Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another random load in my ass

Yesterday I made it back down to the dirty bookstore South of here. There were about 10 guys in there... some appealing, some not so much. I made the rounds and found one prospect... I made a move and was soon on my knees with his dick in my mouth. I don't really remember much about him other than he had a nice slab. As I was sucking, a busybody came in and started feeling up on the other guy and generally intruding. I didn't pay much attention as I wasn't about to let go of this cock until it had coated my tonsils with some balljuice. Well... the top pulled me off and let the other guy start sucking. I was a bit annoyed, but after a few minutes the party crasher stopped sucking so I took my place between the guy's legs back, and after about 30 seconds I got what I wanted, a healthy sized load puddling up on my tongue. I swallowed it, and the other guy whined "I didn't know he was going to cum." I thanked the guy that had just dumped his DNA in my mouth and left.

I wandered around a bit, and found a middle aged guy wandering around... and he had the look of a guy that wanted to dump a quick load and get out of there. I took the booth opposite his, waiting to see what was going on when the interrupter came back and stood blocking my view and forcing himself on the other guy. I got pissed and left... and as I was halfway down the hall I thought "Fuck it" and went back to bust up what he had going on figuring I'd give him a taste of his own medicine. I went in and started feeling up the top, and he offered me his dick. I sucked him for a bit and again... a nice puddle of cum in my mouth. I swallowed and the guy thanked me, and as I was on my way out the interrupter made some comment to me which I ignored. You intruded on me... I paid you back!

I sucked off 2 more guys, and texted a fuck buddy of mine to meet me there, then HE came in. Mid 30's, work boots, jeans, flannel shirt and white T-shirt with a baseball cap on. FUCKING HOT! As he got closer I could see he had awesome blue eyes and some blond stubble on his chin. HOTTER! He walked around a bit and went into a booth. Everyone in the place was on him in a flash, understandably. I hung back, watching, and as I did I noticed the hat he was wearing had the name of an air conditioning repair place on it. I filed that away, and when the crowd thinned a bit I went up to the door of the booth. Some guy was blowing him, while he was playing with his nipples. I figured what the hell, I'd help him out so I'd at least get to FEEL his body so I started to fondle his nip. I wasn't really doing much, as you never know how a guy likes it, so he mouthed "Harder" to me. I squeezed both of his nips and twisted a bit and he really liked that. He got a look of pleasure on his face so I grabbed harder and harder until he announced he needed to take a break, since he did not want to cum yet. The two of us in the booth respected that and left, while the usual gaggle of trolls hung outside.

I walked around a bit, and after about 20 minutes saw nobody at his booth so I peeked in and saw him jacking it, tweaking his nips. I came in again and started squeezing him again, and he LOVED it. "You got me precumming so much!" he said. "Good!" I replied as I played with his chest with one hand and reached down to play with his balls. "Suck me" he said. Not wasting any time I took his 7" in my mouth, getting a moan out of him. I sucked for a bit, and tweaked his nips while I blew him. He couldn't take much of that, and said "Wait, wait, I don't want to cum yet!" Not knowing if that audition could lead to more I backed off and said "Cool. Just let me know when you DO!" He nodded and I wandered around some more. A good while went by, and as I was coming down the hall I heard him getting pissed at some old troll that refused to leave him alone. "GO AWAY!" I heard coming out of the booth, and the troll just sort of moved away from the door but blocked the entrance so nobody else could get in there either. What an ass, I thought, so I squeezed past the troll and stood between HIM and the door. I said to the hot guy "You can't seem to get a moment's peace, can you?" "NO!" he replied, so I said I'd just stand there and block the door so nobody else would come in. He thanked me and went back to stroking and watching the movie. The troll finally gave up and my new friend asked me to pinch his nipples again. I obliged, and he looked up at me and said "What all do you like to do?" "Suck and get fucked." I replied. "Wanna sit on this and ride it?" "Hell yeah!" He reached over and grabbed some lube and started to grease his pole... no condom, not even a pretext of one... I thought for a second about what I was going to do but I wanted this guy's load. He was one of the hottest guys to ever fuck me, and he apparently wanted to seed me before going back home to the little lady. I turned around and eased his bare pole into my ass. "Oh, yeah!" he said and told me to ride it. I obliged, bouncing up and down on it as best I could, occasionally turning around to see a look of pure ecstasy on the stud's face. Testing the waters I asked "You want to cum on my face?". "I'm not ready to cum yet." I turned back around and started going up and down even faster on that nice slab of meat. This continued for about 5 more minutes, his raw dick bottoming out in my hole when he finally announced "I'm gonna cum!" followed by "Oh, yeah, you want this load?" but it was more of a statement than a question as he grabbed on my shoulders and jammed his dick balls deep in my ass. While I couldn't actually feel him shooting, I DID feel my ass filling up with cum. LOTS of cum. He finally came down from his orgasm, and I sat there keeping his dick in my ass as long as I could. It finally softened and fell out, and as he did... his phone rang. "Shit, must be 6:00." "Work checking up on you?" "No, it's my wife's first break." Ahhhh, so I had some breeder juice in my ass. That would also explain the lack of condoms... It seems most guys that fuck women don't really use much of them. We chatted a bit and I found out it was a 4 day load, which would explain the volume of cum I now had in my gut. He left telling me to "stay out of trouble" and I waited on my fuck buddy, who fucked me and added 2 of his loads to the air conditioner repairman's massive load. (I kind of didn't mention I already had another load up there...)

When I got home I checked the website of the HVAC firm... and there was a group shot of all the guys, my new cumdumper front and center. I've jacked off to that pic about three times since then.


Black Bull said...

I am always glad when I see you have posted another story. Like all the rest, this one too was crazy hot. Thanks for sharing


Cleveland bottom guy said...

Thank you very much! I've been having a good amount of sex... but most of the time it's of the rubbered variety so I focus more on the times when everything is "right" and I get a load in me.

I don't know what is is, but some men just have a quality about them that makes me go weak and I have a *NEED* to get their juice in me. It's not looks or anything... just some intangible that some guys seem to have.

Duo said...

Thanks man, just shot a load to this one! -Dan