Monday, December 7, 2009

In The Ghetto

I was really horny tonight, so I put an ad up in hopes of getting some dick in me. The only reply I got was from the 7-foot black guy that had fucked me a while back. Nothing wrong with that... but he's really ghetto and wanted me to pay him which is why I stopped having him breed my hole.

We have an email exchange and finally he gives me his new address so he can fuck me. OMG... this place was in the 'hood. His was the only habitable apartment building on the entire block, everything else in sight was boarded up, burned out or both. I called him after I parked in front of his building, and he came down and let me in. Praying my car would still be there when I returned, I followed him up the stairs of this really, really run-down building to his apartment. I had forgotten how good looking he is, and how tall he really was. We wasted no time getting into the bedroom, and I sucked his dick for about 5 minutes then he started face fucking me. I was really getting turned on by him... so I started to undo my pants to free my own bone. "Are you ready?" he asked, to which I replied "Yeah."

He laid me on my side and scooted his massive frame over and slid his bare dick inside me. I doubt he uses condoms at all -- he has never brought them up with me at any case. After a minute or two my hole opened up to accomodate his tool and I was starting to really enjoy it. He never said much, and after pulling all the way out and shoving it back in to the balls for about 10 minutes he said "Gonna cum" and proceeded to shove his fuckstick all the way inside me. He grunted and I could feel my ass getting wetter. "That was good." he said. On the way out I saw his massive size 14 shoes by the door and started to get hard again... Thanksfully my car WAS still there, so I drove home with his ghetto cum starting to leak out of my ass.

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