Monday, January 28, 2008

First Post

Hey guys! After reading other people's blogs and getting horned up from them I thought I'd try my own. I guess I'll start with recent events and go from there.

Yesterday was a repeat from this mechanic that fucked me 2 weeks ago. He responded to an ad I had placed, and lucky for me he was only about 10 minutes from where I work. I showed up at his place, which happened to be his auto repair shop, and followed him into the work area. He had his coveralls unzipped as we were walking, and I wasted no time in fishing out his fat dick.

After a few minutes of him jamming his meat down my throat, he wanted me to "show him my pussy". I turned around and bent over, while he manhandled my ass. He fished around in his pocket and got out a rubber, while I fished in my pocket for the lube. I tore open the packet and was greasing up my hole and his fat dick, then his hands were pushing me back over a car there in the shop. Damn, that dick felt good. He was stretching my hole open, coming at me from different angles, really working my hole over. He kept telling me how good my pussy felt, and how he didn't think he could get hard from fucking a guy, and assorted other dirty things as he rammed my ass.

After about 10 minutes of this, he was getting close to cumming. I said I wanted to drink his load, so he pulled out and spun me around, shoving his meat back in my mouth. I squeezed that fat dick, pulled on his balls, and did whatever he commanded me to. After a few minutes, he was unloading his nutjuice in my mouth. It was a decent load, and I of course swallowed it all.

Now on to yesterday. I emailed him in the morning, to keep contact open, and I got a reply about 5 hours later: "Want some dick?". I was there right after work, and he was sitting in the office area of the shop. I sat in a chair and took off my coat, while he sat on the opposite side of the desk and tried to warm up with a heater. We chatted for a few minutes, then he suggested I help him warm up. I unzipped his pants and fished out his dick. It was just as fat and juicy as I remembered it. I worked on his dick and balls for a while, then he stood up and jammed his dick in my throat just like last time. I was getting rock hard by this time, but it was about his dick, not mine. He was already close to cumming, so he had me turn around and he played with my ass again. My ass was kind of sore from where I had played with a dildo the night before, but I was so horny I didn't care.

He slid the rubber on, and I greased up my hole. He slid his fat cock right up there, and started in with a stream of dirty talk just like last time, and again, he really abused my hole with that fat meat -- coming at me from all angles, pulling out and shoving it back in, anything he could to get his nut. He moved me over to the desk, shoving the papers and stuff to one side. I grabbed onto the desk for dear life as he rammed me good. He was fucking me so hard the desk moved a bit. I left my hole where it was to give him the most access, and he told me he might just bust right in my sweet little ass. I was moaning somewhat loudly while this was going on, so I guess he took this as a "yes". He didn't say anything, but I could tell from his motions he was erupting. He pulled out a moment later, and that rubber was bulging with cum. I commented on the size of the load, and I was thinking I should take it off him and drink it, but he started out the room to clean up. As he left, he commented how he "hated to waste it". So did I.

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The Average Joe said...

you know what you can do to not waste it ;-) take it up your ass raw :-)

I updated my blog.