Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doctor's Orders

So I haven't met up with the doctor for a while, 4 or 5 months at least. I had sent him an email a few weeks ago, and had forgotten about ituntil today when I got a reply saying "i am on call at (hospital) today. call me on my cell if u can" I called him and we agreed to meet up on my lunch hour that night.

It was only 10 minutes from work, so I got there in a short time -- but I spent another 10 minutes looking for him as I always get lost in those places. Finally, though, I found him and we chatted a bit as he led me down one hall and another to an area where the doctors would take naps and such. He cautioned me we would have to be quiet, as there was no lock on the door. Wow.

Once in this little room, he put a chair in front of the door and he wordlessly pulled down his scrubs and his half-hard dick flopped out. I sucked him hard, playing with the foreskin and giving him a good suck job as his hand started to work it's way down my pants. I could take a hint, so I unzipped and got my pants down around my ankles. He stood up and tried to shove his dick in, but I needed just a bit of lube, so I got it out of my pocket and slicked up his tool a little. He slid right in, and there was no "warm up" at all. He immediately grabbed my hips and started slamming that cock in me. It was clear he just needed to dump a wad in a hole -- get off as soon as possible. He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes, and I played with myself a little thinking how fuckin hot it was to be getting barebacked... by a doctor... in a hospital. Finally he squeezed my waist HARD and jabbed his dick in as far as it would go. Wordlessly, he dumped his wad in my hole and left his hard meat inside me until it was finished squirting. He pulled out, and I turned around to see a little glob of cum collected at the end of his dick. We said our goodbyes and that was it. Kind of funny how he never once has brought up using a condom... the only time we've ever mentioned them was the first time we met when he said he didn't have any... was that OK?

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