Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Life has kept me pretty busy... I've had some fun but not a lot of time to sit and write about it.

I did meet up with a doctor at a local hospital, we met online and he wanted to meet. I met him in the parking lot at the hospital and ended up sucking him off in his car. He indicated an interest in going into a bathroom and fucking me next time we meet. He also indicated he "wanted to fill my ass with his hot cum", so I'm hoping that means what I think it does!


Anonymous said...

Even taken a guy's load in his car? It's risky, but fun. Nice post!

Billy Twee said...

Hey, I'm billytwee...my blog is Pozboi Bareback Documentary...check it out...my question: how did this pan out with the doctor? He wouldn't be the only doctor engaging in
'unsafe' sex, this I know, and I would like to meet up with some of these docs. I'm in SF,CA. Nice blog, you got.