Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Post, New Loads

I'll start with an overview of my last few trips to the baths that saw any action at all. I will say that reading other people's blogs has helped me in a way -- sometimes when I go it seems I can't even get the desperate old troll to fuck me and I thought it was me. Turns out everyone has a night like that!

For this posting I will focus on the other nights... I'll start with 3 weeks ago. It was a Monday, which is always busy because it's $1 locker day. I got there and headed into the steam room. There was a mid 40's black guy there stroking a nice piece of meat so I sat down by him. He kept stroking and eyed me, I took that to be an invitation so I put his rod in my mouth. I blew him for about 10 minutes. He never really said anything, just put his hands on my head and shoved his cock in me a few times. I was getting tired of sucking so I asked him if he liked to fuck. "Up to you." He said. I pulled the lube out and greased up his pole. I put one leg up on the bench and guided his bare cock to my hole. He worked it in and fucked me for maybe 5 minutes before shooting a load inside me. As soon as he was done he pulled out and left.

I turned the corner and there was a darker skinned muscular guy there, looked to be in his late 20's. He was in a dark alcove of the steam room, but I could see he was massaging a nice bulge under his towel. I had no idea if he'd just seen me with the black guy but I wasn't going to question as he motioned me into the alcove, opening his towel. I got down on my knees and blew him, and he emitted some "oohs" and "Aahs". Since my ass was warmed up, I asked him if he liked to fuck. "I am a top." He said, in an accent I couldn't really pick up from so few words. I just got up, drizzled a little lube on his cock and he did the rest. In one motion he had slid about 7 inches of fat meat inside me. "Oh, yes, baby..." he said as he sped up his thrusts. Again, this was a quickie and after about 5 minutes he shoved in balls deep and unloaded a few jets of sperm into my hole. Satisfied, he pulled out, said thanks, and exited the steam room.

I wandered around a bit, spotted a black bodybuilder type who had fucked me before. (See previous entry)

This time, we said hello and stuff but he seemed busy talking to some twinky kids he had probably fucked before. Oh, well, just because he was all over me once doesn't mean he's going to ravage me every time! I walked around for a while, until I came across him in the video room, getting sucked by some guy again. He saw me and pulled free from the guy he was with and led me over to a bench against the wall. "Suck my cock, bitch!" he said as he shoved all 8 inches in me. He face fucked me for a few minutes, before telling me to "Get your ass over there so I can fuck you." I bent over the steps in front of the video screen and he wasted no time in fucking me. Hard. Again, he shoved in balls deep and told me to take his load. I gladly did. We said our goodbyes and I walked around... sperm dripping all down my legs.

I went downstairs and walked around for a while, eventually making my way to the "quiet" rooms downstairs. A mid 30's mustached black guy was in the bed in his room, I paused to check him out and he motioned me in. What the hell, i thought as I went inside and shut the door. He wasn't bad looking, but did have a vague resemblance to LaMont from Sanford & Son. We exchanged pleasantries as I got in bed with him. We made out a bit, and he asked me if I was married. For some reason guys seem to think I'm a top and I'm straight. No clue how they'd come to either conclusion!!! Anyway, he started rubbing his hard cock against my ass. It obviously was pretty wet from having been fucked 3 times already but he never said anything about that... just kept saying sweet nothings and sliding his cock up and down my crack. I reached down and played with it, it was probably about 7 inches but was one of those tools where the shaft is really skinny but the head is enormous. I guided that fat cockhead to my hole, and he slid it right in. We fucked like that for a while, on our side, and he kept asking if I was OK, if I was enjoying it, and I just told him "Don't stop!" After about 15 minutes he turned me over on my stomach, sliding his cock back in my hole. He really started pounding, now, and I was moaning pretty loudly. "You sounding like you wanting me to stop." "Noooo! Keep fucking me!" "Oh, yeah, baby!" He pounded and pounded and started panting like he was getting close. "Ooh yeah, shoot that cum all over my ass..." I said, just to see his reaction. A few more grunts and he shoved in balls deep "OH YEAH!!! IM CUMMIN IN YOUR ASS BABY!!!!" just like I knew he would. He came down from his orgasm, we chatted a bit and then I left. A river of cum was running all the way down my leg, all the way down to my feet this time. Nobody would have any question as to what went on in that room.

Now, this weekend I was supposed to go to New Jersey for the weekend and see how many loads I could get there, but my car has to go to the shop so now I'm not sure if I can swing it. Damn!


Seaguypnp said...

Sounds like it was a good night if you like chocolate ;-)

Cleveland bottom guy said...

I like all flavors, LOL!

Anonymous said...

glad to see you're back posting great stories.