Friday, January 6, 2012

Hate Fuck

Yesterday was one of those rare days that made me feel completely sexually satisfied.

I'll run down the parts leading up to the "main event"...

I put out an ad looking for a load. I got one reply, the guy honestly didn't sound like much based on how vague he was with info but I thought what the hell, I need a bare dick in me. I arrived at his house and yeah, he had a decent body but was not very attractive. He sat down in a recliner that looked like Archie Bunker could've sat in it and pulled out his dick. I started sucking on it, and at least ugly guy had a big dick. After a few minutes of that he was ready to fuck so I greased up his cock and he bent me over his old recliner and slid his raw tool inside. I focused on the cock in me rather than what it was attached to, and was starting to enjoy the fuck. As he was fucking me I noticed how old-ladyish his house was. Every surface covered in figurines, gaudy area rugs...

He fucked me for a bit, then suddenly pulled out and shot a big load all over my ass. FUCK! So I got fucked by ugly guy for basically nothing since I didn't even get the load. I waited a minute and he didn't at least offer a towel to wipe his load off my ass so I pulled up my pants and left. After wasting 30 minutes on a fucking flake I headed out to the dirty bookstore.

I got there and there were a lot of guys about, but nobody really doing anything. I spotted a construction worker type guy and wanted his load. He went in a booth, and I went in the one opposite. He was one of those shy ones who stood there not doing anything for a long time. After about 10 minutes he finally took his dick out and started stroking. Just then a guy I'd fucked around with before showed up and stood in the hallway between the booths and started jacking. I started to go into cute guy's booth but was beaten to it by the other guy. Damn. Well, since we'd played before I went in and played with both their chests and finally got down and started sucking cute guy's cock. Of course this attracted some damn troll that was trying to get at my ass totally ruining the vibe. Troll finally took the hint and left, and then the guy I had fucked around with before said "Could you give us a few minutes alone?" Whatever. I just left the place, and checking my email I had a response to my ad.

I got there and there wasn't much to tell about the fuck, it was one of those where the travel there took longer than the actual sex. He did leave a load in me, though.

After that I was pretty horny. I decided to go to another adult theater I don't usually go to as it's pretty disgusting, even for me. I got there and there was a decent crowd so I paid my admission and went in.

I looked around and didn't see many people so I went back to the dingy area behind the screen where most of the action takes place. There was a younger guy getting blown by someone... I couldn't really see in the dim light. I watched them, the guy was really going to town face fucking the other guy. I tweaked the guy's nips, felt up his chest and watched him work over the other guy's mouth. I pulled my pants down in case anyone nearby wanted to sample it. After about 5 minutes I guess the guy sucking the cock got tired (I don't know how long he had been getting face fucked) because he stood up and leaned up against the wall. I waited a bit, having just had my trick stolen I wasn't going to do that to someone else, but he didn't seem interested in the cock anymore so I started to lick the head. It was about 8 inches, not too fat but delightfully long! I started to suck on it, and the top seemed to enjoy it. After I sucked for a bit the original sucker knelt down and was watching. I offered him the guy's cock but he didn't take it so I took that as a sign he was done. I started to work on that shaft when the top started to rub his hands on my back and shoulders.

Thinking he might want to feel my ass, I got up from my knees into the less comfortable bent over position and continued sucking his cock. He rubbed around my back and eventually to my ass. He ran his hand over my cheeks for a bit as I blew him, eventually working a finger in. This made me moan, so he slipped it in a bit more. Hoping this was go further I stood up and since I was still facing him he had his hand between my legs working 2 fingers in my hole, some of Craigslist guy's cum starting to run out, coating the other guy's fingers. He felt this and started to fingerfuck me. It was difficult to turn around with his hand between my legs, so I just twisted a bit and he got the hint and took his hand out and let me turn around so my ass was facing him. He fingerfucked some more, and I bent over to give him better access. He took the opportunity to slip his cock inside. Bare.

Fortunately CL guy had left a huge load up in me, so this guy didn't need any lube. Once he got his whole shaft in me he started to fuck. HARD. This guy wasted no time at all in fucking my ass like a man possessed. Pulling completely out, slamming it back in to the balls over and over. At some point some guy came and stood in front of me as if he wanted me to suck his cock so I grabbed onto his legs for dear life. The man fucking me was doubling his effort and all I could do was moan out a stream of gibberish, clutching the man in front of me. My top's cock was flying in and out of me -- him grabbing onto my hips and pounding in and out not caring if I wanted a brutal fuck or not. I don't think he gave a fuck if I was enjoying it or not. After what seemed like a week of this but was probably only 15 minutes he stopped. He was jacking his dick, so I asked if he had cum. My hole was so numb from the fuck I couldn't tell. "No." He replied, beating his cum covered dick. I bent back over so he could fuck some more or shoot it on my back, when he shoved it back in and unloaded about a pint of thick cum up in my ass. When he was done he pulled out and I stood up.

"Wow. That was a hell of a fuck."
"How long had it been since you last came? That felt like a huge load!"
"I always cum that much. Everyday. Treat for you!"

As I was pulling my pants up he was out and headed back to the theater. I'd like to say I kept his cum in me but he was so totally destroyed my hole it all leaked down my ass, down my balls and down my leg. I found him leaving the bathroom as I was going in. I went in and wiped off the huge amount of cum in my crack and saw him standing there. I complemented him on his fucking ability and saw him clearly for the first time -- a guy in his early 30's, blond haired and Russian or European looking and kind of book-nerdy looking. Totally hot. He stood there for a second and I checked my phone to see what time it was, still delirious from that intense fuck. Sadly, he had gone by the time it dawned on me to give him my number -- it had been so long since I had a fuck that intense I simply wasn't thinking straight. If I ever see him again you know I will be offering him up my hole to destroy again.


Anonymous said...

Busy ass night. Gotta get some travel to Cleveland so I can drop a load in ya

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Yes, you do!