Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mr. Condom Fills Me Up

So the guy from the last story wanted to meet up again. This time, no condoms were mentioned..

Him: where do you want the cum this time slut?

Me: You can fill me up if you want!

Him: your ass?

And it was settled. His wife was asleep upstairs, so he snuck me into his basement so he could seed my ass. I arrived at his place, was led to the basement where there was a bunch of kid's toys, boxes of junk and an old sofa behind the furnace. He pulled his shorts down and ordered me to suck his dick. I sucked his dick, licked his balls, sucked his dick and then he was hard. He wanted me to bend over so he could finger my hole, so I complied. He was saying some dirty stuff, which as difficult to hear since there was a load of clothes going in the washing machine. I could make out "slut" and "whore", though.

After a few minutes he grabbed my hips and guided my ass down to his hard, bare dick. "Ride it, bitch!" he ordered, so I complied. I kept bouncing up and down on that cock, supporting myself on his knees until he got me on my feet and bent me over the couch. He was getting ready to blow, and he was slam fucking my ass. "Tell me you want my cum!" "Fuck yeah! Give me all your fucking cum!" "Ahhhh! You whore!" he said as he shoved his rod in my hole and dumped all his nutjuice inside me. When he was done I thanked him, pulled up my pants and left.