Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mr. Condom Fills Me Up

So the guy from the last story wanted to meet up again. This time, no condoms were mentioned..

Him: where do you want the cum this time slut?

Me: You can fill me up if you want!

Him: your ass?

And it was settled. His wife was asleep upstairs, so he snuck me into his basement so he could seed my ass. I arrived at his place, was led to the basement where there was a bunch of kid's toys, boxes of junk and an old sofa behind the furnace. He pulled his shorts down and ordered me to suck his dick. I sucked his dick, licked his balls, sucked his dick and then he was hard. He wanted me to bend over so he could finger my hole, so I complied. He was saying some dirty stuff, which as difficult to hear since there was a load of clothes going in the washing machine. I could make out "slut" and "whore", though.

After a few minutes he grabbed my hips and guided my ass down to his hard, bare dick. "Ride it, bitch!" he ordered, so I complied. I kept bouncing up and down on that cock, supporting myself on his knees until he got me on my feet and bent me over the couch. He was getting ready to blow, and he was slam fucking my ass. "Tell me you want my cum!" "Fuck yeah! Give me all your fucking cum!" "Ahhhh! You whore!" he said as he shoved his rod in my hole and dumped all his nutjuice inside me. When he was done I thanked him, pulled up my pants and left.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Story Of The Unused Rubber

Going back to my previous posts about nobody using condoms, here's 2 past encounters condensed into one handy story for you.

Rounding out my 11-11 story, the next guy that came over was a redheaded guy. Nice pics, and after we had exchanged pics and I'd given him my location comes this:

Him:sounds good--I prefer to fuck safe only, what's your stand on that matter?

Me:I have condoms and lube!
(Yes, I did have the condoms just in case someone refused to fuck without one, but they were put out of sight)

Him: Excellent. I need to take a shower and change, but I don't live too far away from where you are. Want me to call when I'm on my way?

I placed a condom and the lube on the nightstand and waited for him to arrive.

He arrived, and we chatted a bit and then he got on the bed. We made out, I got naked, he removed his clothes a piece at a time until I had his cock in my mouth and was sucking him to hardness. I had a nice rhythm going and reached up to play with his nips. He was oohing and aahing, so I decided to take my mouth Northward and suck on his nips. That did the trick as he started to jack his dick, until he reached towards my hole, which I had positioned near his cock, and shoved his bare tool inside. I let out a moan and sat all the way down on it. I had very little lube left in me, VERY little. The friction was uncomfortable, but I was afraid if I stopped for lube he'd ask for a condom so I just had to grin and bear it. I rode him for about 10 minutes until he announced he was cumming. I didn't get off and he filled me with his redheaded seed. He never did ask for the condom.

Now tonight... I was horned up so I had gone to my usual spots on the internet. I had a guy that was on my way home, so we started talking. Truth be told, I almost made an excuse because he was one of those 100 email types, asking all kinds of questions but not offering much information about himself. Adding to the annoyance was this portion of the Email exchange:

Him: pic? how would you get me hard?

Me: I'll do whatever it takes to get you hard... Suck your dick, lick your
balls, work your nips, whatever gets you in the mood to fuck.

Him: pic? swallow? condom to fuck?

(I was deliberately ignoring the pic part as he'd not offered up one of himself yet... and it really pisses me off when someone demands a pic but doesn't have one to offer)

Further down the million Email exchange, as I'm on my way:

Him: i'll grab a shower.u got condoms?

Me: Yes u got lube?

Him: lotion ok?

UGH! I was almost there, so I thought what the hell... I could put up with a rubbered fuck, there was the chance the lotion would break the damn thing anyway.

I arrive at his place, he sits on the couch and tells me to suck him hard. I obey, and a few minutes into the suck he's rubbing my ass with his foot. Feeling my pants he says "You'd better get those off." I strip, and he wants to see my ass. He grabs the lotion and starts fingering me, still sitting on the couch with me squatted over his bare dick. He's furiously jacking while fingering, until he grabs my ass with one hand, his other hand on the base of his dick and he slides in. Bare. He starts forcing me to bounce up and down on his bare cock, all the while telling me how he likes my ass and how I like his cock inside me. I'm moaning in agreement, and in the furious fucking his cock falls out. He puts me up on the floor, right next to the Christmas tree and shoves his bare cock back in. He fucks me HARD for about another 5 minutes until he pulls out and shoots all over my face. While I would have preferred the load in my ass, at least I didn't have to feel that rubber sawing my ass apart.

Now, back to my getting pissed off about pics... I was Emailing another guy who wanted me to come over to his place so he could fuck me in his garage while his wife was asleep upstairs. NICE! I got rock hard at the following:

Him: Got any lube? Ok to BB? Ok in a cold garage?

Me: Yeah I got lube. You want to cum inside?

Him: Have never worn a condom. Wouldn't even know how to put one on.

I had planned on going by his place after I finished with million Email March... then I get this...

Him: Can't see you without a photo. Sorry. Super DL here.

UGH! Not that I mind sending a photo... BUT... the "have to be discreet" thing means they won't send YOU a pic. Now, since I was curious, I went to Facebook and tried his Email. I saw his profile and photo, not bad -- decent enough I'd let him fuck me bare, anyway. However, he doesn't know I already know all about him so I've sent a pic and asked for one in return. Should I just ignore the annoyance and go ahead and meet anyway, even if he doesn't send a pic? I'm in two minds over that, and I think you all know which one will win out.

Oh, yeah, I've been getting fucked and cummed in by the chubby black guy and the kind of queeny white guy at least once a week since I met them.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm beginning to think nobody actually USES them anymore. I've been out there lately, and guys whose profiles say "Safe only" talk about how they want to shoot in my hole even though my profile says "Safe only". The last several fucks I've had have all been bare, even one guy that had a whole safe sex speech on his profile never once said anything about one when his dick was spreading my ass open.

It does make it easier for me, since I love getting cum shot in me. I'm really hoping I can stay negative... but the need for having a guy just slide it in and fuck me bare just takes over sometimes and I just can't help it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I tried...

I tried to celebrate 11-11 by taking 11 loads... Sadly, guys in this town weren't cooperating and I ended up with 4.

However, those that did show were great. Load #1 was a retired fireman, early 50's. He had a nice body, thinning hair and a rock hard 7" spike. Once he arrived I could see his cock straining the material of his pants. We made small talk for a bit, then he undressed and "freed the beast". He had a very nice set of nuts that I massaged while I worked on his tool. Inbetween moans and "Aaaahs" he asked if I liked that cock, which I answered in the affirmative. A few minutes later I was asked if I wanted it in my ass, which I also replied in the affirmative. I suppose the thought of fucking sent him over the edge because I got 4 or 5 shots of very nice tasting cum in my mouth.

Load #2 was a married guy who I had sucked off before, and AFTER that he started in about how badly he wanted to fuck me and breed my ass. He came over, a cute younger Latin or Indian guy, and got undressed and started feeding me his uncut cock. He laid back on the bed and let me suck him, until he lifted my head off his tool and said "I'm ready." I handed him the lube and bent over the bed. He slid in, a little painful at first but not too bad. He fucked like that for about 10 minutes before saying "Ah..." and shoving his rod in balls deep and presumably unloading in me. He went and cleaned up, and when he emerged he said something about my not being tight... It was tight enough to make you cum, wasn't it? We chatted for a bit then he left.

A good while went by before load #3, thanks to a flake and a few 1,000 email types. In this time, the second guy's load started to leak out of my ass. Damn. I had wanted to keep it in me! As I was trying to keep the cum from coming out of me, #3 arrived. He was pretty heavy, but not anything crazy. He was divorced with a kid so he was pretty horny to get off. He never took his shirt off, just dropped trou as soon as he got in the door. He had a pretty fat 5 incher, which I sucked to full hardness. I didn't try to get him to fuck me as he wanted a rubber and I wanted his cum in me. I sucked him, licked his nips, licked his balls... did everything I could to make it feel good and get him to blow. While I was licking his balls, he announced his intention to do just that. I got my mouth back on his rod in time to capture the nice load he shot. He expressed an interest in meeting again, and I think I would. He might not be a lot of people's "ideal man" but A) he showed up and B) he shot a nice load and was very eager to use my mouth as a dumping ground for it.

More to come...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Follow Up

Stopped by the chubby black guy's today for more cum. He's a quiet one, even in the texts he never says much, but he's a good fuck so I can live with that. No condoms anywhere in sight, probably because I asked him if he wanted to cum in me again before I went over there. "Yes" was the one-word text I got in response. It worked for both of us, he got off and I'm sitting here hours later with his load starting to leak out of my ass with that unique scent that only aged cum has...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Endings

This guy had been hitting me up on A4A for a while. Things never seemed to work out -- something always came up. Today I hit him up since I was getting off work and he was close by, and he wasn't going to be available until later. "OK, We'll try another time." I replied. "I'm free right now." was the response.

I washed up and was at his house in about 20 minutes. He was in a sort of ghetto area, the house across the street was abandoned and had the siding stolen, and the street was pockmarked with empty lots where abandoned houses had been torn down. I parked and went to the door. A kind of chubby average looking black guy met me at the door. Not ugly or anything, just a chubby ghetto black guy. We were up in the bedroom in a minute, and on the bedside table was an insane amount of condoms. There must've been like 5 boxes worth of condoms there. Damn. I thought since I was here I may as well get fucked, but it wasn't going to be as fun as a nice bare fuck. He was naked on the bed by the time I got my shoes off, so I started sucking his tool. It was a nice one, about 7" and just the right girth to suck on.

I deepthroated him for about 10 minutes, with him just laying there with a happy look on his face, when he put his hands on me and pulled me up. He was ready to fuck, so I put his bare tool at my hole, but it needed lube so I reached over to the table and grabbed the KY that was there and greased his shaft up. I sat back down on it and he let out a little moan. With his size it was difficult to get him in me in that position, so he grabbed my hand and motioned me to turn over on my stomach. I did, and heard fumbling at the bedside table. Damn. He's going for a condom, I thought. Nope, more lube. He slid his bare shaft in me and pounded the hell out of my hole. For being a big guy, he could throw a mean fuck! He fucked me for at least 20 minutes in various positions until he had me on my back, pile driving his cock into my hole when suddenly he stopped, got a look of ecstasy on his face, let out a little moan and I felt 5 or 6 shots of cum entering my asshole. "Wow. I needed that." he said, the first words spoken since we started fucking. I left, happy to have some cum inside me. I wonder what he had all those condoms for?

Sunday, October 9, 2011


So I found myself out of town, and horny. There was a sleazy bookstore nearby, so I drove the 20 minutes and headed in. It was not the ideal situation... lots of bottoms and no tops. UGH! Finally this gray haired black guy came in, and headed for a booth closing the door. One of the trollish types went in and was escorted out, another guy had the same luck. Well, what the hell, I figured, and went into the booth next to him and pressed the "buddy" button. These booths were really shitty, I could barely see anything but I could see he was stroking a decent uncut cock. My time ran out, so I thought I'd try since he *seemed* to be interested, and he was the only shot I had at cock at that moment.

I opened the door to his booth and got a warm welcome. I slid my shorts down and started stroking his cock. I bent over and sucked it for a few minutes when the time ran out on the video. As a way of testing the waters to see if he wanted more than just head I bent over to get a dollar out of my pocket, pointing my ass toward him. He took the bait, rubbing his cock over my ass. I straightened up and rubbed back, at which point he started trying to put his bare cock inside me. I wasn't lubed, so I dug the lube out of my pocked and stroked his shaft. "Oooh, that feels nice" he said.

I lined his bare cock up with my hole and he pushed it the rest of the way in, and started pounding away, telling me how much he liked my ass. He rubbed his hands all over my chest and ass, until he grabbed me tight and announced he was cumming. He shoved all his cock in and filled me with 4 or 5 spurts of his old black cum. "Thanks" was all he said as he closed his zipper and left.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Visitor To Town

This happened earlier this year... I'm having a sleepless night so I'm just now getting around to writing about it.

The first Email simply said:

"Sup dude. am horny as fuck. wanna coem to my hotel? reply back with pix. very nice looking...VERY masculine (REAL MAN) white...VERY discreet....AND HORNY!"

I replied back, and got: "nice looking man. got a cock pic? want to come to my hotel now?" I was sort of annoyed with the lack of picture in reply, but something about the exchange was turning me on, so I continued talking. After a few more messages he hits me with:

"Cool. Stats?? And cause I am married man.....havent used a condom in years wtih my cant stay hard with one on. but trust me man...proimse ya i am completely 100% clean! k?"

Up to then, I had never promised going raw with someone I had never seen before. Something about this whole exchange was pushing my buttons, or maybe I was just becoming sluttier, but I just replied with a message asking for his room number.

I got the number, leave work and am around the corner from the hotel when I get "where you at?? some of my group just came to my room. damn it...let me try to get rid of em."

By then I was getting irritated. If I had wasted a half hour replying to this guys 100 emails and then was going to get nothing I was going to be pissed. Some at him, and some with myself for playing the Endless Email game. I asked if they were gone or were they joining in, and got "we are having a drink..told them one....and then I had to go. wait on me outside please. will let you know when I am back in my room. k?" followed by another message begging me not to leave. I told myself I'd give him 5 minutes, then I was debating on going up anyway or leaving. Just as I was about to leave I got a message saying to come up. I got to his room and he was kind of hillbilly looking, but not bad. He wasted no time in hopping up on the bed and exposing his stiff meat. I sucked it a bit and after about 5 minutes he reached over to the nightstand and got the lube. He greased his shaft and told me to sit on it.

I climbed up, and eased his bare tool in my hole. It slid in and he sighed. He held me on his cock and started to pump in, telling me how good my hole felt and how he hadn't gotten off the whole time he had been here and how horny he was. I'd like to say he fucked me all night... but it was only about 15 minutes of skin to skin friction before he announced he was cumming. I guess he figured I was taking the load, because the announcement didn't come until after the first shot had entered my hole, then he just went balls deep and held me there. We chatted for a minute, I put my clothes on and walked out the door as he turned over to go to sleep.

Sometimes Self-Checkout Is Best...

I was in Target today and saw they had trial sizes of KY on clearance. They're the perfect size for carrying to the bookstore, so I bought 20. I can only imagine what the cashier was thinking, LOL!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Who on Earth gives head with a rubber? I tried it once and almost barfed on the guy's dick form the damn thing hitting the back of my throat, not to mention the total lack of enjoyment! I may as well have been sucking on a dildo.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

About Last Night

I was horny, so I decided to turn to the internet in a last ditch effort to get laid. The 'net seems to have dried up in these parts, at least for me, but when I go on vacations I always get great sex from it. Anyhow, back to the story.

I got an Email from a latin guy that said "top here wanting to pound a nice ass i like what i see on your ad 7 and a halfe uncut here thick. thin here not fat 23 let me know whats up." and a photo of his respectable cock. That began an Email exchange that went on a bit longer than I would have liked, but he kept saying things to get me going such as "damm woulde love to plowe that ass! do you like my tool want it up your ass?" and "ok how do you want to do this? man i am gona fuck you good i want you to feel my balls smacking on your ass as i pound you. and i want to hear the sound your ass makes as i pound it. can i come in your ass?" so I let the Emailing go on longer than I normally would have. However, after a half hour I thought it was time to either hook up or move on to another reply. Finally he coughed up the address and I was at his place in 10 minutes. I got in and he was very good looking and... married. His wife was out of town on a business trip so he was playing around.

I really was jut there to get fucked so I dropped my shorts and started massaging his basket. His cock was hard in an instant so I pulled his shorts down and started sucking. He was reaching around playing with my ass and telling me how good it looked, so after a few minutes I turned around and let him get a good look. "Oh, yes, you want to ride it?" "Hell yes!" "There's lube and a condom over there." I picked up the lube and squirted a good amount on his dick, then climbed up and put it at my hole. Since he didn't bring up the condom again I slid it all the way in. "Oh, shit that feels sooo good" he said. He had me ride him for a few minutes, then saked "Do you want me to fuck you like I fuck my wife's pussy?" "YES!" I replied. He got me on all fours and put his tool back in. After about 5 minutes of dirty talk he had to stop so he wouldn't cum. "Do you want me to cum now?" "Fuck me as long as you want." He had relaxed a bit and started pounding me hard. "I'm going to cum." "I'm going to cum inside you." "GIVE IT TO ME!" I said, as he went balls deep and I could feel his cock throbbing as he filled me. "I didn't want to cum so quick, but your ass felt too good." I replied "You don't have to take it out yet." So he left his half hard cock inside me, and he was hard again in about a minute. He fucked me for about another 5 minutes before groaning and grabbing my hips. "I just came again." Nice.

We said our goodbyes and I went home. There was another reply to my ad, and I was really tired but the advertised tool looked rather nice. After another Email exchange that went on a lot longer than I wanted I was at this guy's house. He wanted to do an anon thing, so he had the lights out and fucked me in his entryway. He sounded a bit queenier than I normally like, but I was there and his bare dick was in my ass fucking me with the latin guy's cum still in me. After a bit he asked where he should cum. "Where ever you want." "I'm going to give you what you came here for." and with that he unloaded his balls into me. I went home and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning a ton of cum had leaked out of my ass and was all over my legs and the bedsheets.

Rhetorical Question

Does it make me a slut if I'm sitting here with 3 loads of cum from 2 different guys in my ass?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation Fucking

So I did get out of town after all... and of course I put up ads in the usual places offering my services. One of the first replies I got was this:

"Wats gud. 21 blk hiv- n ddfree " and attached was a picture of his dick.

That was the longest message of our 5-Email exchange. I replied with a pic of my ass, he asked where I was, I gave him the hotel and room number and that was that. Within 10 minutes, a studhunk was there in my room, boner already tenting his gym shorts.

I'd like to give you a detailed description of him, but in all honesty I really didn't get that good a look at his face. He looked like a younger version of Det. Green from Law & Order from what I recall. Anyway, he wasted no time in stripping his shorts off and hopping on the bed and telling me to "Suck my dick, bitch." I did, right away and if I wasn't doing what he wanted he would grab my head and jam his cock down my throat. "That's it, choke on that shit, you slut." He facefucked me for about 10 minutes, before pushing me down the bed. "Get your ass over that bed." And with that, he shoved his whole cock in my ass with no lube. I'd been fucked earier that night (Lame fuck, not worth writing about) but the combination of his size, force and the unexpectedness caused me to jump up a bit. "FUCKIN WHORE DON'T PULL AWAY FROM ME! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED! as he grabbed my ass and shoved it in to the balls once again. I was relaxed this time, and was leaking a ton of precum from his forceful nature. He pounded me like that, pulling all the way out and ramming back in for a good while before ordering me on my knees to suck him some more. After a few minutes he threw me to the floor and rammed it in again, grabbing my ass hard and calling me all sorts of names. He put me back up on the bed to finish off -- balls deep he went and said "I'M FUCKING CUMMING IN THIS ASS!!! TAKE IT, YOU SLUT!" And cum he did. I swear it must've been 5 days worth of jizz on there. He ripped his dick out of my ass and went into the bathroom to wipe off.

I thought he'd be leaving when he returned and hopped back up on the bed. "Suck me." So I did, and he was hard again in no time. He resumed the hatefucking of my throat, before telling me "I want more of that ass." I bent back over the bed, and he shoved it back in, the entry was much easier with the pint of cum he shot in there acting as lube. "Fuckin' whore!" he said as he pulled out and jacked another wad of cum all over my ass. "I'm done. Go clean up." I obeyed and went in the bathroom and wiped the cum off my ass, leaving all his seed IN my hole. I came out and found him half-dressed fiddling with his phone. "Thanks." I said "Mmmm hmm." was his distracted reply. He'd gotten off and hed no further use for me... which was perfectly fine. He put his shirt on and left, and I got dressed. As I went in the bathroom to brush up for bed I saw the cumstains on my shirt. Bastard had used my shirt to wipe his dick off! I still haven't washed it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Post, New Loads

I'll start with an overview of my last few trips to the baths that saw any action at all. I will say that reading other people's blogs has helped me in a way -- sometimes when I go it seems I can't even get the desperate old troll to fuck me and I thought it was me. Turns out everyone has a night like that!

For this posting I will focus on the other nights... I'll start with 3 weeks ago. It was a Monday, which is always busy because it's $1 locker day. I got there and headed into the steam room. There was a mid 40's black guy there stroking a nice piece of meat so I sat down by him. He kept stroking and eyed me, I took that to be an invitation so I put his rod in my mouth. I blew him for about 10 minutes. He never really said anything, just put his hands on my head and shoved his cock in me a few times. I was getting tired of sucking so I asked him if he liked to fuck. "Up to you." He said. I pulled the lube out and greased up his pole. I put one leg up on the bench and guided his bare cock to my hole. He worked it in and fucked me for maybe 5 minutes before shooting a load inside me. As soon as he was done he pulled out and left.

I turned the corner and there was a darker skinned muscular guy there, looked to be in his late 20's. He was in a dark alcove of the steam room, but I could see he was massaging a nice bulge under his towel. I had no idea if he'd just seen me with the black guy but I wasn't going to question as he motioned me into the alcove, opening his towel. I got down on my knees and blew him, and he emitted some "oohs" and "Aahs". Since my ass was warmed up, I asked him if he liked to fuck. "I am a top." He said, in an accent I couldn't really pick up from so few words. I just got up, drizzled a little lube on his cock and he did the rest. In one motion he had slid about 7 inches of fat meat inside me. "Oh, yes, baby..." he said as he sped up his thrusts. Again, this was a quickie and after about 5 minutes he shoved in balls deep and unloaded a few jets of sperm into my hole. Satisfied, he pulled out, said thanks, and exited the steam room.

I wandered around a bit, spotted a black bodybuilder type who had fucked me before. (See previous entry)

This time, we said hello and stuff but he seemed busy talking to some twinky kids he had probably fucked before. Oh, well, just because he was all over me once doesn't mean he's going to ravage me every time! I walked around for a while, until I came across him in the video room, getting sucked by some guy again. He saw me and pulled free from the guy he was with and led me over to a bench against the wall. "Suck my cock, bitch!" he said as he shoved all 8 inches in me. He face fucked me for a few minutes, before telling me to "Get your ass over there so I can fuck you." I bent over the steps in front of the video screen and he wasted no time in fucking me. Hard. Again, he shoved in balls deep and told me to take his load. I gladly did. We said our goodbyes and I walked around... sperm dripping all down my legs.

I went downstairs and walked around for a while, eventually making my way to the "quiet" rooms downstairs. A mid 30's mustached black guy was in the bed in his room, I paused to check him out and he motioned me in. What the hell, i thought as I went inside and shut the door. He wasn't bad looking, but did have a vague resemblance to LaMont from Sanford & Son. We exchanged pleasantries as I got in bed with him. We made out a bit, and he asked me if I was married. For some reason guys seem to think I'm a top and I'm straight. No clue how they'd come to either conclusion!!! Anyway, he started rubbing his hard cock against my ass. It obviously was pretty wet from having been fucked 3 times already but he never said anything about that... just kept saying sweet nothings and sliding his cock up and down my crack. I reached down and played with it, it was probably about 7 inches but was one of those tools where the shaft is really skinny but the head is enormous. I guided that fat cockhead to my hole, and he slid it right in. We fucked like that for a while, on our side, and he kept asking if I was OK, if I was enjoying it, and I just told him "Don't stop!" After about 15 minutes he turned me over on my stomach, sliding his cock back in my hole. He really started pounding, now, and I was moaning pretty loudly. "You sounding like you wanting me to stop." "Noooo! Keep fucking me!" "Oh, yeah, baby!" He pounded and pounded and started panting like he was getting close. "Ooh yeah, shoot that cum all over my ass..." I said, just to see his reaction. A few more grunts and he shoved in balls deep "OH YEAH!!! IM CUMMIN IN YOUR ASS BABY!!!!" just like I knew he would. He came down from his orgasm, we chatted a bit and then I left. A river of cum was running all the way down my leg, all the way down to my feet this time. Nobody would have any question as to what went on in that room.

Now, this weekend I was supposed to go to New Jersey for the weekend and see how many loads I could get there, but my car has to go to the shop so now I'm not sure if I can swing it. Damn!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night

This is the "Reader's Digest" version of this encounter, mainly because I'm tired, have a huge load dripping out my ass and I need to beat off and get to bed. So tonight after work I went to the local baths... I debated about going, as I was tired and I usually strike out there anyways. I was at the window paying and this muscled black stud came in behind me. I turned around and smiled at him, he gave me a smile back. He might've worked in one of the local offices, as he was dressed "business casual" and had on an expensive pair of dress shoes. I got my locker key and headed inside. I was already undressed when he came in, and he was checking out my ass. I smiled again and went into the club while he got undressed. I walked around, didn't see him, so I started checking out the other action... not many people there for a Friday night but it was still relatively early.

I walked around and found him in the sling room, getting blown by some guy. Damn. I stood with the crowd and watched, and Mr. Football executive (He had a build like a linebacker or something) kept his eyes locked on me... or at least I *wanted* to think it was me... but there was a crowd and you never know. I stood there watching and finally walked on to see if I could get something for myself. I circled back around to hit the video room and there was Mr. Football Executive getting blown by that dude. I stood and watched, and this time there was no mistaking -- his eyes were locked on me. After a few seconds of unwavering eye contact... he motioned me over. I sat down near him and he just point blank said: "You want to get fucked." "Absolutely." was my reply, and I got on all fours on the carpeted seat thing for the video screen. He mounted me in an instant and I felt the head of his tube pressing at my hole. I realized, as I felt him stretching me open... I had never even seen his dick! He was pretty well lubed up from the other guy's spit, thankfully, so with some force he got all of his dick inside... it felt amazing. After about a minute I was opened wide by this stud's cock and he started trash talking. "Yeah, you bitch! You love this dick don't you?" "Yes!" I babbled... delirious that this stud GOD was fucking me. "You love this 10 inch dick in you! You're my bitch aren't you?" "Yes!" "Say it!" "I'm your BITCH! FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK!" I'd love to say he fucked me for hours... but he had been getting blown by that other guy so he was already close before he ever entered me. "You want this load, don't you bitch?" "You want me to breed you!" "FUCK YES!!! GIMME YOUR BABIES!" "FUCK YES YOU BITCH! TAKE IT!" and I felt a large amount of wetness as he dumped the contents of his balls into my ass. The whole thing was just so fucking hot. Without ever speaking a word to this man, he knew me, knew what I wanted and KNEW that what HE wanted was the same as what I wanted. He read me like a paperback novel and it was amazing.

So here I sit with this unknown black stud's load in my ass and a raging hardon. Dude, if you're reading this you can dump a wad in my ass anytime, anyplace. It was amazing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another random load in my ass

Yesterday I made it back down to the dirty bookstore South of here. There were about 10 guys in there... some appealing, some not so much. I made the rounds and found one prospect... I made a move and was soon on my knees with his dick in my mouth. I don't really remember much about him other than he had a nice slab. As I was sucking, a busybody came in and started feeling up on the other guy and generally intruding. I didn't pay much attention as I wasn't about to let go of this cock until it had coated my tonsils with some balljuice. Well... the top pulled me off and let the other guy start sucking. I was a bit annoyed, but after a few minutes the party crasher stopped sucking so I took my place between the guy's legs back, and after about 30 seconds I got what I wanted, a healthy sized load puddling up on my tongue. I swallowed it, and the other guy whined "I didn't know he was going to cum." I thanked the guy that had just dumped his DNA in my mouth and left.

I wandered around a bit, and found a middle aged guy wandering around... and he had the look of a guy that wanted to dump a quick load and get out of there. I took the booth opposite his, waiting to see what was going on when the interrupter came back and stood blocking my view and forcing himself on the other guy. I got pissed and left... and as I was halfway down the hall I thought "Fuck it" and went back to bust up what he had going on figuring I'd give him a taste of his own medicine. I went in and started feeling up the top, and he offered me his dick. I sucked him for a bit and again... a nice puddle of cum in my mouth. I swallowed and the guy thanked me, and as I was on my way out the interrupter made some comment to me which I ignored. You intruded on me... I paid you back!

I sucked off 2 more guys, and texted a fuck buddy of mine to meet me there, then HE came in. Mid 30's, work boots, jeans, flannel shirt and white T-shirt with a baseball cap on. FUCKING HOT! As he got closer I could see he had awesome blue eyes and some blond stubble on his chin. HOTTER! He walked around a bit and went into a booth. Everyone in the place was on him in a flash, understandably. I hung back, watching, and as I did I noticed the hat he was wearing had the name of an air conditioning repair place on it. I filed that away, and when the crowd thinned a bit I went up to the door of the booth. Some guy was blowing him, while he was playing with his nipples. I figured what the hell, I'd help him out so I'd at least get to FEEL his body so I started to fondle his nip. I wasn't really doing much, as you never know how a guy likes it, so he mouthed "Harder" to me. I squeezed both of his nips and twisted a bit and he really liked that. He got a look of pleasure on his face so I grabbed harder and harder until he announced he needed to take a break, since he did not want to cum yet. The two of us in the booth respected that and left, while the usual gaggle of trolls hung outside.

I walked around a bit, and after about 20 minutes saw nobody at his booth so I peeked in and saw him jacking it, tweaking his nips. I came in again and started squeezing him again, and he LOVED it. "You got me precumming so much!" he said. "Good!" I replied as I played with his chest with one hand and reached down to play with his balls. "Suck me" he said. Not wasting any time I took his 7" in my mouth, getting a moan out of him. I sucked for a bit, and tweaked his nips while I blew him. He couldn't take much of that, and said "Wait, wait, I don't want to cum yet!" Not knowing if that audition could lead to more I backed off and said "Cool. Just let me know when you DO!" He nodded and I wandered around some more. A good while went by, and as I was coming down the hall I heard him getting pissed at some old troll that refused to leave him alone. "GO AWAY!" I heard coming out of the booth, and the troll just sort of moved away from the door but blocked the entrance so nobody else could get in there either. What an ass, I thought, so I squeezed past the troll and stood between HIM and the door. I said to the hot guy "You can't seem to get a moment's peace, can you?" "NO!" he replied, so I said I'd just stand there and block the door so nobody else would come in. He thanked me and went back to stroking and watching the movie. The troll finally gave up and my new friend asked me to pinch his nipples again. I obliged, and he looked up at me and said "What all do you like to do?" "Suck and get fucked." I replied. "Wanna sit on this and ride it?" "Hell yeah!" He reached over and grabbed some lube and started to grease his pole... no condom, not even a pretext of one... I thought for a second about what I was going to do but I wanted this guy's load. He was one of the hottest guys to ever fuck me, and he apparently wanted to seed me before going back home to the little lady. I turned around and eased his bare pole into my ass. "Oh, yeah!" he said and told me to ride it. I obliged, bouncing up and down on it as best I could, occasionally turning around to see a look of pure ecstasy on the stud's face. Testing the waters I asked "You want to cum on my face?". "I'm not ready to cum yet." I turned back around and started going up and down even faster on that nice slab of meat. This continued for about 5 more minutes, his raw dick bottoming out in my hole when he finally announced "I'm gonna cum!" followed by "Oh, yeah, you want this load?" but it was more of a statement than a question as he grabbed on my shoulders and jammed his dick balls deep in my ass. While I couldn't actually feel him shooting, I DID feel my ass filling up with cum. LOTS of cum. He finally came down from his orgasm, and I sat there keeping his dick in my ass as long as I could. It finally softened and fell out, and as he did... his phone rang. "Shit, must be 6:00." "Work checking up on you?" "No, it's my wife's first break." Ahhhh, so I had some breeder juice in my ass. That would also explain the lack of condoms... It seems most guys that fuck women don't really use much of them. We chatted a bit and I found out it was a 4 day load, which would explain the volume of cum I now had in my gut. He left telling me to "stay out of trouble" and I waited on my fuck buddy, who fucked me and added 2 of his loads to the air conditioner repairman's massive load. (I kind of didn't mention I already had another load up there...)

When I got home I checked the website of the HVAC firm... and there was a group shot of all the guys, my new cumdumper front and center. I've jacked off to that pic about three times since then.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 in 30

Yes, I've been away for a while... I've been busy with work and various commitments, so the few bits of free time I've had have been devoted to searching for more dicks to drain and not writing. Sorry about that.

Yesterday I went on a short jaunt out of town... I went and bought a pair of jeans, and since the mall wasn't far from a dirty bookstore I naturally made a stop in there after shopping. I had only been to this particular establishment once before, as it's not really on the way to anything and they require you to purchase tokens, in contrast to the "flat rate" of the other dirty bookstore I frequent. For a slut like myself that can be an expensive proposition having to continually feed the machine. Being in an adventurous mood I parked in the strip mall parking lot, went in and got my $4 minimum worth of tokens.

The booth area is small -- I think there are only 6 booths total, 2 private, one with a gloryhole between and one "buddy booth" with the peep window between the booths. I went to the gloryhole first, and naturally those booths were occupied. I headed across the hallway to the "buddy booth" setup when I saw a good looking guy going into the employee doorway immediately as you entered the video booth section. He shut the door as quickly as he opened it, and headed back down the hall to the booth opposite the one I was going into. I put a token in and pressed the button to open the curtain and he did the same. He was already hard and stroking -- at which point the token ran out. (Of course you get about 20 seconds of movie for 1 token) The curtain closed, and he was already in my booth with his boner sticking out of his pants. Now, having been here only once before I was unsure of the establishment's view of such things happening here -- warnings of "ONE PERSON PER BOOTH" were posted prominently just about everywhere you looked.

However, I wasn't going to let something like that deter me from sucking on this shaft being waved in front of my face. I sucked him for 2 or 3 minutes when he asked if I wanted to finish sucking on this. Of course I answered in the affirmative, and he peeped out of the booth and said "Follow me.". He led me through a "hidden" door in the wall, past a stockroom into a bathroom. Now I KNEW management would frown upon this, but I thought "what the fuck?" since the worst that could happen would be we would get thrown out of the place if we were discovered. Once inside with the door locked I got on my knees and continued working on his meat. He kept whispering stuff like 'Oh, yeah" and "Suck that dick", the usual sort of things guys say when they're getting sucked off. I reached in and pulled my woody out and he liked that, telling me to "beat off while I sucked that cock". After another minute or so he asked me if I wanted some balljuice and I made a noise in the affirmative (It's difficult to speak with a dick in your mouth) and he replied "Keep that up, you're going to get it.". After another 2 minutes I felt him filling my mouth with a good load, which I promptly swallowed so I could lick the remaining drops of cum from his cockhead. "I was supposed to be to work 5 minutes ago." he said, and I replied with something about we'd better get out of here so he wouldn't be even more late. He zipped up and we went back past the stockroom, he opened the door a crack and seeing the coast was clear he motioned me out and followed behind me.

I went into the gloryhole booth, where there was a construction worker standing there stroking a boner. I looked up at him for an invitation, and he looked down at his dick so I wasted no time in kneeling there and getting it in my mouth. I blew him for maybe 2 minutes when he shot in my mouth with no warning. That in itself was hot... him just being all about blowing a load and not caring if I wanted it or not. He was out of there almost before I even stood up, so I went back across the hall where there was ANOTHER construction worker stroking a boner. Same thing, I sucked him while he stood there in his Carhartt jacket, T-shirt with the name of the construction company (It was some remodeling outfit... I wish I could remember the name as I'd definitely give them a call when I re-do my kitchen!) I pulled off for a second to adjust my hat and of course he started shooting just then. The first shot went on my hand, but I quickly got my mouth back on to get the rest of his load down my throat. He whispered a thanks and left me there licking the first spurts of his cum off of my hand.

In the next booth over was another stiffy, and I drained that one in short order. I wish I could tell you something about that guy, but to tell you the truth I really didn't study him beyond seeing that he was reasonably attractive and not as old as Grandpa Simpson. Well, to be 100% honest if I saw any of these guys right this second I'd have no clue who they were... despite having their DNA inside me right at this moment.

I sat down for a moment, then popped back across the hall to see what was going on. There was a tall guy with a goatee in there stroking a half-hard dick so I entered he booth, sat down in the chair and started sucking. He started moaning and telling me how good it felt as I was sucking him, and after a few minutes he pulled out and started beating it. "I want to cum all over your shirt." he said. Whatever... I was wearing a light gray t-shirt so whatever gets you off, dude! He stood in front of me and hosed me down with a nice load of jizz... it went all over my shirt and all down the front of my pants. "Thanks." he said and handed me the rest of his tokens. I hung around for about 10 minutes waiting for the jizz to dry (I scooped up the bigger globs and ate those, he shot nice thick cum so it took a bit for it to dry) but the crowd had thinned out to the point where there wasn't any point in hanging around anymore. As I was on my way out the clerk said "Have a nice day!". I turned around and it was Mr. Late-for-work. I guess that answered my questions about their views on dicksucking in the video booths.

But as for the venue, it's a double edged sword. As I discovered, the necessity to continually spend money cuts out a LOT of the bullshit I get at the "flat rate" shop I usually go to. These guys are simply here to dump their load in whatever mouth comes along, not wait for the ideal man. And judging by the number of wedding rings I saw I provided a service that the "little lady" wouldn't. Her loss.