Friday, November 20, 2009

Horse Hung

This guy replied to an ad I had posted several months ago, and it never worked out for us to get together... until last night. I had emailed him like 3 weeks ago to see if he was free and got no reply. I had forgotten about that until last night, when I get an email in response. After a few exchanges we agreed I'd come by his place after I got off work... only he would have to sneak me in because he lived with his sister and she was at home. That actually made it kind of hotter!

So later that night I arrived at his place, he leads me to the room in the basement which was really a large closet that only had room for a twin bed, a little night table and a little TV set. The only light in the room came from that TV, which was tuned to ESPN. He sat on the bed and asked me what I wanted to do, to which I replied "I want to suck some dick." He laid back on the bed, and I unzipped his Dickies and fish a half-hard dick from his pants. He had sent me a picture of his dick in our initial exchange, and once that sucker got hard I could see it was almost a misrepresentation of his meat. No, he wasn't tiny... in fact, it was quite the opposite. In the pic it looked like he had an average sized dick... but no! His meat swelled to almost 10 inches! Fuck!

I sucked on that dick and worked on the shaft I couldn't fit in there with my hands. The only noises he made were little moans and once in a while he'd say "Oh, that shit feel good." He started to fuck my face with that monster dick, while reaching down and feeling my ass under my pants. After another few minutes he pulled his dick out of my mouth, and with his hand down my pants he asked me if I was in a hurry. Odd question, but I knew what he meant. I pulled my pants down, got the lube out of my pocket and squirted a drop on his cock. He bent me over and eased that meat inside my anxious hole. I tried my best to keep quiet, as I could hear someone walking around on the floor above us, but it wasn't easy. After he busted my hole open, he started going to town. It felt a little uncomfortable, as his hips smashed into mine his dick was hitting DEEP inside me. After a bit it started to feel good, though, and he picked up the pace even more. I heard him making some noises, so I told him to "Cum in that ass". He groaned some, then said "I'm cumming" and shoved his dick all the way in me. He kept sliding in and out for another minute or so, my ass getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. Finally he ripped his meat from my stretched out hole and put his pants back on. I pulled mine up (I had never gotten undressed... hot!) and headed for the door. I hope to see him again!

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