Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Yeah, I've been gone a while. Life happens. I've had a few experiences of note, but little time to write them up.

I finally got fucked by the good doctor after months of trying. I had him stop by my work one Saturday and we went into an unused part of the building. He was already hard by the time we got there, so I sucked him for a few minutes then put some lube on his dick and slid it in. I hadn't been fucked in a while so it was uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it. He fucked me for maybe 5 minutes, then wanted to rest a minute. I started to jack his dick and after maybe 2 mintues he said he was getting close. I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass so I stuck his dick back in my ass. He didn't make any noise, but I could feel my ass get really wet. "I came inside of you" he said as he pulled out. We chatted for a few minutes and he left and I got back to work. It's such a turn on to find a doctor that's so nasty. Hopefully next time he'll bareback me in the hospital... :)

Yesterday I went out to the park, as I didn't have time to venture down to my favorite bookstore. I had a hot time there last time but I'll wait until I have time to write that up properly.

I did get a load at the park, which I rarely do there -- lots of guys looking but nobody ever making a move, it seems. I found an older guy, maybe 40, but not bad looking that kept staring at me. He put his window down so I went over and started talking to him, just bullshit but I could see two things. 1) he was playing with himself through his pants and 2) he had just gotten off work and had on blue Dickies pants, and a uniform shirt with his name sewn on the front. I don't know what it is, but uniforms turn me on something fierce. Anyway, boring details omitted, we wnded up in the bathroom at the park and I had his dick in my mouth. From my vantage point down there I could also see his dirty work boots, which I sooo wanted to get down there and lick but didn't. The whole thing lasted less than five minutes (he had told me he was really close in the car) and with no warning he just shot in my mouth. That in itself was kind of hot, no discussion, just a load of sperm in me. I thought he was done, but another thick rope started to drool off his cock so I went back down and cleaned him off. I gave him my number, but who knows if I'll actually hear from him as he's one of those married closet cases that's afraid of getting caught but hangs around in a public park to get his dick sucked. I don't totally get that one...

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