Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Endings

This guy had been hitting me up on A4A for a while. Things never seemed to work out -- something always came up. Today I hit him up since I was getting off work and he was close by, and he wasn't going to be available until later. "OK, We'll try another time." I replied. "I'm free right now." was the response.

I washed up and was at his house in about 20 minutes. He was in a sort of ghetto area, the house across the street was abandoned and had the siding stolen, and the street was pockmarked with empty lots where abandoned houses had been torn down. I parked and went to the door. A kind of chubby average looking black guy met me at the door. Not ugly or anything, just a chubby ghetto black guy. We were up in the bedroom in a minute, and on the bedside table was an insane amount of condoms. There must've been like 5 boxes worth of condoms there. Damn. I thought since I was here I may as well get fucked, but it wasn't going to be as fun as a nice bare fuck. He was naked on the bed by the time I got my shoes off, so I started sucking his tool. It was a nice one, about 7" and just the right girth to suck on.

I deepthroated him for about 10 minutes, with him just laying there with a happy look on his face, when he put his hands on me and pulled me up. He was ready to fuck, so I put his bare tool at my hole, but it needed lube so I reached over to the table and grabbed the KY that was there and greased his shaft up. I sat back down on it and he let out a little moan. With his size it was difficult to get him in me in that position, so he grabbed my hand and motioned me to turn over on my stomach. I did, and heard fumbling at the bedside table. Damn. He's going for a condom, I thought. Nope, more lube. He slid his bare shaft in me and pounded the hell out of my hole. For being a big guy, he could throw a mean fuck! He fucked me for at least 20 minutes in various positions until he had me on my back, pile driving his cock into my hole when suddenly he stopped, got a look of ecstasy on his face, let out a little moan and I felt 5 or 6 shots of cum entering my asshole. "Wow. I needed that." he said, the first words spoken since we started fucking. I left, happy to have some cum inside me. I wonder what he had all those condoms for?


Anonymous said...

Your post are so damn hot man. Love reading the posts.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the posts!