Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long Time No See

I was out killing an afternoon when I got a text from that truck driver I sucked off a while ago saying "I'm at that rest stop you sucked me off at. Im so horny Im going to jack off". I was free, so I replied "I'm not far from there. How about I suck you off?" After a few texts we agreed to meet halfway.

He said he was parked behind a hotel, I was about 3 minutes from there so I drove over and was surprised to find him not in a semi this time but in his car. It had been so long since I had seen him I had forgotten how damn good looking he was. (He's about 30, 6 foot, 140 lbs, shaved head Irish guy.) When I got in his car he was in a shirt and tie, slacks and dress shoes. He looked smokin' hot. "I've been wanting to give you my cum for a long time." he said.

He unzipped his slacks and fished out his half hard meat which I wasted no time in taking in my mouth. "Oh, yeah, that's soooo good." he said as I sucked him hard. I only sucked him for about 5 minutes, until he started to jack his meat. I encouraged him, telling him how bad I wanted his cum, and how I had been waiting for him to give me his load again. "Open up, here it cums!" and I clamped my mouth down on his meat in time to catch the first spirts of his salty load. He shot 6 or 7 squirts into my mouth, which I held there until he stopped shooting. I pulled off and opened my mouth so he could see his load on my tongue. "Swallow it, baby" he ordered, which I gladly did. I licked the reamining drop of cum from his dick and he got a napkin from the back floor and wiped off. Bad idea, since bits of napkin got stuck to his dick. "No biggie, I have to shower after my game anyway." I didn't ask what he was playing, but he would do so with lighter balls, that's for sure.

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