Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Twice The Fun!

I met this guy on Craigslist a while back, he's a truck driver of some sort. He's a rugged looking dude, in his 30's, nice dick and he loves to talk all kinds of trash while I'm blowing him. That was good enough, but he's started bringing friends with him when he comes over.

He loves to have guys fuck me while he watches, which is very cool. I don't know where he finds these guys, but they are smokin' hot. One guy was a Puerto Rican giy, probably 19, but he had an enormous dick. It must've been 10 inches. He was a sweet kid, though, and we fucked around for an hour or so before he fed me his load. The trucker followed suit, blasting my face and hair with his thick load. I grabbed his cock and scraped off what cum I could and sucked it off his dick. He liked that.

Last week he brought over another dude, He was probably 21-22, short buzzed hair, a diamond stud in his lower lip, tattoos -- he looked like he'd been in prison, actually. I wasted no time in freeing his dick in the entryway, he was hard before he even got inside and it was a nice piece of meat. We finally made our way to the living room, where I was put on my back and prison boy lined his wet dick up with my hole and slid it in. It felt GREAT! He fucked me like that for a while, then did me doggy, all the while the trucker guy was talking nasty to us both. Prison boy surprised me, though, when he got on HIS back and wanted me to fuck HIM. I don't usually top, but this fine dude had me boned, so I squirted a little lube on my dick and slid it in his ass. I don't think he's been fucked many times, so I was enjoying that hole.

Prison boy was jacking while I fucked him, and I could tell he was getting close and I wanted his load. I pulled out of him and laid on the ground and told him to feed me that load. He didn't quite make it to my mouth so a lot of it went on my face. The trucker had obviously been waiting for this, as he got off the couch and blasted his load all over me. It was obvious he wanted to coat my face with his load, and it was a big one, too. I laid there with my face covered in an obscene amount of jizz, I scraped off some of it and used it as lube to jack off with. I sprayed my load, and we cleaned up and they went on their way. Like I say, I don't know where he finds these boys but they're welcome in my hole anytime!

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