Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I topped...

So last week I was at that bookstore for lack of anything better to do... It's like the lottery -- most of the time I lose, but I win often enough that I keep going back. After winding my way through the trolls and queens I find a decent enough looking guy, probably early 50's sitting in a booth jerking off. I stand in the booth opposide his and watch for a minute, then I move over to the doorway of where he was. Getting no negative sign, I step into his booth and in a moment or two I was sucking his dick. He lasted maybe 5 minutes then he was flooding my mouth with a nice load. I got up and left, as did he. It was pretty hot eating a guy's load without having spoken a word to him.

I wandered around for 10-15 minutes more when a tall black guy came in... I watched him for a bit to see what he was doing and after 5-10 minutes I was in his booth. It was weird, we made out and stuff but he never took his dick out. I lead him around, until I was naked in front of him and he was playing with my ass. All the while his clothing got looser and looser but never came off. Usually I'd consider such a guy a waste of time, but for some reason I found it pretty hot. After about a half hour of this, he was finally ready to cum and I got to see his dick. I grabbed onto it and jacked him off, and after about a minute his load was all over my hand. He left, and I stood there jacking my dick with his cum as lube.

About 2 minutes later, a cute mid 40's married guy came in and started to jerk it with me. I wanted another load so I started sucking him, then he wanted me to play with his ass. I did, while I sucked on his dick. He was getting into me playing with his ass and wanted me to fuck him. I don't usually, but I was ready to shoot a wad and get out of there so I put my dick, still coated in the black guy's cum, up his hole. He never said anything about a condom, so I wasn't going to bring it up. I have a hard time keeping it hard with them, so I try not to use them on the rare occasions I get to fuck someone. I fucked him for a few minutes, then pulled out to spit on my dick as the cum was drying out by now. I lasted maybe another 5 minutes before I said I was getting close. He didn't say anything, so I took that as an OK to blow my wad in his hole. After I came down from the excitement of blowing in his ass I pulled out and we went on our way. As you all know, I top very rarely but I sure enjoyed that!!!


Manuelgroesch1 said...
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Duo said...

Dude, one of your hottest posts! So hot to think of what the married guy got up his ass! -Dan