Sunday, December 25, 2011

Story Of The Unused Rubber

Going back to my previous posts about nobody using condoms, here's 2 past encounters condensed into one handy story for you.

Rounding out my 11-11 story, the next guy that came over was a redheaded guy. Nice pics, and after we had exchanged pics and I'd given him my location comes this:

Him:sounds good--I prefer to fuck safe only, what's your stand on that matter?

Me:I have condoms and lube!
(Yes, I did have the condoms just in case someone refused to fuck without one, but they were put out of sight)

Him: Excellent. I need to take a shower and change, but I don't live too far away from where you are. Want me to call when I'm on my way?

I placed a condom and the lube on the nightstand and waited for him to arrive.

He arrived, and we chatted a bit and then he got on the bed. We made out, I got naked, he removed his clothes a piece at a time until I had his cock in my mouth and was sucking him to hardness. I had a nice rhythm going and reached up to play with his nips. He was oohing and aahing, so I decided to take my mouth Northward and suck on his nips. That did the trick as he started to jack his dick, until he reached towards my hole, which I had positioned near his cock, and shoved his bare tool inside. I let out a moan and sat all the way down on it. I had very little lube left in me, VERY little. The friction was uncomfortable, but I was afraid if I stopped for lube he'd ask for a condom so I just had to grin and bear it. I rode him for about 10 minutes until he announced he was cumming. I didn't get off and he filled me with his redheaded seed. He never did ask for the condom.

Now tonight... I was horned up so I had gone to my usual spots on the internet. I had a guy that was on my way home, so we started talking. Truth be told, I almost made an excuse because he was one of those 100 email types, asking all kinds of questions but not offering much information about himself. Adding to the annoyance was this portion of the Email exchange:

Him: pic? how would you get me hard?

Me: I'll do whatever it takes to get you hard... Suck your dick, lick your
balls, work your nips, whatever gets you in the mood to fuck.

Him: pic? swallow? condom to fuck?

(I was deliberately ignoring the pic part as he'd not offered up one of himself yet... and it really pisses me off when someone demands a pic but doesn't have one to offer)

Further down the million Email exchange, as I'm on my way:

Him: i'll grab a shower.u got condoms?

Me: Yes u got lube?

Him: lotion ok?

UGH! I was almost there, so I thought what the hell... I could put up with a rubbered fuck, there was the chance the lotion would break the damn thing anyway.

I arrive at his place, he sits on the couch and tells me to suck him hard. I obey, and a few minutes into the suck he's rubbing my ass with his foot. Feeling my pants he says "You'd better get those off." I strip, and he wants to see my ass. He grabs the lotion and starts fingering me, still sitting on the couch with me squatted over his bare dick. He's furiously jacking while fingering, until he grabs my ass with one hand, his other hand on the base of his dick and he slides in. Bare. He starts forcing me to bounce up and down on his bare cock, all the while telling me how he likes my ass and how I like his cock inside me. I'm moaning in agreement, and in the furious fucking his cock falls out. He puts me up on the floor, right next to the Christmas tree and shoves his bare cock back in. He fucks me HARD for about another 5 minutes until he pulls out and shoots all over my face. While I would have preferred the load in my ass, at least I didn't have to feel that rubber sawing my ass apart.

Now, back to my getting pissed off about pics... I was Emailing another guy who wanted me to come over to his place so he could fuck me in his garage while his wife was asleep upstairs. NICE! I got rock hard at the following:

Him: Got any lube? Ok to BB? Ok in a cold garage?

Me: Yeah I got lube. You want to cum inside?

Him: Have never worn a condom. Wouldn't even know how to put one on.

I had planned on going by his place after I finished with million Email March... then I get this...

Him: Can't see you without a photo. Sorry. Super DL here.

UGH! Not that I mind sending a photo... BUT... the "have to be discreet" thing means they won't send YOU a pic. Now, since I was curious, I went to Facebook and tried his Email. I saw his profile and photo, not bad -- decent enough I'd let him fuck me bare, anyway. However, he doesn't know I already know all about him so I've sent a pic and asked for one in return. Should I just ignore the annoyance and go ahead and meet anyway, even if he doesn't send a pic? I'm in two minds over that, and I think you all know which one will win out.

Oh, yeah, I've been getting fucked and cummed in by the chubby black guy and the kind of queeny white guy at least once a week since I met them.

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