Thursday, August 7, 2008

Auto Service

Finally hooked up with the mechanic guy again, after not hearing from him for an extra long time. He's fucked me 2 weeks in a row, and has hinted at wanting to unload in me but he claims to have never barebacked before, etc. etc. but in the same instance he complains how he can't get all the way hard in a condom. I tried to help him make up his mind by begging for his cum in my pussy (He calls it a pussy) but he never did take the condom off. Actually, he is thick enough that the condom starts to hurt after he's fucked me for 20 minutes or so -- it gets bunched up and the folds get uncomfortable -- I guess I don't explain it very well but it's uncomfortable.

Anyhow, back to the fuck. I enjopy sex with him because it's so intense. For him. It's clear I'm just there for him to get his nut and that's all, in fact he's told me that he doesn't want me to jerk off or anything while he's fucking me. That's cool, since I'm really there to get him off better than anyone. This past fuck he made it even more evident at his initial entry. I hadn't been fucked in a while and he turned me around and just shoved his big black dick up my ass. It hurt pretty bad and I tried to adjust myself to make it easier. He was having no pity on my hole, and I basically ended up doing a headstand and he never took his dick from my ass. After a few minutes I got adjusted to both his dick and the fact that his dick was going to remain in my ass until he came, weather I liked it or not.

He must've fucked me for at least 20 minutes, and again talked of fucking me bare and cumming in my ass. I tried to egg him on to do just that, saying how he had opened me up and I was ready to get a big load squirted up in me, and how I wanted him to put his babies deep in me and on and on like that but again he didn't take that darn rubber off. Eventually I'll get him worn down and get his juice in my hole. I think he just likes making me beg for it for a while.

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Thrustn7 said...

of course he loves you begging for it, I would love to hear you beg for it.