Thursday, July 23, 2009

Batting Practice

The 5 people reading this might've noticed my posts are pretty short. Honestly, it takes me a fair amount of time to write up posts in detail, and with the lack of feedback it makes me wonder if it's worth the investment of time writing when I could be out sucking dick.

Anyway, I went out to the bookstore yesterday and had a pretty good time. Played around with a nice looking older guy but he didn't want to do much else than jack. I played off and on with him for a bit (He would leave when a crowd would come around) and finally I found another mid-40's guy that wanted to play. I was in the booth with him jacking off when the first guy came in to join the fun. They both jacked each other off until they finally shot their loads all over me. I rubbed the cum around my chest and scooped some off to jack off with. A kind of ugly guy came in before I knew it and sucked all the cum off. I broke away and wandered around again.

I was getting ready to leave when I saw a nice looking black guy with a great body at the register behind a couple buying some sex toys. He looked like the typical "DL" guy that just wants to nutt and get out. My kind of guy! I followed him into the other side of the arcade and went into the booth opposite his. I watched him play with himself through his pants, and finally he took out his 8" dick out. I went over and asked him if he wanted help with it and he just nodded and pulled his shorts down more. I went to town sucking him when another black guy came into the booth.

The guy I was blowing didn't care, so I kept on sucking his tasty cock while the other guy jacked. I blew the other guy a bit, but he wanted to share the football player's dick with me (He was definately some sort of athlete, I'm guessing football but who knows). I was fine with that as long as I got the guy's load! After a few the interloper left and I was once again alone with the football player. I blew him for about 20 minutes, (I'm guessing since I really lost track of time) alternating between sucking him and jacking him and licking his balls. While my mouth was on his balls he started making noises so I got my mouth back around the head of his cock just in time to catch a nice load. I cleaned all the drops off his cockhead, swallowed and said "Thanks". He nodded, and that's when I realized I had this guy's load in me and he had never spoken a word to me!

I went and washed up and left, having 2 loads of cum smeared on me making my T-shirt stick to my chest and another load in my belly. I saw the football player guy leaving in his BMW, so at least I know what car to hope to see in the parking lot next time!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * said...

Don't get discouraged bud! I'm sure loads of us read about your load quests and we always want to hear more. For my own blog I figure one in 500 readers comments... Keep up the good work!

Black Bull said...

I love your blog... Sorry, I think I commented only once, which is bad since I too know how important it is for the writer to get feedback. I will make a point of leaving a comment more frequently... just keep it up.


Cleveland bottom guy said...

Thanks, guys! I guess after post after post with just a spam comment I could hear the crickets chirping! :)

I'm chatting with a cop in my old town who used to fuck me all the time, he wants to set up a gangbang for me when I get back out that way. Sounds promising!

Kenneth said...

hey-i know this post is from '09 but love your blog.