Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bookstore Fun

Wednesday night I went to my favorite bookstore. It's about 45 minutes from me, but usually well worth the drive.

I ended up getting 3 loads, not bad for about 2 hours time. The first guy was a tall white guy, I can't recall much about him other than he had brown hair and was definately "straight". He went into a booth and started jacking watching a pussypounder flick, and I stood at the door, waiting for a sign. He didn't tell me to go, so I went in and started playing with his balls. He started moaning, so I got on my knees and started sucking him. I licked all over his shaft, his balls, everywhere I could reach through his open fly. I sucked him for maybe 5 minutes, then he said his first words to me -- "I'm gonna cum!" I just put my hands on his ass and put his dick in my mouth, and he filed my mouth with a respectable load. Not much of a taste, and at first I thought it was just a small load but it had collected in the front of my mouth and I found a big pool of jizz when I went to swallow. He zipped up and left, and I was ready for more.

Next up was a guy in his early 50's, but still good looking. He had a shirt on from a pool supply place, and a wedding ring. Cool. He was watching another straight film (Actually I find it a turn off watching gay films in those venues -- I guess it's because I love to suck off married "straight" guys...) I went in his booth, and he pointed at his dick. I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth. It was maybe 5 1/2 inches, but that was cool because it was just a mouthful. Like the last guy, he didn't say anything and pulled off when he was about to cum. I tried to get my mouth back on it but he insisted on blasting all over the booth wall. Bastard. Why would I suck his dick if I didn't want the cum?? Ah, well, I guess it weas back to cruising for another hard dick.

I waited about 20 minutes in there then I saw HIM. About 5 foot 9, shiny dress shoes, tan slacks, dress shirt and a wedding ring. I knew he was the reason I had come there, I soooo badly wanted him to use my mouth as a cumrag. He wandered around for a bit, and went into a booth. I waited a second and stood in the hall outside it. He motioned me in, and I massaged the fat 7 inch lump in his dress slacks. I unzipped him, and he sat me down on the bench. I started to suck him, trying to give him the best head I could possibly give him. He really didn't say much apart from the occasional "Oh, yeah" or "Suck that dick", but he did like to pin me against the wall and face fuck me, which was totally hot. I loved being dominated by this srtaight stud. He started to feel on my chest, so I pulled off his dick long enough to take my shirt off. He was digging my hairy chest, running his fingers through my chest hair, playing with my nips while sawing his cock in and out of my mouth. I was just about ready to take my pants off and see if he wanted any of my backside, when it happened. Some creepy queen busted in the booth and started putting his hands inbetween me and the guy I was blowing trying to feel up on his dick, saying a bunch of stupid comments which resulted in the stud yanking his dick out of my mouth and leaving the booth. Fuck. Why do guys have to be such dicks? Just because there is action going on does NOT mean you are welcome to participate! I put my shirt back on and found my stud in the bathroom, and I asked him if he wanted to finish. He said he was going to rest a bit, so I said OK, trying to hide my disappointment.

I wandered around a bit, but there was nobody interesting. It was probably a combination of my extreme irritation and the fact that nobody else was nearly as hot as he was. I saw him come out of the bathroom, and I just stayed in the booth where I was, hoping he'd come back if he was interested in finishing. About a minute later I heard him on his cell, telling someone "Daddy is running late tonight..." About 10 minutes later he came back, and motioned me into his booth. I said nothing and fished his meatstick out of his slacks and went to town. I desperately wanted his load. I had just gone to work for about 5 minutes when that shithead came back and started trying to insert himself between us again. I tried to push him off, and the stud said "I only like two at a time!" Finally the douchebag took the hint and left us alone. Now that we had some peace, I resumed choking on his cock, just the way he liked it. I tok my free hand and reached in his pants and started playing with his nuts. That got a big reaction from him, so I worked them out of his pants and started licking them. He moaned softly and started jacking his rod. I spent the next 15 minutes alternating between cock and balls until he announced he was close. I got my mouth back on his dick and he said "Cool... You want it." and I unnecessarily replied "Fuck yeah." I sucked him for maybe 30 seconds more and I finally got his load. I savored it in my mouth for a minute before finally swallowing. and he zipped up and said "Thanks" and gave me a pat on the shoulder. Fuck. I wonder if his wife knows how fucking lucky she is.

I hung around for a bit longer, a really chubby guy came in, but he had a really cute face. I am most attracted to a guy's face -- if he's got a cute enough face I can overlook just about anything. Anyhow, I went in his booth, but there was just no way I could blow him. His guy was too big and his dick was too small. I don't like to be mean, but his dick was maybe 4 inches, and his belly was too big for me to get anywhere near his meat. I just jacked him off, which he was cool with because he blew his load all over within 5 minutes. It went all over, even covering the toe of my shoe with sperm. I just left it there, as a souvenir. (There's still a spot of cum on my shoe right now... I wiped all but 1 spot off...) I exited the booth ahead of him, and felt him grab my ass. Whatever gets you off, I thought. By then the crowd had thinned and I was getting hungry for actual food so I left. (Unfortunately man can't survive on cum alone) When I got hime I found that the fat guy had put a 20 in my back pocket! I guess he was grateful... whatever.

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damien whitfield said...

he was grateful, poor guy maybe don't get much action being fat with a small dick, the one with the hot guy was hot.