Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sorry For Stealing Your Trick, Whoever You Are

Another trip to my favorite bookstore.

I had been there about a half hour, had sucked off a few guys when this kind of nerdy looking trailer park guy started cruising me. He was probably about 30, average looking wearing a T-shirt, jeans and velcro shoes. Probably not my first choice but I was there to get some cock, and he was there to give some cock, so what the hell. We got into a booth together and not much was said, we were unfastening pants and taking our shirts off. He played with the hair on my chest and I sucked his nips, massaging his dick through his underwear. After a few minutes of this, I reached into his briefs and pulled his stiff dick out. Not the biggest, maybe 5 inches, but I'm definitely NOT a size queen so I started sucking on it. He was running his hands all over me, and eventually got down to my ass. I moaned in approval, so he started to pay more attention to that area. I pulled off of his dick and turned around so he could look at my ass some more. He did more than look. He dribbled some spit onto his shaft and slid his bare tool inside me. I will say he knew how to use it, he threw a good fuck for about 10 minutes before finally saying he was ready to cum and asking if I wanted it. "Hell yeah" was my reply, so after about 10 more strokes he was blowing a wad inside my ass. We dressed and said our goodbyes.

I sucked off a few more guys (nothing really exciting there) and it was pretty dead so I went out to do some shopping.

When I came back, the black guy with the shitty attitude who I always run into was at the counter, talking to the clerk. I went back to the booths and there was only one person there, with the door shut, so I started back out to the main area when the black guy was there, motioning me into a booth. At first I wasn't sure what was up because I'd seen him there dozens of times and he wouldn't so much as look at me. I entered, and he just said "Wanna fuck?" I said sure and pulled my pants down, he pulled his sweats down and before I could even get my mouth on his cock he turned me around. He stroked his boner a few times then reached in and pulled out the dreaded condom. Blah. I lubed myself up and he started to fuck. His cock was a nice thickness, but it didn't feel as good as it could have. I did take some consolation when I felt trailer park guy's cum start to coat the underside of my balls. He was good with the dirty talk, telling me how good my ass was and making me tell him how I wanted his dick and what a slut I was, but sadly my hole was getting irritated by the plastic dragging back and forth over it. He fucked for a while, about 10 minutes or so before pulling out and saying he didn't want to cum yet. He slapped some more lube on my hole, and stood there playing with his plastic covered dick. Finally he stuffed it back inside me, really pounding the hell out of my ass. He later yanked his cock out and said he was ready to cum. He took the condom off and told me to turn around. "Lick my balls" he said as he stroked his shaft. I thought he was going to at least shoot in my mouth, but that was not to be. He proceeded to hold my head on his nuts as he unleashed a torrent of cum onto my SHOULDER. Bleh.

I wandered around and there were a few new arrivals after that, the only one of interest was a young guy in his late 20s with a dark brown, curly beard. He was sitting there with the door cracked, so I peeped in. He motioned me in, and I went for his tool. "Are you the guy who Emailed me?" "Uh, no." "Oh, I was supposed to meet someone here, but it's cool." he said, shutting the door. "What was this guy supposed to do?" I asked, stroking his cock. "He was going to bottom for me." "I could do that for you." I said, pulling my pants down and kneeling down to suck his cock. I only sucked him for a few minutes when he said "Let me get some of that ass." I bent over against the wall, and he spit on his meat, slid it down my crack and shoved it in once he found my hole. This guy meant business, he proceeded to ram my hole with everything he had, causing my head to bang against the wall of the booth. He kept up this assault for a while -- I lost track of time -- until he went balls deep and stayed there for a few seconds. He pulled out, and I turned around to face him. He stood there with a hard tool, and turned me back around saying "I'm not done with that ass yet." He proceeded to shove his dick back in me and pound it mightily for at least 5 more minutes. "Can I cum in your mouth?" he finally said, breaking the silence. "Cum where ever you want to." He turned me around and jerked a decent sized load of thick cum into my mouth. I'm pretty sure that was his second load, the first having been deposited up my ass.

The place was dead again so I went down the street for a bite of dinner. When I came back there was about 5 people there, including this studfucker god standing in the hallway. He looked like your stereotypical jock/fratboy type. He was bout 6 foot tall, his torso was a solid sheet of muscles. He had on a backwards Penn State cap, an  A&F T-shirt, some jeans and the most piercing blue eyes. I walked past him and said hi. I didn't really think too much about him,  I figured he was a drunk straight guy that had wandered over from the adjoining strip club. He probably wasn't there to DO anything, and if he was, he would probably be looking for someone more like himself, body wise. I wandered around the corner to the other row of booths, when the clerk came in and was hassling people standing around and not spending any money. I dropped a dollar in, and stood there with the door open. After 2 or 3 minutes, jockboy started into my booth, and started to back out once he saw it was occupied. I said "Hi" again, and he smiled and entered, closing the door behind him. I was unsure where this was going, but he certainly did. He unzipped his jeans and released a 9 inch, hard and fat cock. I absolutely could not believe my luck. I immediately dropped to my knees, and proceeded to worship this guy's dick. "Oh, yeah, that's the shit" he said as I took as much of him in my mouth as I could, alternating between little sucks and big gobbles of his shaft. I played with his shaved balls and he liked that, so I sucked on them as his dick rested on my face. I was in no hurry for this to end, I was thoroughly enjoying  this, even if it was just a blow job. (I tried to get that meat inside me, believe me. The closest I got was it resting on my ass cheek as I bent over to get a dollar for the machine) I blew him for about 15 minutes, and he announced he was ready to cum. I had been sucking his balls, so I started to go and put his dick in my mouth to catch his load. He instructed me to sit there with my mouth open, and he proceeded to jerk a very nice, this load of spunk into my mouth and onto my face. I swallowed what he had blasted into my mouth and licked my lips to catch as much as I could. He like that sight saying his girlfriend never let him do that (She's a fool!). I was on such a high I did something I don't normally do. After dressing, I left about 5 big blobs of his cum on my face as I exited the booth. Yes, I had bagged the guy everyone in the bookstore had been after, and I was going to make sure they knew I had gotten him off!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sucking A Black Thug Type Off

I was at the bookstore the other day, sadly not many guys were interested in my ass -- they all wanted to get sucked off.

I had been there a while sucking dick when this ghetto looking black guy appeared outside my booth. I sat on the chair trying to get him to come in, and finally he did. He whipped his cock out, I'm guessing it was about 9 inches but it was definitely already half hard.

I took it in my mouth, unbuckling my pants so he could see my ass was up for the taking. As I was sucking him, he was calling me filthy names and saying how I was a bitch for his black cock. He would alternate between face fucking me and slapping me in the face with his dick, never letting up on the trash talk. After about 10 minutes of this he stuffed his dick back in his ratty sweatpants and left. Damn, I thought. I really wanted his load. I sat there watching the movie, and the black guy burst back into my booth pulling me off the chair onto my knees with one hand and hauling his cock out of his sweats with the other. I sucked him back hard again, and he was again telling me what a filthy whore I was and a fucking bitch and how he was going to fill my mouth with some nutt. Fine with me! He pulled out and started stroking, watching the movie. I pulled my shirt off and started to lick his balls. "Fuck yeah, whore, that shit feel good." After a few minutes he ordered me to tilt my head back. I complied, and he started sliding his meat in and out of my mouth. He started to beat off again, so I started for his balls again. "Uh uh bitch." he said as he pushed my head back. I knelt there with my mouth open, just inches from the head of his black dick. He looked down at me and let loose a blast of sperm into my open mouth, then proceeded to coat my face with his thick black load. When he had finished, he stuffed his cock back into his pants, called me a bitch and left. He didn't close the door, leaving me kneeling on the floor, shirtless and covered in a thick load of cum.