Saturday, June 14, 2008

Firemen Are Weird...

A few months after I moved here, I found an ad from a guy claiming to be a fireman in a somewhat nearby town. I replied to the ad, and he shot back that I was "tempting, but too far away". Whatever. A few weeks later, I saw an ad from someone in the same area, and I just had an instinct it was the same guy, even though it said nothing about being a fireman.

I replied and said I had some business to take care of out that way (Totally true, since the "business" would be draining his cock) and we talked on the phone as I drove out there, which was about a 45 minute drive. About 10 minutes intot he conversation, he revealed he was a fireman and if I was cool with it he wanted to fuck around in an ambulance in the fire station. I was more than cool with it, and instantly got boned. We chatted on the phone as I drove, him giving me directions to this podunk town. I eventually arrived, and he was a fuckin' stud. Football player build, shaved head, and he was a nice guy.

I followed him into the firestation, and as promised was lead into an ambulance parked just inside the garage. we made out and stuff, and finally I grabbed his dick through his pants. He had about 6 inches, not to big but not tiny. Actually, I was so into this guy I only cared that he *had* a dick. I started to blow him, and he lasted maybe 5 minutes before asking if I wanted his load. I just sucked harder, and was rewarded with a geyser of sperm in my mouth. It tasted good, and I drank it down.

We met many more times after that, the next time as I was blowing him he asked if he could fuck me. I replied by squirting a little lube on his dick and sitting down on his bare dick. He fucked me for a while before saying he was getting close. I was on top of him, so I just grabbed his shoulders and told him to give me every fucking drop of his sperm in my ass. He did, and it leaked out all the way home. Way hot. Usually He woudl fuck me in the ambulance, but once it was his day off so we met in a shopping center parking lot and I got into his truck and we rode around until we found a nice, dark spot and he fucked my brains out in the front seat of his truck.

Around this time he started telling me he loved me and stuff like that, which was cool, because I was totally into him, and he was the first person in a while I felt could develop into a relationship. Our sex started to get more serious, then out of nowhere he tells me he found a job in another state. At first I believed it, but then circumstances made me think this was not quite the truth. This was confirmed when, after he had supposedly left, there was another ad from him looking for some ass. I don't get it, since he was the one that took our relationship in a more serious direction, even saying "we should get married" and stuff like that. Yeah, I was a bit bummed because I honestly like the guy, but I just concluded he has "issues" so he is probably just better off left alone. (Maybe he's had bad relationships? Maybe he is afraid to admit being gay?) I don't know what his issues are, but even after this he wrote and told me he missed me and wanted to see me soon, etc, etc. Firemen are weird... (But somehow I still catch myself ogling them... Old habits die hard... )


damien whitfield said...

that was a fucking hot story, but why did he tell u he loved u and all that other stuff and then ended it so fast right after, thats really weird, yet he still wants to see u, he is confused or maybe just wants a fuck buddy, u know, sex with no strings attached, i agree, firemen are hot.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

I think he was hurt badly at some point in his life, and when he felt himself getting close to me that was his defense mechanism, to break it off. He told me once that he was teased a lot in school, so I tihnk he was insecure that I would "find something better". (That couldn't have been further from the truth, he was a total beefcake and a sweet guy...) He's changed his email, though, so I guess it's over.