Sunday, October 9, 2011


So I found myself out of town, and horny. There was a sleazy bookstore nearby, so I drove the 20 minutes and headed in. It was not the ideal situation... lots of bottoms and no tops. UGH! Finally this gray haired black guy came in, and headed for a booth closing the door. One of the trollish types went in and was escorted out, another guy had the same luck. Well, what the hell, I figured, and went into the booth next to him and pressed the "buddy" button. These booths were really shitty, I could barely see anything but I could see he was stroking a decent uncut cock. My time ran out, so I thought I'd try since he *seemed* to be interested, and he was the only shot I had at cock at that moment.

I opened the door to his booth and got a warm welcome. I slid my shorts down and started stroking his cock. I bent over and sucked it for a few minutes when the time ran out on the video. As a way of testing the waters to see if he wanted more than just head I bent over to get a dollar out of my pocket, pointing my ass toward him. He took the bait, rubbing his cock over my ass. I straightened up and rubbed back, at which point he started trying to put his bare cock inside me. I wasn't lubed, so I dug the lube out of my pocked and stroked his shaft. "Oooh, that feels nice" he said.

I lined his bare cock up with my hole and he pushed it the rest of the way in, and started pounding away, telling me how much he liked my ass. He rubbed his hands all over my chest and ass, until he grabbed me tight and announced he was cumming. He shoved all his cock in and filled me with 4 or 5 spurts of his old black cum. "Thanks" was all he said as he closed his zipper and left.

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