Saturday, July 19, 2008

I hate liars...

A rare bad experience for me the other day. I had posted looking for a guy that was at work and needed some head here ever he was working. Before I moved here I used to hook up with guys that were at work and it's totally fuckin' hot. Anyhow, I got a response from a guy that claimed to work at a 24 hour grocery store and wanted to get off. He said he had a break coming up at 2:30. He was about a half hour from me, but I could make it in that time. He gave me his cell number and all seemed to be good.

I arrived at the store and called. No answer. I wanted a few minutes, called again -- nothing. I went into the store to get a Coke and use the bathroom. I come out, and this dude on a bicycle asks me if I was (my name). Immediately I knew he was lying, and got pretty pissed off. I told him I thought he worked here and was on break, and he made up some excuse about "Oh, I took comp time" and had some crap about "Oh, we can't have sex in there." Huh? I just told him I was clear about what I was looking for in my ad, and he had lied and wasted both of our time. By then it was too late and I was too tired to hook up with anyone else so I just jacked off and went to bed, pissed off.

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damien whitfield said...

these guys are crazy, i am so sorry that happened to u.