Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long Time No See

I was out killing an afternoon when I got a text from that truck driver I sucked off a while ago saying "I'm at that rest stop you sucked me off at. Im so horny Im going to jack off". I was free, so I replied "I'm not far from there. How about I suck you off?" After a few texts we agreed to meet halfway.

He said he was parked behind a hotel, I was about 3 minutes from there so I drove over and was surprised to find him not in a semi this time but in his car. It had been so long since I had seen him I had forgotten how damn good looking he was. (He's about 30, 6 foot, 140 lbs, shaved head Irish guy.) When I got in his car he was in a shirt and tie, slacks and dress shoes. He looked smokin' hot. "I've been wanting to give you my cum for a long time." he said.

He unzipped his slacks and fished out his half hard meat which I wasted no time in taking in my mouth. "Oh, yeah, that's soooo good." he said as I sucked him hard. I only sucked him for about 5 minutes, until he started to jack his meat. I encouraged him, telling him how bad I wanted his cum, and how I had been waiting for him to give me his load again. "Open up, here it cums!" and I clamped my mouth down on his meat in time to catch the first spirts of his salty load. He shot 6 or 7 squirts into my mouth, which I held there until he stopped shooting. I pulled off and opened my mouth so he could see his load on my tongue. "Swallow it, baby" he ordered, which I gladly did. I licked the reamining drop of cum from his dick and he got a napkin from the back floor and wiped off. Bad idea, since bits of napkin got stuck to his dick. "No biggie, I have to shower after my game anyway." I didn't ask what he was playing, but he would do so with lighter balls, that's for sure.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twilight Zone

Tonight while I was at work I was pretty horned up so I sent a text message to the horse hung thug guy from a few posts down. I got a message back saying "Who this". I replied and asked if he wanted some head. I got a reply back, from another number saying cool, we can do it after work, etc. Long story short, work ends and I tell thug guy I'm on my way over. He asks if I know where he is, and I ask "Still off 117th?" and he says "I think u got me confused". Oooooook.... I get directions to a street in the ghettoiest ghetto and I'm thinking WTF? Is this the same thug guy from the other day??? With semi-vague directions like this I decide I'm going to call this guy, as I'm not going to randomly knock on a door in the ghetto's ghetto at 11:30 at night.

I talk to him for a minute, and it's obvious... I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THE FUCK THIS IS. So he comes down the stairs of his house, and once I see him at the door. Yeah, I've never laid eyes on this guy before. He was about 25, dark skinned black and wearing nothing but a pair of Adidas and a T-shirt. We go upstairs, and there's straight black porn playing on the TV. He sits on the couch and a 7" soft dick is flopping around. I lift the shirt up and get busy sucking. He's hard in no time, revealing a 10" slab of meat. He never says anything to be but moans while he's looking at this chick getting fucked on the TV. After about 10 minutes, he wants to move over to a barstool thing in the living room. I suck him for another 10-15 minutes, with nothing but moans coming from him the whole time. Finally he starts jacking it and orders me to "Open that mouth", and he proceeds to cum in my mouth. It wasn't a lot, probably his second of the night, but I can't complain since I'm in some guy's living room who I have no idea who he is and he's feeding me a load. We go in the bathroom and wash up, and I told him to hit me up anytime on the way out. How the fuck I ended up here... I don't know! I sent the text from the number I had for Thug guy saved in my phone, the same number I reached him at last time, and this other guy's number was NOTHING like Thug's digits. It's something out of the dicksucker's Twilight Zone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

In The Ghetto

I was really horny tonight, so I put an ad up in hopes of getting some dick in me. The only reply I got was from the 7-foot black guy that had fucked me a while back. Nothing wrong with that... but he's really ghetto and wanted me to pay him which is why I stopped having him breed my hole.

We have an email exchange and finally he gives me his new address so he can fuck me. OMG... this place was in the 'hood. His was the only habitable apartment building on the entire block, everything else in sight was boarded up, burned out or both. I called him after I parked in front of his building, and he came down and let me in. Praying my car would still be there when I returned, I followed him up the stairs of this really, really run-down building to his apartment. I had forgotten how good looking he is, and how tall he really was. We wasted no time getting into the bedroom, and I sucked his dick for about 5 minutes then he started face fucking me. I was really getting turned on by him... so I started to undo my pants to free my own bone. "Are you ready?" he asked, to which I replied "Yeah."

He laid me on my side and scooted his massive frame over and slid his bare dick inside me. I doubt he uses condoms at all -- he has never brought them up with me at any case. After a minute or two my hole opened up to accomodate his tool and I was starting to really enjoy it. He never said much, and after pulling all the way out and shoving it back in to the balls for about 10 minutes he said "Gonna cum" and proceeded to shove his fuckstick all the way inside me. He grunted and I could feel my ass getting wetter. "That was good." he said. On the way out I saw his massive size 14 shoes by the door and started to get hard again... Thanksfully my car WAS still there, so I drove home with his ghetto cum starting to leak out of my ass.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doctor's Orders

So I haven't met up with the doctor for a while, 4 or 5 months at least. I had sent him an email a few weeks ago, and had forgotten about ituntil today when I got a reply saying "i am on call at (hospital) today. call me on my cell if u can" I called him and we agreed to meet up on my lunch hour that night.

It was only 10 minutes from work, so I got there in a short time -- but I spent another 10 minutes looking for him as I always get lost in those places. Finally, though, I found him and we chatted a bit as he led me down one hall and another to an area where the doctors would take naps and such. He cautioned me we would have to be quiet, as there was no lock on the door. Wow.

Once in this little room, he put a chair in front of the door and he wordlessly pulled down his scrubs and his half-hard dick flopped out. I sucked him hard, playing with the foreskin and giving him a good suck job as his hand started to work it's way down my pants. I could take a hint, so I unzipped and got my pants down around my ankles. He stood up and tried to shove his dick in, but I needed just a bit of lube, so I got it out of my pocket and slicked up his tool a little. He slid right in, and there was no "warm up" at all. He immediately grabbed my hips and started slamming that cock in me. It was clear he just needed to dump a wad in a hole -- get off as soon as possible. He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes, and I played with myself a little thinking how fuckin hot it was to be getting barebacked... by a doctor... in a hospital. Finally he squeezed my waist HARD and jabbed his dick in as far as it would go. Wordlessly, he dumped his wad in my hole and left his hard meat inside me until it was finished squirting. He pulled out, and I turned around to see a little glob of cum collected at the end of his dick. We said our goodbyes and that was it. Kind of funny how he never once has brought up using a condom... the only time we've ever mentioned them was the first time we met when he said he didn't have any... was that OK?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Horse Hung

This guy replied to an ad I had posted several months ago, and it never worked out for us to get together... until last night. I had emailed him like 3 weeks ago to see if he was free and got no reply. I had forgotten about that until last night, when I get an email in response. After a few exchanges we agreed I'd come by his place after I got off work... only he would have to sneak me in because he lived with his sister and she was at home. That actually made it kind of hotter!

So later that night I arrived at his place, he leads me to the room in the basement which was really a large closet that only had room for a twin bed, a little night table and a little TV set. The only light in the room came from that TV, which was tuned to ESPN. He sat on the bed and asked me what I wanted to do, to which I replied "I want to suck some dick." He laid back on the bed, and I unzipped his Dickies and fish a half-hard dick from his pants. He had sent me a picture of his dick in our initial exchange, and once that sucker got hard I could see it was almost a misrepresentation of his meat. No, he wasn't tiny... in fact, it was quite the opposite. In the pic it looked like he had an average sized dick... but no! His meat swelled to almost 10 inches! Fuck!

I sucked on that dick and worked on the shaft I couldn't fit in there with my hands. The only noises he made were little moans and once in a while he'd say "Oh, that shit feel good." He started to fuck my face with that monster dick, while reaching down and feeling my ass under my pants. After another few minutes he pulled his dick out of my mouth, and with his hand down my pants he asked me if I was in a hurry. Odd question, but I knew what he meant. I pulled my pants down, got the lube out of my pocket and squirted a drop on his cock. He bent me over and eased that meat inside my anxious hole. I tried my best to keep quiet, as I could hear someone walking around on the floor above us, but it wasn't easy. After he busted my hole open, he started going to town. It felt a little uncomfortable, as his hips smashed into mine his dick was hitting DEEP inside me. After a bit it started to feel good, though, and he picked up the pace even more. I heard him making some noises, so I told him to "Cum in that ass". He groaned some, then said "I'm cumming" and shoved his dick all the way in me. He kept sliding in and out for another minute or so, my ass getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. Finally he ripped his meat from my stretched out hole and put his pants back on. I pulled mine up (I had never gotten undressed... hot!) and headed for the door. I hope to see him again!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I should stop...

So yesterday I was online again, with the window open to see if the guy from last Saturday was on. I got a message from someone whose profile said he was from out of the area, and the message said "blk here and looking to fuck text me" and a phone number. I don't really like giving my number out, and his profile wasn't exactly a wealth of info other than 9" and safe sex only, but he seemed serious so I texted him.

After a short exchange I was at his door, he only lived about 5 minutes from me. He was at the door wearing a robe and was not bad looking, he looked African and spoke with a slight accent which was pretty hot. After about 20 seconds of pleasantries, he was leading me down the hallway to the bedroom. I pulled my shirt off and threw it over a chair while he opened his robe. Damn! He had not lied at all about his dick at all! It was at least 9 and FAT. I got to my knees and took as much of it as I could into my mouth.

He let me suck him for 2 or 3 mintues before he told me to get up on the bed. I heard him fumbling around in the nightstand, presumably for a rubber and some lube. Well... I was half right. I felt him drizzle some lube on my ass, then I felt a bare dick pressing against my hole. "You're clean, right? "Yes, are you?" "Yes." as his bare dick forced it's way inside me. I wasn't exactly tight but fuck he was huge. He took it easy on me, thankfully, gently sliding that horse dick in and out of me until he could feel my hole opening up. He started to pick up the pace a bit, then he said he wanted me on my back. At this point I realized I still had my pants and shoes on, so I got totally naked and put my legs in the air. That huge bare dick spread my ass open once again, and he played with my nipples some as he fucked my hole. He had me get back up doggy style, and then he started pounding my hole. It was a bit uncomfortable as I felt like my hole was going to break being stretched around that fat prick, but I might want a repeat with him so I just took it. After a bit, he said he was going to cum soon and where did I want it? "Where ever" I said. He put me on my back again and pounded me some more. "Oh, yes!" he said and pulled out and blasted some cum all over my ass. I was hard, and he said in that accent (Which was turning me on) "Oh, yes, cum for me... go ahead and shoot that load!" He started to jerk me off, while he kept on playing with my hole. I asked him where he came, since I was sure a few squirts had gone inside me before he pulled out, and he said "All over your ass. Look at it... so wet with cum." and I told him that next time I wanted him to cum in me. "Oh, yes next time... all this cum inside you." he said as he started to rub the cum that was dripping down my ass into my hole. I shot all over the place, much to his delight, and he said "Let me get you a towel... You cum like a cow!" I wiped up and put my clothes back on, we said our goodbyes and I was on my way.

He wants tog et together next weekend... but now, after the fact, I'm getting pretty nervous about the past few weeks and the guys I've let cum inside me... I don't think I should keep this up, but I enjoy it so much... ugh!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


(This is sort of a continuation of the previous post)

So Sunday I'm getting ready to go to work and the phone rings. Private number, which more than likely means it's the mechanic. I couldn't talk right then as my other half was there, so I let it go to voicemail. About a half hour later, it rings again, so I pick up and it's him telling me how he's really horny and he needs some ass and I needed to get over there and take care of him. I really didn't have time for this but I hadn't seem him for a while so I said I'd get over there.

When I got to his shop, he was on the phone to someone. I didn't say anything, because I didn't know who was on the other end and it was on speakerphone. He put a shirt over the windown in the door to the office and told me to say hi to whoever it was on the phone. I did, and he told me that this was a friend fo his, who had sucked his dick before but now I was going to suck both of them and they were both going to fuck me. Well, this was getting interesting...

While he finished his phone call, I called work and told them I was going to be late, then I was told to get my clothes off and start sucking dick. I sucked him for a while while he sat in the desk chair, then I was told that he wanted to bust my ass open, he wanted to have it opened up before his friend got there. I was told to bend over the desk and to get my ass ready. He put a condom on (even though I've tried to get him to do me raw many times) and stuck his dick in my ass in one motion. Fortunately I was pretty open from the previous day's fucking so it didn't hurt like it does when I haven't been fucked in a while.

He started fucking me pretty hard, when he picked me up off the desk, and held me on his dick as he sat down in the chair. He told me to just sit down on his cock, and to keep that dick in my ass. I sat there for a few minutes, as instructed, when his phone rang. It was his wife... wanting to know when he would be home for dinner. He said he had to go to the shop for something and he'd be home soon. (Little did she know her man was shoving his dick up a white guy's ass at that moment)

A few minutes later, his friend showed up. He was pretty hot looking, in a ghetto sort of way. He had on a baggy orange shirt, some sweat pants and a pair of Adidas. If I had seen him on the street, I would definately have wanted him to fuck me, but no way in hell would I have asked!! The mechanic tells his friend that we were just waiting for him to get there, and did he want his dick sucked. I was still bent over the desk, with the mechanic's dick in my ass, and he told his friend to put his dick in my mouth. He pushed his sweats down to reveal what looked to be a smallish dick, but as it got hard I found that the newcomer was a grower. I ended up with a 9 inch black dick in my face, so I opened my mouth so he could put it in. He tried, but the desk was so wide the best I could do was to lick the head. He tried to get the mechanic to stop fucking me complaining his knees hurt from the desk, but the mechanic would have none of it. Finally, his friend spotted a beer on the table and wanted one. He ended up on a trip to the liquor store down the road, and when he returned the two of them rolled some joints. The mechanic ordered me back on his friend's dick, and told him to turn around so he could see his friend's ass.

I just kept sucking his friends dick, while the mechanic started to get up behind him and I assumed he was rubbing his dick on the guy's ass. His friend didn't like it, and I gathered whatever dick sucking he did was not completely voluntary. After a few minutes of this, I was told to get back over the desk. He put his friend standing behind him, and asked him if he wanted to fuck me. "Go on and fuck him, and I want to fuck you while you're doing him." His friend hesitated, and he said "Don't you want to fuck him?" "Not that bad." "C'mon... shit you know you want to fuck him. Just let me have a little of your ass." "No, I dont want to fuck him that bad." Finally the mechanic relented and got back in front of me while his friend started ramming my ass. He had the same problem as earlier, where I couldn't reach his dick because the desk was too wide. He climbed up, but got down after a few minutes -- "You're right, that does kill your knees." His friend then had the mechanic sit in the chair, and he spun me around and jammed the mechanic's dick in my mouth while he continued to fuck me. His friend started to really pound me hard, and I started to moan. "That don't sound like you're suckin no dick." he said, and jammed the mechanic's dick back in my mouth.

The mechanic started talking dirty, telling me how great I looked with black dicks in both ends, and how he knew I was a slut that loved to get fucked by black men in the ghetto. He then asked his friend if he was ready to cum, because he wanted them both to cum at the same time. His friend said he was, but I noticed he wasn't as hard as he was before. I think he wasn't enjoying my ass as much as he would if he were fucking me raw, but with the mechanic there there was no way that was going to happen. The mechanic held my head on his dick as he shot his load, ordering me to swallow it. (As if I wouldn't) his friend wasn't ready to shoot, though, so when the mechanic got out of the chair he turned me back around and started to fuck my mouth. I tried my best to keep up with him, but they had been fucking me for 2 hours now and I was beginning to show signs of wear. After a bit, he pulled and started to jack it, making noises like he was going to cum. I put my mouth back on his dick, and let him shoot a massive load in my mouth. I think he liked that, not knowing he could com in whatever hole he wanted. I told him "Next time, cum in my ass for real." at which point I got my clothes back on because I was already 2 hours late for work...

Monday, November 2, 2009


Saturday before work I was messing around on the computer, not really seriously looking for anything but not opposed to an opportunity if you know what I mean...

I set up my profile making it very clear I'm just looking for sex. I get a message, and checking the profile I see 1) no picture and 2) it's all about wanting a relationship and not a hookup, etc. etc. OK, so I respond to the generic "what's up" and after 3 messages he was wanting me to come over to fuck. (So much for "relationship") He was about 30 minutes away from me... and I had to be to work in an hour and a half. Tight schedule, but doable. I don't usually go to that much trouble for a "no pic" situation, but I had a good feeling about this so I went ahead and arranged for a meeting.

I found his place, and was very pleased when he came to the door. He actually reminded me quite a lot of the first guy that fucked me raw. I got over the uncanny resemblance and was lead to his TV room, where we chatted for about 5 minutes until I couldn't hold back and unzipped his pants. He had a nice, fat cock -- even soft and I wasted no time taking it into my mouth. "I was going to ask if you wanted to go upstairs... but this works." he said. I sucked him hard, revealing about 8 inches of thick, fat dickmeat. This went on for about 5 minutes until he wanted to take it upstairs. Fine with me!

Once upstairs we got naked in 2 minutes and he told me to bend over the bed. I heard him taking some lube out of the drawer and... a condom. I was totally into this guy and was prepared to let him in me raw, but I would enjoy that fat meat either way.

I hadn't been fucked in a while and was pretty tight, but he took it slow and within a minute all 8 inches of that dick was inside me. "Let me know when you're ready to get fucked." "Fuck me... Fuck me good!" That was what he was waiting for, as he started to pound my hole really good. He fucked me like that for at least 10 minutes, then he turned me my side which was totally hot because I could look up at him as he was nailing me. I love that.

After another few minutes, he pulled out and took the condom off. I started to blow him again, and he asked if I was ready for some more of this dick. I just flipped onto my back and put my legs up in the air as a response. He reached over and grabbed another condom from the table, put it on and started fucking me some more. He put me back doggy style again, and fucked me for a few more minutes before pulling out. Condom off, I started blowing him some more.
"You want to eat this nutt?"
"You can cum where ever you want."
"How about I bust up in this ass?"
"Where ever you want."

Doggy style once again, he put his dick at my hole
"Let me just put the head in." "It's gonna be nekkid, is that what you want?"
"Uh huh"
With that, he slid his dick back in me, raw this time. He fucked me for about 3 minutes or so, before he started making noises like he was cumming, but he never stopped fucking. 10 minutes later, "Eat this nutt!" and he pulled out and presented me with his meat. I opened up, and such a small amount of cum came out that had to have been his second load. "You made me work for that nutt!" he said.

We laid next to each other on the bed chatting for a bit, me playing with that fat dick the whole time. "That was hot when you said I could cum where ever I wanted", he said with a bit of amazement. I'm hoping there will be many repeats of that!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catching Up

Work and real life has had me pretty busy over the past few weeks, but I do have a few tales to share. The first is when I went away for a weekend to meet a friend of mine in another state. Since I was alone, I had a hotel room in which to hook up with some locals (or so I hoped). The first night, I did hook up but it was a dud. The guy rather misrepresented himself and looked liek Jackie Chan... I wasn't into him at all, so I sucked him off and sent him on his way. By then I was tired so I just headed off to bed.

The next day made up for it. Mid-afternoon a guy expressed interest in my ad. After a lengthy email exchange (I usually don't bother with those, but in the course of the conversation I disocvered he was a "straight" black guy and was just nervous) he agreed to come over. From out conversation he sounded pretty hot, and I was all set to take the plunge this time and let him do me raw. However... he asked about condoms. I decided I would try and help things by doing something to it so it might break, but I had no nailfile or anything so I looked around and decided to leave it under the iron for a few minutes, hoping that heating it up would make it break.

He showed up and was exactly what I had been hoping for... he had a rough "street" quality, but he was pretty nice. On his right arm some girl's name was tattooed, and on the other arm I'm pretty sure were gang tattoos. We talked for about a minute before I got on my knees and started blowing him. His dick was delicious, and I was really getting into it when he wanted me to bend over. I was hoping he had forgotten about the rubber as I was VERY into him and wanted to go through with letting him cum in me. However, he didn't, so I got it out of the drawer. He fucked me hard for about 10 minutes before he shot, after he was done he apologized for not lasting so long but it had been a while since he had done this and he was too excited. I took the rubber off his dick, and he asked if there was a Coke machine, and he'd be right back. He left, and I was about to blast myself so I stuck my dick in the condom and used his cum to jack off with. After about 10 minutes he never came back, which was weird -- I would't have cared if he fucked and left, but whatever.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy night...

Last night my boyfriend wanted to go out... we went to a bar for a bit then went to the baths. I much prefer the bookstore action to the baths. There's more of a turnover at the bookstore, where the baths... not so much.

There was hardly anyone there, so after a bit we went to the room and I blew him for a bit until he wanted to go walk around. We walked the mostly empty halls and I saw a gorgeous black guy come in. I like to sleep with black guys, the BF does not. So, it didn't seem like anything would be going on in that direction, or did it?

While the BF was in the room, I told him I wanted to check out another area (which I did) but on the way I spied the black guy adjusting his meat under his towel. I told him I wished I was there alone, because I'd spend all night with him. He suggested we go into a darker place and I could blow him for a bit. I blew him for about 5 minutes, before I got the feeling I'd been there a bit too long. It would be pretty ulgy if the BF were to find me with a big black dick in my mouth, to say the least. Fortunately, he was cool with it, so I told him I'd catch up with him as soon as I could get away.

About 20 minutes later, I was in our room blowing the BF again and I mentioned I was hot (Which I really was, the air didn't seem to be on in that place!) I blew him some more, and out of the corner of my eye I could see the black guy down the hall, stroking that huge slab of meat. To my relief, it was suggested I take a shower if I was hot. Perfect. The black guy was already waiting for me in the dark area, so I blew him for another 5 or 10 minutes. Sensing it was time to head back, I told him so and he was cool with it.

Finally, the BF was done, and I expressed my interest in goint to another area of the place, but he didn't want to, so that fit in perfectly with my plan. I wandered around, and the black guy found me so we went back over to the dark area. He was in for business now. I got on my knees and was sucking him, and he moved around in front of me so I was pressed up against the wall and he was shoving all 9 inches of dick in my mouth. While he was doing that, I was really thinking how I'd love that to be in my ass... But... I didn't have a condom and was too nervous to bareback in that sort of environment. Yeah, I've had loads in me before and I love that feeling. Those times were different in that I knew the guys names, addresses and stuff about them. I came to the realization last night that while I jack off about that same scenario happening that was happening to me right then, I'm not prepared to deal with the possible outcome. I put those serious thoughts out of my mind and just focused on enjoying the nice face fucking I was getting. I choked a few times when he bottomed out in my mouth, but nothing too bad. Finally, I got my reward of 6 or 7 spurts of cum deposited directly in my mouth. I liked that I could feel the sperm squirting out of his dick. Usually I feel the puddle growing in my mouth but not the actual spurts. I swallowed, and he thanked me for "making his night". Ditto!

So there you have it... sorry if some of you are disappointed I didnt go all the way with him but I don't make this stuff up. What you see is what you get...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The First Load

This is a "reminisce" about my first time doing it bareback...

I met him through a friend of a friend. This friend had been talking to this guy online for a while, he was a married guy but curious about guys, etc, etc. Long story short we went to his work to meet him and me and this guy hit it off so we exchanged numbers.

A few days later he invited me back down to his work to chat, I was into him so I said "what the hell" and went down there around 1 in the morning or something like that. We talked for a while, and he suggested we go into a conference room that was off the main area where he was working. I was boned up so of course I agreed to go along. I was totally naked, spread out on the conference table while he just had his uniform pants unzipped letting me work on his meat. After blowing him for a bit, he turned me over and started fingering my ass, working on it to get it loosened up... Next thing I knew his bare cockhead was poking at my hole. I had a condom in my jeans and knew I should stop and use it but right then all I could think of was this big cock stretching my ass apart, and the hotness of the situation -- how exciting it was to be getting fucked in this office by a married guy that was supposed to be working... 10 minutes later, he was ready to blow a load. I asked him to shoot it on my back, but he was begging me to unload in me, and after a few more strokes I could feel a big load creaming my guts, so I guess it was too late by then.

I hung out for a little while longer before going home, but once I left I was pretty dazed over what I had done. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was really turned on by being used like that, letting someone else have complete control was part of the excitement. He called the next day to make sure I was OK and such, and we met many, many more times until I moved away, sometimes at his work and sometimes at his house when his wife was at work. It was through him I really started to enjoy taking loads, and we talk on occasion and we're already making plans for my visit back out there...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Batting Practice

The 5 people reading this might've noticed my posts are pretty short. Honestly, it takes me a fair amount of time to write up posts in detail, and with the lack of feedback it makes me wonder if it's worth the investment of time writing when I could be out sucking dick.

Anyway, I went out to the bookstore yesterday and had a pretty good time. Played around with a nice looking older guy but he didn't want to do much else than jack. I played off and on with him for a bit (He would leave when a crowd would come around) and finally I found another mid-40's guy that wanted to play. I was in the booth with him jacking off when the first guy came in to join the fun. They both jacked each other off until they finally shot their loads all over me. I rubbed the cum around my chest and scooped some off to jack off with. A kind of ugly guy came in before I knew it and sucked all the cum off. I broke away and wandered around again.

I was getting ready to leave when I saw a nice looking black guy with a great body at the register behind a couple buying some sex toys. He looked like the typical "DL" guy that just wants to nutt and get out. My kind of guy! I followed him into the other side of the arcade and went into the booth opposite his. I watched him play with himself through his pants, and finally he took out his 8" dick out. I went over and asked him if he wanted help with it and he just nodded and pulled his shorts down more. I went to town sucking him when another black guy came into the booth.

The guy I was blowing didn't care, so I kept on sucking his tasty cock while the other guy jacked. I blew the other guy a bit, but he wanted to share the football player's dick with me (He was definately some sort of athlete, I'm guessing football but who knows). I was fine with that as long as I got the guy's load! After a few the interloper left and I was once again alone with the football player. I blew him for about 20 minutes, (I'm guessing since I really lost track of time) alternating between sucking him and jacking him and licking his balls. While my mouth was on his balls he started making noises so I got my mouth back around the head of his cock just in time to catch a nice load. I cleaned all the drops off his cockhead, swallowed and said "Thanks". He nodded, and that's when I realized I had this guy's load in me and he had never spoken a word to me!

I went and washed up and left, having 2 loads of cum smeared on me making my T-shirt stick to my chest and another load in my belly. I saw the football player guy leaving in his BMW, so at least I know what car to hope to see in the parking lot next time!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I've noticed that I get off more if a guy that fucks me shoots a nice, thick load. It must be something to do with being able to feel his jizz lingering in my guts or something, becuase I just don't get that "glowing" feeling later when a guy shoots watery cum. I know, I'm being overly picky, since cum is cum, but I was wondering if anyone else out there feels the same.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I topped...

So last week I was at that bookstore for lack of anything better to do... It's like the lottery -- most of the time I lose, but I win often enough that I keep going back. After winding my way through the trolls and queens I find a decent enough looking guy, probably early 50's sitting in a booth jerking off. I stand in the booth opposide his and watch for a minute, then I move over to the doorway of where he was. Getting no negative sign, I step into his booth and in a moment or two I was sucking his dick. He lasted maybe 5 minutes then he was flooding my mouth with a nice load. I got up and left, as did he. It was pretty hot eating a guy's load without having spoken a word to him.

I wandered around for 10-15 minutes more when a tall black guy came in... I watched him for a bit to see what he was doing and after 5-10 minutes I was in his booth. It was weird, we made out and stuff but he never took his dick out. I lead him around, until I was naked in front of him and he was playing with my ass. All the while his clothing got looser and looser but never came off. Usually I'd consider such a guy a waste of time, but for some reason I found it pretty hot. After about a half hour of this, he was finally ready to cum and I got to see his dick. I grabbed onto it and jacked him off, and after about a minute his load was all over my hand. He left, and I stood there jacking my dick with his cum as lube.

About 2 minutes later, a cute mid 40's married guy came in and started to jerk it with me. I wanted another load so I started sucking him, then he wanted me to play with his ass. I did, while I sucked on his dick. He was getting into me playing with his ass and wanted me to fuck him. I don't usually, but I was ready to shoot a wad and get out of there so I put my dick, still coated in the black guy's cum, up his hole. He never said anything about a condom, so I wasn't going to bring it up. I have a hard time keeping it hard with them, so I try not to use them on the rare occasions I get to fuck someone. I fucked him for a few minutes, then pulled out to spit on my dick as the cum was drying out by now. I lasted maybe another 5 minutes before I said I was getting close. He didn't say anything, so I took that as an OK to blow my wad in his hole. After I came down from the excitement of blowing in his ass I pulled out and we went on our way. As you all know, I top very rarely but I sure enjoyed that!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, the past few weeks I've tried to get up to some mischef but had mixed results.

First I went to a park that is known for action... I sat in my car and watched a older troll type guy chat with a mid 30's guy, more curious as to why this guy would give an old troll the time of day. They apparently saw something in each other, because they both moved over to parking spaces near the back of the lot. I watched in the rear view mirror as the mid 30's guy stood between their cars looking into troll's car, when suddenly troll sped away, almost running into a car pulling into the lot. As I was trying to figure that one out, the car he almost ran into pulled in next to me and we both watched as troll guy got busted by the park rangers. Well, that answered the question of what the cute mid 30's guy saw in the park ranger.

That killed the mood for me and the cute married guy that pulled in next to me, so we took our blue balls and went our seperate ways...

Friday, May 1, 2009

I wonder...

I happened across a profile of the guy that's fucking me in the photo posted below. On it he says "Safe sex" all over the place, yet when we met he just bent me over and slid his raw dick in me, never a mention or discussion of condoms on any of the times we met. Funny, I bet he's like most guys and when a hole is there they just shove it in!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Cocks, No Cum... WTF?

I ventured down to the closest bookstore to me, hopeing to get some dudes to pop a nut down my throat. To make a long frustrating story short, I sucked 3 guys, one pulled out and shot on the wall... and I blew this gorgeous guy for about 20 minutes then he stopped me because he "didn't want to cum". Ugh! Why else would I put a dick in my mouth if I didn't want the loads???

On my last trip there I did meet a cute Arab guy. He was jerking in one of the booths and told me he didn't want to get sucked. As I turned to leave he finished by saying "I just want to cum in your mouth." I didn't have a problem with that at all, so I just knelt on the floor while he jacked his meat and blew his wad in my mouth. I wish I could have seen it... I felt like such a cumdump! It was hot!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Someone's load...

Going through my computer I found this pic of some guy's load on my chest. I can't remember whose, though...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Photo Time

Here's a pic of me in action with the black dude I mentioned a while back. I stopped messing around with him because he always wanted me to pay him for sex, which I had a big problem with. I did get photos on one of our encounters, however.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Yeah, I've been gone a while. Life happens. I've had a few experiences of note, but little time to write them up.

I finally got fucked by the good doctor after months of trying. I had him stop by my work one Saturday and we went into an unused part of the building. He was already hard by the time we got there, so I sucked him for a few minutes then put some lube on his dick and slid it in. I hadn't been fucked in a while so it was uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it. He fucked me for maybe 5 minutes, then wanted to rest a minute. I started to jack his dick and after maybe 2 mintues he said he was getting close. I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass so I stuck his dick back in my ass. He didn't make any noise, but I could feel my ass get really wet. "I came inside of you" he said as he pulled out. We chatted for a few minutes and he left and I got back to work. It's such a turn on to find a doctor that's so nasty. Hopefully next time he'll bareback me in the hospital... :)

Yesterday I went out to the park, as I didn't have time to venture down to my favorite bookstore. I had a hot time there last time but I'll wait until I have time to write that up properly.

I did get a load at the park, which I rarely do there -- lots of guys looking but nobody ever making a move, it seems. I found an older guy, maybe 40, but not bad looking that kept staring at me. He put his window down so I went over and started talking to him, just bullshit but I could see two things. 1) he was playing with himself through his pants and 2) he had just gotten off work and had on blue Dickies pants, and a uniform shirt with his name sewn on the front. I don't know what it is, but uniforms turn me on something fierce. Anyway, boring details omitted, we wnded up in the bathroom at the park and I had his dick in my mouth. From my vantage point down there I could also see his dirty work boots, which I sooo wanted to get down there and lick but didn't. The whole thing lasted less than five minutes (he had told me he was really close in the car) and with no warning he just shot in my mouth. That in itself was kind of hot, no discussion, just a load of sperm in me. I thought he was done, but another thick rope started to drool off his cock so I went back down and cleaned him off. I gave him my number, but who knows if I'll actually hear from him as he's one of those married closet cases that's afraid of getting caught but hangs around in a public park to get his dick sucked. I don't totally get that one...