Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Past Few Days

I've had quite a dry spell lately, even the dude that brings guys over to fuck me hasn't had luck finding guys. I guess people are on vacation from sex, lol.

Anyhow, Saturday night I got a call from the mechanic about 9:00, he wanted to fuck. Cool, I hadn't been fucked in a while and really needed it so I was definately game. I pulled up to his mechanic shop about 20 minutes later, went into the door and found him there drinking sone vodka. I came in and he told me to get to sucking on his dick. I did, and he started fucking my face almost right away. His dick is pretty thick, so I choked on it a couple times. He told me I was going to take all of his dick if I choked or not, he wanted to make my throat sore for a couple days after.

He did that, and more. This was one of the most intense fucks I had in a long time -- I was sore all over for 2 days from being bent into all sorts of positions, but I loved it. He said how much he loved having a white boy to fuck, and how he knew i loved sneaking off into the ghetto to get fucked by a black guy, and how he loved fucking me without my boyfriend knowing, and on and on like this for about an hour. I can't think when I've been fucked for so long. Finally he came, though, still wearing a condom. He keeps talking of cumming in my ass, and I keep begging for it so hopefully I'll get him worn down soon and he'll be dumping his load deep up in my ass.

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damien whitfield said...

i luv to hear when the mechanic fucks u, u should put a little more details though, but all in all another hot post.