right there. I started to find his zipper, but he said "In a minute" and started out the door.

I followed hin to the entrance, where there was a set of broken booths nobody ever went into. Before I could even get in the door, he had his fly open and his boner freed. I wasted no time taking that thing into my mouth, and again, I thought he was going to cum right there. I started feeling him as I sucked his dick, feeling his big beefy paws, and then I felt his wedding ring. Sweet. He had the nicest hands, with big thick fingers and chubby palms. I was getting way turned on by him as I continued feeling him up, all over his legs, his nips, his feet, everywhere I could reach with his dick still in my mouth. He asked if I minded if he just sat back and enjoyed it, to which I replied not at all, you can do anything you want. I must've blown him for 20-30 minutes, but I'm not really sure. We were both way into each other, in a sort of connection that's rare in that sort of venue. Finally, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and started jacking it. I asked if he was close, and he just nodded. I told him I wanted it and put my mouth back down to his dickhead. After about 30 seconds he said "Here it is" and I put my mouth back on his shaft just in time to catch a pretty good sized load. It had a very pleasant taste, and I held it in my mouth for a bit, savoring it before gulping it down. We chatted for a bit, and he really wanted to get together again. I'm definately game for that, he said he gets up here for work now and then so I gave him my phone number... We'll see if anything else happens.

After that I needed to get off so I went back down to the booth where I blew the chubby guy and started to jack it. Some guy came in and wanted to suck me, and I just needed to get off so I let him have at it. As he was kneeling on the floor I remembered the chubby guy had blasted a fairly good sized load all over the floor. Sure enough, after I'd fed the guy my load I saw his knees and pantlegs were crusty with the chubby guy's load. I hope he didn't have to explain that to someone at home...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bookstore Bust

Yesterday I made the drive town to a bookstore I'd heard about about an hour South of here. The trip didn't start out too well, there was a pile-up on the freeway that delayed me at least a half hour. Then when I made my way to the offramp to get back on the freeway, the car in the lane next to me proceeded to catch on fire.

I arrived at my destination about 8:00, and the only guy in there was a 50's banker looking dude in a dress shirt and slacks. I waited a couple minutes and went to the booth opposite his. He was stroking a nice piece of meat, so I came to the doorway of his booth. I stroked him for a bit when a nice looking guy came in, he had a bit of a beer belly but he was actually pretty cute. He peeked in, and went off to check out the other booths. At this point, I was wanting to get the banker guy off because I really wanted to play with the chubby guy. I went down on the banker guy, which he really liked. The other guy came back as soon as I got the banker dude's dick in my mouth, after finding the other booths deserted. When he saw that we both didn't care if he watched, he came to the doorway and pulled out a fat uncut slab of meat. It was at this point I saw his wedding ring. That's a big turn on for me, mostly because the first guy to fuck me raw was a married fireman I know. (He shot nice thick loads, too, the kind I could feel in my gut for hours after we'd fucked...) Anyhow... back to the present. I reached up and started jacking him while I sucked the other guy. Banker guy came in my mouth, I held it there and went down on the married guy, sliding his dick around in the other guy's load.

Banker guy left, so it was just me and married guy. I sucked him while he looked for a good movie on one of the video channels, and I pulled my pants down, hoping he might want to fuck me. He was a blowjob only guy, though, and he was really enjoying the head he was getting. unfortunately for me, though, he shot after about 5 minutes. He had some delicious jizz, though, and I made sure to get every drop. We said our goodbyes and I was alone for the next hour and a half. I call it a bust because while I did get some hot action, it all happened in the first 20 minutes I was there and not a single soul came in the rest of the night. It wouldn't have been such a bummer if I hadn't been an hour and a half getting there.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Dry Spell

It's been a slow period for me lately... I was beginning to think the blog thing was a jinx because after I wrote about dudes I wouldn't hear from them again. The "curse" was broken when I heard from the mechanic a few weeks ago. It was pretty much the same as last time, he's a hot fucker and I love the way he uses my hole... This time I swallowed his load, I don't think he had blown one in a few days because he commented on what a big load I got.

I haven't heard from the cop in about a month, which is a huge disappointment because he was a cool guy. I guess the distance was a bit much for him. That or his wife... Oh, well...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Overcoming Soreness

Got fucked again by my bf... I was still a little bit sore from the other night, but I overcame that once I had his dick in my ass for a few minutes. I'm dripping spooge out of my hole, a remnant from another intense fuck session.

However, this afternoon for some reason I was thinking of one of my nastier encounters... It happened about a year ago. I met this guy at a porn shop in the town I used to live in, a hot married dude that just wanted some head. I have a weakness for married dudes, in fact the first guy that shot a load in my ass was an average looking married guy I met through a friend (Had to put that "average" crack in there to see if he actually looked at the link I gave him to this page... excuse my wisecracking). Anyway, after talking for a bit we went out to our cars. He was too nervous to get sucked off in one of the booths there, so after about 10 minutes I suggested we go to the bathroom at the Taco Bell a block away since it had a locking door. He was unsure about that, but his horniness won out and soon we were on our way. He went in first, I waited a minute and followed him in. I locked the door, he already had his cock out. I was on my knees in an instant, his cock was a pretty nice one, about 7 inches, cut and just the right thickness. He said a lot of nasty things I can't recall now, and said he was so horny he wouldnt last long. He then said "I hope you know you're going to swallow my load." to which I just nodded. In fact, that just made me hotter, he was so fuckin hot I would've ate his load anyway but I didn't let on to that fact. Just to make sure, when he announced he was cumming he put his hands on the back of my head just to make sure I didn't pull off. He didn't let his dick come out of my mouth until he was sure I had swallowed all of his cum. Fucking hot.

I met him again, and this time he was nervous, again, but I talked him into following me to my work. There was an unused room with a lot of heating ducts and crap in it, so I led him up the stairs and fished his cock out. It was basically a repeat of the last time, with him making sure I was really his cumdump and I ddin't escape without having his cumload in my belly. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day... And I Am Fuckin' SORE!

My bf has been super horny lately, so the end result is that I've gotten plowed 4 times in 2 days. Last night took it's toll on my hole, I was already pretty sore from Wednesday night, but he was wanting some more hole so what was I to do? :) I started out blowing him, sucked his fat meat for about 15 minutes, then he went into his "toolbag" and brought out a dildo. It's not that long, but it's pretty fat and has a nice texture on it. I lubed it up and started to gingerly work it in and out of my hole, trying to overcome the soreness from the night before. He started talking dirty, saying how nice that looked going in and out of my hole, and how good his dick was going to feel in there, which got me pretty turned on. I was still pretty sore when he rammed his dick in, but after a few minutes it started to feel better because his dick didn't have the rough texture that the dildo does.

He fucked me for about 15 minutes, then grabbed onto my shoulders and exploded deep in my hole. It was great. I had to leave shortly after that, because I had to go to work at 4:30 in the morning. As I stood there saying goodbye, his half hard dick started poking out of his boxers. Well, I couldnt pass that up, so I put it in my mouth and got it all the way hard again. Within 5 minutes I was on the floor getting my brains fucked out of me. I was starting to hirt a bit, now, but I knew this wouldnt end until I had another load in there. He must've shot a lot the first time, because I could feel him digging some of the cum out. It wasn't long before he was adding another batch of babybatter to what he'd blown in me 20 minutes ago, in spite of my soreness I could feel his dick expanding as he blew. It was fuckin nice.

I guess he blew a hell of a lot of jizz in my hole, because in the morning there was a decent sized wet spot on the sheets.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Twice In Less Than 24 Hours

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but here goes...

Saturday night I spent the evening with my buddy (Not sure how to apply a simple label to our relationship, I'm not going to go into it here but it works for us) and had a nice night of dinner, TV, porn and sex. I sucked his dick for over a half hour, tugging on his balls, licking his balls, sucking his dick again, rubbing his balls on my chin as I sucked his dick, (I had a little bit of stubble on my chin, the sensation was driving him wild) until he finally told me to get his dick wet. I spit all over it, and was commanded to sit on it.

With good old fashioned spit and pressure, my ass was resting against his pubes in a matter of about a minute. (He's got 8 fat inches, so I just enjoyed working it in my hole) I rode him for a few minutes, in a very awkward position for me as I had to hold myself up on the couch and my arms were about to give out. About that time, he told me to get on the floor on my hands and knees. He proceeded to ram my ass pretty good, until asking me if I wanted some cum. I needed a load up there, so I told him as much. Within seconds he was grabbing my shoulders shoving that fat dick in as far as it would go, emptying his nuts in my stretched open hole.

This morning I spent my lunch break at the mechanic's shop. I arrived and he was sitting at the desk in the office watching a clip of some chick getting rammed by a fat black dick on the computer. I unzipped him and started to go to work on his dick. It was fucking COLD in there, so we neither one got totally naked, only removing just enough clothing to get the job done. Actually, it was pretty hot blowing him in his mechanic's coveralls. I haven't smelled the smell of motor oil in a guy's crotch since I moved away from the tow truck driver I used to fuck around with. (A story for another time)

After I blew him for a few minutes he asked me if I needed to get that ass fucked. He led me to the back, in the area where they work on the cars, and showed me to a back seat taken out of someone's minivan. I assumed the position and felt his big dick sliding in. I hadn't realized how sore my hole was from last night until just then, but at that time it was too late to do anything about that since I knew he wouldnt stop ramming me until he'd dropped his load. After a few minutes the pain went away and it started to feel reeeeeeal good. It helped a bit that he started in with some nasty talk, telling me how good my white ass looked stretched around his fat dick, and how he bet I'd love for him to line up guys to fuck me all day, and on and on like that. I, on the other hand, could do little more than moan quite loudly as the minivan seat started scooting across the floor from the force of his fucking. That turned him on, he said how he liked hearing me moan like a bitch as he used my pussy. I was rock hard, but didn't touch my dick since he had ordered me not to the last time I was there. After about 10 minutes of this, he started working my hole over, pulling all the way out and slamming it back in, HARD. On one of these strokes, he left it out saying he was too close to cumming. He put it back in, and just as soon as he pulled all the way back out again he yelled out "Shit you made me cum!" and felt him shove it back in, saying "Well, you started it so you better finish the rest of it....". My ass was so numb by then I couldnt actually feel the sperm shooting out of his dick, but I could feel the wetness when he pulled out. I imagine my ass wasn't closing up, but I just pulled my pants up since I had to get to work. We washed up, I only had some awful Pina Colada lube packets so I had to get that shit off my hands before I left. I don't know what the minivan owner will think of their back seat reeking of it, but that's not my problem.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Second post... So soon!

Today I finally hooked up with a genuine policeman. He had responded to one of my ads looking for uniform or blue collar guys about 3 weeks ago, but the times we were supposed to hook up scheduling conflicts would arise and it didn't happen.

When he initially responded to my post, I googled the email address. I always do this when someone contacts me, mostly out of nosiness about what I might find. In this case, there was exactly one result, the webpage for a local police organization. I knew it was the same guy because not only the email matched, but the cell number on the page was the same number he had called me from. Now I'll admit, I have always had a fantasy of having an encounter with a cop. I know it's stereotypical, but it's mostly because I love clean cut guys. In fact, one of my biggest turn offs is long hair on a man. Anyhow, I now knew this guy is a cop, and what department he works for. I had no idea what he looked like, but he has a very sexy voice, a very butch Italian voice that got me hard almost immediately.

Fast forward to this afternoon, I'm sitting in my buddy's living room and my phone rings. I let the voicemail get it, and when I check my messages I see it was the cop. He was free this afternoon and wanted to come over. He had tried to call me earlier but got the wrong number. Ordinarily not a big deal but I had jerked off just an hour previously from being so damn horny and was spent. I wasn't going to put him off again, though, so I told him to come over and he said he'd be here in an hour.

I made my excuses to my buddy who was in a lousy mood anyway and got ready. When he showed up he was very doable. Short buzz cut hair, mustache and a Harley tattoo on his arm. We sat in the living room and chatted about things -- him being stuck in a bad marriage, my move out here, when he abruptly asked if I had any porn. I had a straight DVD I had found in the trash in my apartment building so I put that in. Within 3 minutes our pants were off and I had his dick in my mouth. It was a nice one, only about 5 inches but it had a FAT head on it, almost twice as thick as his shaft. I was jerking myself off and he wanted a taste of my dick. He sucked me for a few, then started to jerk me off. I reached under and jerked him off but couldnt hold out. I had to have that dick in my mouth again. He took the hint and we traded places on the chair. I started going down on him and he pulled me off saying he didn't want to cum just yet. I started sucking on his balls, and that's when I noticed it... on his other arm, there was a large police themed tattoo. Nice. It was shortly after this that he asked me if I swallowed. For him, I'd do anything. I sucked his cock for about another 3 minutes then his cream started flooding my mouth. It was delicious, and I was super hard despite having shot my wad only a short time earlier. I knew I wouldn't cum again, but I didn't care. I had gotten this stud cop's load and that was what I wanted. Next time I hope he'll be willing to fuck me and put that load up my hole...

First Post

Hey guys! After reading other people's blogs and getting horned up from them I thought I'd try my own. I guess I'll start with recent events and go from there.

Yesterday was a repeat from this mechanic that fucked me 2 weeks ago. He responded to an ad I had placed, and lucky for me he was only about 10 minutes from where I work. I showed up at his place, which happened to be his auto repair shop, and followed him into the work area. He had his coveralls unzipped as we were walking, and I wasted no time in fishing out his fat dick.

After a few minutes of him jamming his meat down my throat, he wanted me to "show him my pussy". I turned around and bent over, while he manhandled my ass. He fished around in his pocket and got out a rubber, while I fished in my pocket for the lube. I tore open the packet and was greasing up my hole and his fat dick, then his hands were pushing me back over a car there in the shop. Damn, that dick felt good. He was stretching my hole open, coming at me from different angles, really working my hole over. He kept telling me how good my pussy felt, and how he didn't think he could get hard from fucking a guy, and assorted other dirty things as he rammed my ass.

After about 10 minutes of this, he was getting close to cumming. I said I wanted to drink his load, so he pulled out and spun me around, shoving his meat back in my mouth. I squeezed that fat dick, pulled on his balls, and did whatever he commanded me to. After a few minutes, he was unloading his nutjuice in my mouth. It was a decent load, and I of course swallowed it all.

Now on to yesterday. I emailed him in the morning, to keep contact open, and I got a reply about 5 hours later: "Want some dick?". I was there right after work, and he was sitting in the office area of the shop. I sat in a chair and took off my coat, while he sat on the opposite side of the desk and tried to warm up with a heater. We chatted for a few minutes, then he suggested I help him warm up. I unzipped his pants and fished out his dick. It was just as fat and juicy as I remembered it. I worked on his dick and balls for a while, then he stood up and jammed his dick in my throat just like last time. I was getting rock hard by this time, but it was about his dick, not mine. He was already close to cumming, so he had me turn around and he played with my ass again. My ass was kind of sore from where I had played with a dildo the night before, but I was so horny I didn't care.

He slid the rubber on, and I greased up my hole. He slid his fat cock right up there, and started in with a stream of dirty talk just like last time, and again, he really abused my hole with that fat meat -- coming at me from all angles, pulling out and shoving it back in, anything he could to get his nut. He moved me over to the desk, shoving the papers and stuff to one side. I grabbed onto the desk for dear life as he rammed me good. He was fucking me so hard the desk moved a bit. I left my hole where it was to give him the most access, and he told me he might just bust right in my sweet little ass. I was moaning somewhat loudly while this was going on, so I guess he took this as a "yes". He didn't say anything, but I could tell from his motions he was erupting. He pulled out a moment later, and that rubber was bulging with cum. I commented on the size of the load, and I was thinking I should take it off him and drink it, but he started out the room to clean up. As he left, he commented how he "hated to waste it". So did I.