Friday, November 13, 2009

I should stop...

So yesterday I was online again, with the window open to see if the guy from last Saturday was on. I got a message from someone whose profile said he was from out of the area, and the message said "blk here and looking to fuck text me" and a phone number. I don't really like giving my number out, and his profile wasn't exactly a wealth of info other than 9" and safe sex only, but he seemed serious so I texted him.

After a short exchange I was at his door, he only lived about 5 minutes from me. He was at the door wearing a robe and was not bad looking, he looked African and spoke with a slight accent which was pretty hot. After about 20 seconds of pleasantries, he was leading me down the hallway to the bedroom. I pulled my shirt off and threw it over a chair while he opened his robe. Damn! He had not lied at all about his dick at all! It was at least 9 and FAT. I got to my knees and took as much of it as I could into my mouth.

He let me suck him for 2 or 3 mintues before he told me to get up on the bed. I heard him fumbling around in the nightstand, presumably for a rubber and some lube. Well... I was half right. I felt him drizzle some lube on my ass, then I felt a bare dick pressing against my hole. "You're clean, right? "Yes, are you?" "Yes." as his bare dick forced it's way inside me. I wasn't exactly tight but fuck he was huge. He took it easy on me, thankfully, gently sliding that horse dick in and out of me until he could feel my hole opening up. He started to pick up the pace a bit, then he said he wanted me on my back. At this point I realized I still had my pants and shoes on, so I got totally naked and put my legs in the air. That huge bare dick spread my ass open once again, and he played with my nipples some as he fucked my hole. He had me get back up doggy style, and then he started pounding my hole. It was a bit uncomfortable as I felt like my hole was going to break being stretched around that fat prick, but I might want a repeat with him so I just took it. After a bit, he said he was going to cum soon and where did I want it? "Where ever" I said. He put me on my back again and pounded me some more. "Oh, yes!" he said and pulled out and blasted some cum all over my ass. I was hard, and he said in that accent (Which was turning me on) "Oh, yes, cum for me... go ahead and shoot that load!" He started to jerk me off, while he kept on playing with my hole. I asked him where he came, since I was sure a few squirts had gone inside me before he pulled out, and he said "All over your ass. Look at it... so wet with cum." and I told him that next time I wanted him to cum in me. "Oh, yes next time... all this cum inside you." he said as he started to rub the cum that was dripping down my ass into my hole. I shot all over the place, much to his delight, and he said "Let me get you a towel... You cum like a cow!" I wiped up and put my clothes back on, we said our goodbyes and I was on my way.

He wants tog et together next weekend... but now, after the fact, I'm getting pretty nervous about the past few weeks and the guys I've let cum inside me... I don't think I should keep this up, but I enjoy it so much... ugh!


Duo said...

Oh man, I'm so hard from that! I don't think you should stop -- you know you love it. And your readers love it! At least just take his cum once for us! ;)

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Well... When I got to work I saw I was right and a few squirts went inside, so he's already shot *some* cum in me... :)